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What exactly is the biggest Pokemon you can find? From where can you find it?

Well, you don’t have to work on guesswork anymore because we have found several options.

If you read this article through, you will find out the biggest Pokemon in the world.

What is the Biggest Pokemon?

When it comes to the biggest Pokemon, people often think of characters that have massive bodies. If you think of a pocket-sized game, the monsters should be giant, shouldn’t they? However, the truth is that a large number of Pokemon characters are not as significant as you imagine.

Although you can see Pokemon of many sizes, you may not be able to see unbelievable sizes. Any Pokemon enthusiast knows Groudon, and it has a reputation as one of the biggest Pokemon in the world.

However, Groudon has a height of 11 feet only. Interesting, isn’t it? With that said, let’s learn about what is the biggest Pokemon you can find today.

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Biggest Pokemon in the World 

Mentioned below are the biggest Pokemon characters you can find today. We have created the below-mentioned list after some research. So, go ahead and learn about the biggest Pokemon in the world.

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01. Eternatus

Biggest Pokemon - Eternatus

Eternatus can be easily rated as one of the biggest Pokemon in the world because of its enormous size. This monstrous Pokemon is 20 meters in size and falls into the category of Poison/Dragon.

This can be the biggest Pokemon you can find today, and it is introduced in Sword Shield. After all, 20 meters is massive in size, and he is connected to the phenomenon called Dynamax.

The start total of this specific Pokemon is 690, and it is incredibly impressive. On top of that, it has HP, special attack, and speed to become one of the best indirect sweepers.

02. Mega Steelix

Mega Steelix

This is a relatively smaller Pokemon, and it has a size of 10.5 meters. It is categorized as a Steel/Ground Pokemon. Well, as per the Pokemon game, Steelix can unleash the Mega form.

However, when he does that, he doesn’t gain a new element. Instead, he becomes more powerful. The defense of his character increases, and he also gains some mysterious markings all over his body.

If you are fond of gold but not silver, you can grab a shiny Steelix. Then, you can train a brighter version of its gigantic titan. Then, you can train a brighter version of it.

03. Wailord

Biggest Pokemon - Wailord

This is another strong and obvious contestant in this list of the biggest Pokemon characters. Well, those who wonder what the biggest Pokemon is should not forget to check this out. This is a Water-type Pokemon with a length of 14.5 meters.

In fact, many other creatures appear to be dwarfs in front of this massive creature. The interesting fact is that this monster’s weight is significantly low compared to the weight.

Well, it has a weight lighter than 900 pounds. Perhaps, it has a very odd weight because it engages in a lot of swimming. Also, the body of this monster comprises air as well, and that can contribute to the low weight. It is more of a floating whale.

However, regardless of the lightweight, the size of this massive creature is simply awesome.

04. Alolan Exeggutor

Alolan Exeggutor

We rate this as one of the biggest Pokemon in the world because it is 10.9 meters tall. It falls into the category of Grass/Dragon. Before it evolves into this massive size, it features a pretty small size (6’7″).

It goes to the Alola region and evolves into this massive Pokemon plant to impress you. Even though he is considered to be a slow sweeper, he is so powerful.

Also, he comes with massive attack power. The only drawback of this Pokemon is that it has a weakness to Ice.

05. Mega Rayquaza

Biggest Pokemon - Mega Rayquaza

Here’s another massive monster the size of 10.8 meters. This unique Rayquaza feeds on the meteorites that are found in our atmosphere, and that’s pretty interesting.

He stores power slowly, and he turns into the massive form of Mega Rayquaza. With this form, it can destroy high offensive power along with speed and fierce Delta Steam.

However, his defenses are somewhat lower. But still, you should know that this monster is powerful. In the anime series, Mega Rayquaza even defeated Mega Charizard X along with Mega Metagross simultaneously.

06. Guzzlord


Pretty much all the individuals can get a clue of what this specific Pokemon is about. Well, it is basically a Junkivore Pokemon. This character works as an Ultra Beast that has the code name called “UB-05 Glutton“.

And, there is a perfect reason for them to give this name for this character. This massive beast can devour plenty of mountains as well as buildings. Also, it doesn’t leave any traces, and that’s a huge advantage. Logically speaking, the character should be a very tall one to swallow a building, shouldn’t it?

Well, Guzzlord fulfills that requirement because it has a height of 18 feet, and that’s a good height. It is true that this is a rare Pokemon.

However, it is a very dangerous beast. All in all, we can say that it is one of the biggest Pokemon characters you can find.

07. Stakataka

Biggest Pokemon - Stakataka

Stakatake is one of the biggest Pokemon in the world because of its massive size. Well, it has a height of 18 feet. This specific Pokemon can be found in versions like Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun.

It becomes available when you can look deep into the Ultra Space. As per the Pokedex Entry notes found in Ultra Sun, Stakataka came from an Ultra Wormhole. Also, it says that it is made out of many life forms.

In fact, you can consider this Pokemon as a living building. The massive base defense has a value of 211. However, the speed is around 13, which is very slow. Let’s be fair.

You don’t see buildings move from one place to another very often, do you? So, don’t worry much about its speed; instead, think about its massive size and the base defense stat.

