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Best Non-Legendary Pokemon

There are many gaming enthusiasts who look for the best non-legendary Pokemon.  If you are one of them, this article is written just for you.

There is a massive range of Pokemon characters, and you don’t have a way to make them all viable.

Best Non-Legendary Pokemon Characters

Those who are competitive can manage a specific way to gravitate toward the best characters. So, you will be facing the challenge of choosing the best ones. There are many players who will focus on all the leading characters and miss many awesome ones.

So, to give you an idea about the strongest non-legendary Pokemon characters, we have created the below list. Keep reading and find the best non-legendary Pokemon.

PS: here are the Shiny Legendary Pokemons and the most popular snake pokemon for your reference.

01. Blissey

best non-legendary Pokemon - Blissey

Compared to various other Pokemon characters in this list, Blissey is relatively less powerful. At least in the conventional sense. When you compare it to the powerful and conventional types like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie like Terminator, moreover, Blissey is a pretty harmless Pokemon. However, you can consider it as the bane of the existence of special attackers.

Thanks to the Titanic HP as well as the Special Defense modes, Blissey allows a massive beating. That beating is given by special sweepers.

They can then heal off their damage using Soft-Boil. When it is considered a Normal-type, you will find it weak when put against Fighting. This is a very rarely used special attack.

Eviolite Chansey is a pretty difficult task to deal with, and it works as a defensive giant. It’s more of physical frailty that causes a lack of damage.

02. Snorlax


This is another OG Pokemon that derives from Generation I. This specific Pokemon works as a solid pick for pretty much any user. There are massive HP and defensive characteristics associated with this one.

When it is combined with potential attack power, it can cause extreme damage as well. In addition to that, it has some excellent strategies, including Drum Snorlax and Curse Snorlax.

03. Scizor

best non-legendary Pokemon - Scizor

It’s true that Schizor was not the most impressive option when it became available for Pokemon Gold & Silver. However, since then, it became a really powerful one and is considered to be a very lucky Pokemon.

The changes to the mechanics of this Pokemon have made it a superior one for high attacks. Also, the same can be used for Bug/Steel Stab options.

It also works as a technician and a bullet punch, and that’s why it is so handy. In addition to the superb defensive typing associated with it, it has some predictable characteristics. So, it is an easier Pokemon to play around with compared to the major threats.

04. Dracovish


Yes. At a glance, this may not appear to be a very threatening Pokemon at all. Also, its stats don’t talk much about the characteristics. We included this one in the list of strongest non-legendary Pokemon for a reason.

It has a massive ace up in the sleeves, and it appears as Fishious Rend. Interestingly, this respective attack becomes exceptionally strong if it goes after Dracovish. Also, it can be boosted by the Jaw Ability. It falls into the genre of Water/Dragon Fossil.

05. Charizard

best non-legendary Pokemon - Charizard

There is a pretty special Pokemon, and it has become incredibly popular. In fact, all the Pokemon characters in the first generation have some iconic features. However, only some of those characters have become so popular and favorites of fans.

It is true that there is a pretty significant Rock Weakness associated with Stealth Rock.  Because of that, this Fire/Flying Pokémon did not come out much in the past. However, the true potential of this character has been unleashed perfectly with the recent releases.

It is true that the Mega Evolutions of Charizard are extremely powerful. However, it also has some Gigantamaz from as well. It will be a definite nightmare for anyone to deal with.

G-Max Wildfire causes residual damage, and it is not easy to damage to deal with. However, this one comes with a pretty unfortunate weakness to hold it back from their big leagues.

06. Hydreigon


This is a pretty simple Pokemon that has some simple tastes. You cannot expect it to perform in complex strategies.

Also, this Pokemon doesn’t want you to mess around with status moves. This Pokemon is there, so you can put the stylish Choice Scarf or Choice Specs to blast the opponents.

This specific Dark/Dragon Pokemon ensures that you take the physical route. You have a Dragon Dance set in it. However, it can be pretty tough for you.

07. Metagross

best non-legendary Pokemon - Metagross

You can consider this as the first pseudo-legendary Pokemon in this list of strongest non-legendary Pokemon. Metagross is so mighty and comes as a Steel/Phisic critter.

This Pokemon was becoming so powerful after introducing to Generation III. This is very powerful, and it can take a special attacking route as well. Thanks to its Mega Evolution, you can play it even if it has a pretty mediocre Speed.

The other thing is that this is a pretty angry and somewhat jerky supercomputer, and you should be careful. It doesn’t get a prominent place in the best non-legendary Pokemon because of its exploitable weaknesses.

This is true particularly after Steel nerf release. Also, this Pokemon has a pretty predictable nature.

