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6 Ways to Save Images from Google Docs


Written by Janice

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Save Images from Google Doc

Have you ever been stuck trying to extract an image from a Google Docs document? You’re not alone. Google Docs is a fantastic tool for creating and sharing documents online, but when it comes to saving images, it can be a bit tricky.

Let’s dive into how you can easily save images from Google Docs.

The Importance of Saving Images from Google Docs

Before we get into the how-to, let’s discuss why this is important.

Image Protection and Ownership

Images, like text, can contain valuable information. They could be personal photos, infographics, or professionally designed images. Saving them allows you to retain a copy that you can access even if the document is deleted or lost.

Ease of Access and Organization

Having an image saved separately allows you to organize it with your other media files. You can also access it offline or use it in other documents or presentations.

Well, read this article if you need to learn all those methods and pick the one that works.

Method 1: Use Google Keep to Save Images from Google Docs

The most basic and simple method we present is using Google Keep to save images from Google Docs. In fact, Google Keep is a special tool developed by Google to take notes.

To make use of this app, you should use Google Chrome. Below are the easy steps you should follow to save images from Google Docs using Google Keep.

01. First of all, perform right-click on an image saved on Google Docs. Then, you should select the option labeled “Save to Keep Notepad.”

save to keep notepad

02. Then, as the second step, you should see a sidebar. You can right-click on the image and go for the option “Save Image As.” If you intend to use the downloaded image for SEO purposes, we strongly recommend you name it appropriately.

You will then be able to use the file within your WordPress website. In fact, you don’t necessarily use Google Keep in this method. Instead, you just make use of the sidebar.

keep notes save image as

Probably, this can be the most convenient method to save an image from Google Docs.

PS: If you wish to know how to delete the header in Google Docs and lock cells in Google Sheets, just click it.

Method 2: Use the ‘Publish to Web’ Option to Save Images from Google Docs

As the second method, we explain how to save images from Google Docs using Publish to Web option. This method is a built-in option that can be found in Google Docs.

01. To initiate the process, you should go to the menu of Google Docs.

02. Then, you should click on File and select Publish to the Web option.

google docs publish to the web

03. You will now see another window. Just select the publish button.

publish to web

04. You can then see an option with a link to publish. Copy the respective link and open it in a new tab in your browser.

05. Now, you will see that your document appears in the form of a web version. Just right-click on the image, and then you should see a popup with the option “Save Image As.” Just select that option so you can save it.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend using an appropriate name when saving it on your computer. That is because the name of the image would be useful for your SEO purposes.

If you intend to use this image on a WordPress website, you can simply drag it and drop it. If not, you can upload it using the conventional steps. Once you are done with this, you can simply unpublish the aforesaid link.

You will notice that others will not find your link with such an approach. Nevertheless, it is up to you to decide whether you need to unpublish the document.

save images from published link

Method 3: Use the ‘Download as Web Page’ Option to Save Images from Google Docs

If necessary, you can simply use the Download as Web Page option to save an image. In fact, this is also a built-in feature that can be found in Google Docs.

You will download the entire document as a web page per this method.

The most significant advantage associated with this option is that it helps save more than one image simultaneously.

Below are the steps you should follow to use this method.

01. First, you should go to the Menu of Google Docs.

02. Then, you should select the File option and go to Download.

03. You will find several options to save your file. In this case, you will have to choose “Web Page (.html, zipped).”

google docs download as web page

04. Once the file is saved, you can simply unzip the files and click on the folder called “Images.”

web page images

05. If you have any intention whatsoever to use this image for SEO purposes, you should rename it properly. Then, after uploading the images for WordPress, Google will treat them favorably.

multiple images google docs

Method 4: Use Wordable to Save Images from Google Docs

As the fourth method, you can use Wordable to save images from Google Docs. Wordable can be used to perform a single-click operation. With the one-click import, you will be able to import an image from Google Docs swiftly.

The most important thing is that it allows you to import posts and pages to WordPress. Nevertheless, you should remember that Wordable requires permission to view the contents of Google Drive.

In order to set the software up, you can take a look at the FAQ segment of their page. The plugin they have used is exceptionally convenient to be used.

Once you have set it up, you can use the below-mentioned steps to save the image from Google Docs.

01. You should click on the “Export” option within Wordable. This option can be found in Google Docs.

wordable export

02. As the next step, select the “Export to WordPress” option. You can then select the option export as a post or export as a page.