08. Yveltal


Well, this specific Pokemon is introduced in the form of the mascot of Pokemon Y. It is also considered as the Pokemon of Destruction. Also, it acts as a member of the aura trio with Xerneas and Zygarde.

The length of this Pokemon is 19 feet. This specific Yveltal has the ability to absorb the life force of other creatures. That happens, however, when the wings and feathers of the Pokemon are spread fully in a glowing red color.

09. Milotic

Biggest Pokemon - Milotic

This is another massive Pokemon that has a staggering value of 20 feet, and that’s a huge size. This specific creature is packed with humble beginnings. It evolves to be a massive size which is bigger compared to the well-known Pokemon of Destruction.

It is true that this Pokemon is very large and has the appearance of a snake. However, it still has a very gentle character that can calm down the feelings of people.

It is absolutely true that Milotic is not a legendary Pokemon. However, it has a very impressive movest, and more importantly, it can take care of itself during battles. The only catch associated with this Pokemon is that it can jam enough Pokeblocks or Poffins.

Those elements are jammed into Feebas so Milotic can evolve. Many enthusiasts say that Milotic plays the role of a semi-counterpart Pokemon to well-known Gyarados.

As you may already know, it is another Pokemon that has the characteristic of a serpent. So, we can consider it to be one of the biggest Pokemon characters found in the game.

10. Hoopa Unbound

Hoopa Unbound

Hoopa Unbound is the evolved form of Hoopa. It is one foot taller compared to the previous Pokemon, Milotic.

With that said, Hoopa Unbound comes with the best base special attack among all the Dark-type Pokemon. Also, it is tied well with Mega Gyarados and Umbreon in terms of the Defense stats.

The overall design of Hoopa Unbound is likely to be based on Djinn (AKA genies). It is true that this Pokemon’s unbound form has the characteristics of the concept of “Shakti.” Shakti is the six-armed Hindu deities in Hinduism.

Also, it has some inspirations from the Taoist deity called Nezha. It has a reputation as a trickster as well as a protector. In fact, that is the force that holds rings.

11. Mega Gyarados

Biggest Pokemon - Mega Gyarados

When it comes to the height factor, Mega Gyarados is similar to Hoopa Unbound. Compared to Milotic, however, this Pokemon doesn’t have a calm character. It is a massive character, and it has a very dangerous personality compared to many other Pokemon.

The good news, however, is the strong bond between Trainer and this specific Pokemon. It has enough strength to stop Gyarados from losing their control, at least in most cases.

12. Giratina Origin Forme

Giratina Origin Forme

Giratina can be considered as the only Pokemon that falls into Ghost/Dragon-type as we think. The uniqueness of this Pokemon makes fans clamoring for various news about the potential remake. Giratina comes with plenty of things, and it is a legendary Pokemon that represents various aspects.

For instance, this specific Pokemon has connections with bad behavior, rebellion, and antimatter as well. The other thing is that it can take the Origin Forme only in the Distortion World.

When you take all the other legendary Pokemon characters, this might not be the biggest. However, it can be considered the edgiest of all.

13. Dialga

Biggest Pokemon - Dialga

Dialga is often known as the third member that belongs to the Creation Trio. We can consider it as one of the biggest Pokemon in the world because of its 18-feet height. Compared to Palkia, this specific Pokemon has a very good posture.

If you take a look at it, it comes with a very nice posture where it stands tall. It wears a massive crown that comes with nice silver spikes. The overall appearance of the crown is incredibly beautiful and adorable. When it comes to the lord of time, this specific Pokemon carries a terrifying and regal appearance.

The height of Dialga is almost 18 feet (17 feet and 9 inches, to be precise). It makes this Pokemon negligibly shorter compared to many other Pokemon characters in this list.

When you compare it to Palkia or another Pokemon like Giratina, Dialga is still big, however. Well, as we believe, Dialga is one of the good reasons for players to embrace Pokemon Diamond.


  1. Q: Which Pokémon is the biggest in terms of height?
    • A: The biggest Pokémon in terms of height is Wailord, standing at an astonishing 47 feet tall.
  2. Q: What is the weight of the heaviest Pokémon ever recorded?
    • A: The heaviest Pokémon on record is Eternatus, weighing approximately 1,763 pounds.
  3. Q: Are bigger Pokémon always more powerful?
    • A: While size can indicate a Pokémon’s strength to some extent, it is not the sole determinant of power. Factors such as species, level, and individual stats also play crucial roles in determining a Pokémon’s overall strength.
  4. Q: Can Pokémon change their size during battles?
    • A: Generally, Pokémon do not change their size during battles. However, the introduction of Gigantamaxing allows certain Pokémon to temporarily transform into massive forms, increasing their size and power.
  5. Q: Are there any Pokémon that can rival the size of buildings?
    • A: Yes, there are Pokémon that can rival the size of buildings. For example, Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon are legendary Pokémon with colossal forms that resemble towering forces of nature.


So, that’s the list of the biggest Pokemon characters you may find when you play the game. However, those who ask “what is the biggest Pokemon” may get other answers.

If you know other big Pokemon characters than the ones listed above, please keep us posted.


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