08. Ferrothorn


The truth is that we cannot necessarily create a list of the best non-legendary Pokemon characters without Ferrothorn.

This is a superb Grass/Steel Pokemon that has the reputation of Power Whipping. Also, it has a Leech Seeding. The power and character of this Pokemon are not likely to change any sooner, as we believe.

This option comes with appreciating the freedom from its Hidden Power Fire. However, on the flip side of the coin, it should worry about the option called Mystical Fire.

All the kinds of Pokemon that can scratch the spiky surfaces will learn it. The other thing is that it is set to burn as well.

09. Gengar

best non-legendary Pokemon - Gengar

This could be rated as one of the strongest non-legendary Pokemon characters to start this list off. This is a Pokemon with Ghost/Poison characters, and it hits hard and fast too.

On top of that, it has a Mega Evolution along with a Gigantamax. The huge fan favorite Pokemon has excellent tricks such as Destiny Bond and Perish Song.

Nevertheless, this Pokemon experiences some weakness due to the loss of its Levitate Ability. Also, plenty of other high-speed Pokemon characters were added to the game.

10. Shedinja


Perhaps, you might get surprised to see Shedinja in a list of strongest non-legendary Pokemon. It is true that Shedinja comes with a maximum HP stat with a single point.

So, you cannot obviously consider it as one of the most powerful Pokemon characters. Nevertheless, it does come with some fantastic features for a gaming enthusiast to enjoy.

This falls into the category of Bug/Ghost Pokemon, and it is the most unusual combination for the whole game. The abilities of this Pokemon are exclusive. For instance, wonder Guard can render it as a perfectly immune character to all the attacks.

Therefore, it can become invincible in most cases. If not, you can use it effortlessly aside and consider it as a rotten or an undead husk. The way you treat it will depend on which situation you play the game.

11. Tyranitar


We can consider Tyranitar as one of the strongest non-legendary Pokemon. It is a Rock/Dark-type option that has some sandy shenanigans when used on the battlefield. It has had some great Pokeverse for several generations.

This specific Pokemon is a very strong one and comes with very good coverage. It also uses a surprise special. If not, it can offer a mixed set as well. You will not be able to realize the clear intentions of Tyranitar. But you will still like it.

It has some deadly characteristics because it directs some frightening threats. Excadrill is one of those threats. That can even claim souls across the battlefield.

In addition to that, it can function even under sandstorms. Tyranitar is somewhat restricted in terms of speed. Also, there are some other weaknesses.

12. Aegislash


More often than not, Game Freak tends to offer deserving Pokemon a considerable amount of boost between their generations. It is true that such a boost is not that significant.

However, for you, it is a pretty nice experience to throw a Pokemon that requires a bone. Also, the developers have chosen to tweak the stats of this Pokemon. The defenses of the Pokemon are set to 140 in Shield Forme.

Also, the offenses are set to 140 in its Blade Forme. As you can notice, this is a pretty small adjustment.

13. Greninja

best non-legendary Pokemon - Greninja

When it comes to hitting hard, you can consider Greninja as one of the strongest non-legendary Pokemon. It is also considered a silent assassin by many players.

No matter if it is hitting harder or faster, this Pokemon shows a great deal of success. Also, it can throw a variety of crazy combos for Super Smash Bros.

However, it comes with Hidden Ability, and it cannot take a hit when it returns. Those characteristics are considered to be significant weaknesses.

14. Garchomp


Well, this is another powerful Pokemon that has all the qualifications to reach a spot on this list. This game appeared in Gen IV at first. Since then, it maintains very impressive popularity. It always shows an excellent attack mode as well.

Also, it comes with the perfect level of speed. To make it more powerful, Garchomp has some superb coverage moves as well.


1. Can non-legendary Pokémon compete with legendary Pokémon in battles? Absolutely! Non-legendary Pokémon can hold their own and provide unique strategies to defeat legendary Pokémon.

2. Are there any non-legendary Pokémon that can mega evolve? Yes, some non-legendary Pokémon, like Gyarados and Metagross, have mega evolutions that enhance their stats and abilities.

3. Which non-legendary Pokémon is the best for competitive battling? It ultimately depends on your team composition and battle strategy. However, Pokémon like Tyranitar, Dragonite, and Aegislash are often popular choices in competitive play.

4. Can non-legendary Pokémon be used in official Pokémon tournaments? Yes, non-legendary Pokémon are allowed in official Pokémon tournaments, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria set by the tournament organizers.

5. Where can I find these non-legendary Pokémon in the games? These non-legendary Pokémon can be found in various locations throughout different Pokémon games. It’s best to consult game-specific guides or online resources for precise locations.


That’s it. Do you know other best non-legendary Pokemon characters? What is the strongest non-legendary Pokemon according to your experience? Please keep us posted.


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