This image will then be published in the form of a draft on the dashboard of your WordPress. This option will save the images with the rest of the contents.

wordable export to wordpress
wordable draft with images

One of the most notable things about this option is its SEO friendliness. If you upload the original image with an SEO-compatible filename, you will see that WordPress optimizes it automatically.

seo image file name wordable

Method 5: Make use of the Image Extractor Add-on to Save Images from Google Docs

You can use this method when you need to save multiple images from Google Docs. However, this method is more suitable when you need to download selective files (not all of them).

Below are the steps you should follow to save images from Google Docs.

01. Open the Google Docs document in which you have the images that need to be downloaded.

02. Go to the Menu Bar and then go to Add-ons.

google docs get add ons

03. Select the option “Get Add-ons.”

04. You will now see a window that displays the add-ons you can get. In this window, you can search for an add-on simply by typing in the name. In this case, you will have to type the text “Image Extractor” in the provided search bar.

Then, you should press Enter. Once the enter button is pressed, you can simply see a list of options. You should search for the option “Image Extractor,” developed by Incentro. Usually, this option should appear as the first result of the window.

search image extractor extension

05. Now the plugin is installed on your browser, you should go back to Google Docs. Then, you should go to the Add-ons option. You will now see the option Image Extractor. Click on the option Start so the program will begin to extract the images.

image extractor start

06. The add-on you installed will show up on the browser’s sidebar (located on the right). You can then select the image that should be saved on the computer.

Then, you should click on the “Download Image” button, which appears in blue. As a result, the image will be downloaded to the computer.

download image with image extractor

That’s basically it.

Method 6: Take a Screenshot Instead of Downloading

If you don’t like any of the abovementioned options, you should consider taking screenshots. Instead of downloading the images, you can take a screenshot without any issue.

However, there are several obvious limitations associated with this method. This method should be used when you have a few images on your computer.

Although taking a screenshot sounds like a no-brainer, this method works exceptionally well. It is particularly suitable for occasions where you have fewer images to download from Google Docs.

Also, this method can be applied to download an image or multiple images from websites. One of the biggest drawbacks of this option is that it is not that user-friendly.

To download an image, you should enlarge the web browser so the image appears full screen. Then, you should click on the image you intend to download and zoom it in. After zooming the image to the expected size, you should take a screenshot.

However, you should remember that the next steps would differ depending on the operating system. In other words, the method used on Mac differs from that used on Windows PC.

Following are the keyboard shortcuts you should use depending on your platform.

  • For Mac computers: Shift + Command + 4.
  • For Windows computers: Control + PrtScr.

If not, you can consider installing a third-party tool to download an image through a screenshot feature.

Problems You May Encounter and How to Solve Them

You might run into a couple of challenges when trying to save images from Google Docs.

Low Resolution Issue

If you find that the saved image’s quality is not as good as it was in the document, this could be due to the method used to save it. The screenshot method, for example, often results in lower resolution images.

Some images might have copyright restrictions that prevent them from being saved. If this is the case, it’s important

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why can’t I save an image from Google Docs?

A: The image may have copyright restrictions that prevent it from being saved. Alternatively, it may be a part of the document’s background, making it impossible to save separately.

Q2: What can I do if the image quality is low after saving it from Google Docs?

A: Try a different method of saving the image. For instance, if you used the screenshot method, try the right-click or drag and drop method instead.

Q3: Can I save multiple images at once from Google Docs?

A: As of now, Google Docs does not support saving multiple images at once. You will have to save each image individually.

Q4: Can I directly save images from Google Docs to Google Drive?

A: No, Google Docs does not have a direct save to Google Drive option for images. However, you can manually upload the saved images to Google Drive after saving them to your device.

Q5: Can I use Google Keep to save images from Google Docs on a mobile device?

A: Yes, Google Keep works on mobile devices and you can use it to save images from Google Docs.

The Bottom Line

The methods you can use to save images from Google Docs are mentioned above.

As you see, there are several different methods you can try. Each method differs, and you can select the best method that matches your purpose.

Regardless of how you save images from Google Docs, we strongly recommend you name them.

A proper image name is compulsory, particularly if you intend to use it on WordPress. Also, saving a file with a proper name would be handy when you need to search for it later. That’s it, and we hope you’d find this article to be useful.


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