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Top Roku Web Browser in 2024


Written by Jack Lin

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Roku Web Browser

Have you ever thought of using the Internet on Roku? Can you think of using a Roku web browser?

Well, in this article, we intend to explain those possibilities along with a Roku internet browser. So, let’s go ahead and learn about it.

Using the Internet on Roku

Roku, which was first released in 2008, is a prominent digital platform that allows you to stream media material. It allows you to acquire media from a variety of internet sources.

Roku, on the other hand, only has a pretty restricted range of browsing options. Yes, it may seem to be a disadvantage, but it does not make this platform any less interesting.

We may have some ideas for you if you have an in-built internet browser to access the Internet. Here are a few of the finest Roku internet browser options you can use today to improve your surfing experience.

Besides, let’s learn more about best web browser for Android Smart TV.

Roku Internet Browser 

Mentioned below are those excellent Roku internet browser options you can use on the Roku platform.

01. Opera

On Roku devices, Opera delivers a hassle-free online browsing experience. To use Opera Browser, you must connect the streaming gadget to the Windows PC. This is very similar to using any other online browser. And you might be able to search using any standard keyboard.

Its lightweight design and speedier engine make it one of the finest browsers for Roku. That is because it responds to users’ inquiries as quickly as possible. It’s a seamless connection with a VPN provider.

It allows the respective users to access endless entertainment material while safeguarding their digital identity quickly. It makes one of the best apps to access the Internet on Roku.

Opera for Roku Web Browser


  • Simplified user interface
  • Highly secured VPN that assures anonymity
  • Video popup
  • Impressive browsing speed


  • It takes some time to complete the setup

02. Web Browser X

Web Browser X is, without a doubt, one of the top internet browsers for Roku. It comes along with a straightforward, easy-to-use UI. However, it won’t be up to the task if you’re seeking to explore media material or YouTube.

You may quickly access websites, save your favorite web pages, and do plenty of things with basic surfing. The right, left, up, and down buttons on the remote of the Roku device may be used to traverse websites.

Web Browser X


  • Perfectly rendered pages that have clickable links
  • You can save the homepage
  • In some countries, Roku can be accessed for free


  • The UI is somewhat old-fashioned.


This is yet another popular Roku web browser that can be used to surf the web. However, before deciding to utilize it, we’d want to caution you against getting your hopes up.

When it comes to the user interface, POPRISM provides a simple and conventional appearance. It has more of a text-based appearance and feels to it, with nothing that will quickly attract your eye.

Even if you visit a website, the font positions will be a little unformatted on many websites. Only a few websites are accessible with this browser. So, if you go to any other website, you could have trouble seeing the content.

The up, down, left, and right keys on your Roku contribute to swiftly navigating between online sites. You may return to the main screen using the “Return” key. This’s a decent option to access the Internet on Roku.  

POPRISM for Roku Web Browser


  • It is possible to do the most basic research with it
  • It is a text-based app for browsing
  • Free Roku internet browser 


  • It is not compatible with images, JS, or CSS

04. Web Video Caster

Web Video Caster is the next best web browser for Roku on our list. You may use Web Video Caster to browse the Internet, watch TV programs, and live stream.

It is a premium service with a monthly membership fee of roughly $4.99, but it is well worth it. This internet app for Roku is one of the best in the market for various reasons.

Web Video Caster provides smooth Roku TV integration, which may improve your surfing experience. Photos and audio files are supported, and subtitles are automatically identified on the web page.

Additionally, you may utilize’s integrated search.

Web Video Caster


  • Apart from Roku, it works on Chromecast, DLNA, Amazon Fire, and many other devices.
  • The premium version of this app has Bookmarks, Home screen shortcuts, video history, etc.
  • It supports casting


  • It doesn’t work with tab casting

05. Roku Media Browser

Roku supports the media browser, which allows you to browse the Internet without restriction, including content-heavy websites. You should have installed a Media Browser Server on the LAN to utilize it.

You may have the server installed on the device by clicking here. It continuously updates the internet browser with small features like Photo Slideshows, Live TV, etc. That said, we can consider it a very handy internet app for Roku.

Roku Media Browser


  • It allows you to browse, play and control the media content
  • Very friendly interface with convenient buttons


  • It is nothing more than a Roku internet browser 

06. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel, named after the device, is the greatest web browser accessible today. This specific Roku web browser allows you to view a broad range of material on its platform. You can indeed surf the web with ease with this Roku web browser.

However, it lets you view the latest news, listen to music, and stream your favorite material. Unlike other web browsers, Roku has most of its material available on Yahoo. Therefore, it keeps users updated with the newest news.

The Roku Channel


  • It streams the content of a huge variety
  • Allow users to enjoy the latest content
  • It assures a superb balance between internet surfing along with streaming


  • Premium services are available only for paid plans

07. Xfinity

Here’s another internet app for Roku for those who are interested. Xfinity offers a robust feature set geared mostly toward the entertainment sector. 

So, besides being a good web browser, it has a slew of additional functions. Mentioned below are those options for you.

  • The ability to stream videos
  • Music streaming feature
  • Movie streaming features based on your choice (from a massive range of genres)

Similarly, you may invest a few dollars in adding additional library channels.  However, it now has so many capabilities that it may be mistaken for a video streaming feature first.

Only after that will it be recognized as a browser. It might have gotten a better ranking in our list if it had focused extensively on its browsing interface.

Xfinity Roku Web Browser


  • Very intuitive user interface with decent functionality
  • Several additional features included built-in functions
  • Music streaming, video streaming, and plenty of other content


  • It is focused more on media and entertainment rather than a web browser

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Use Casting Instead of a Roku Internet Browser 

As you may have observed, Roku does not come with high-quality browsers, unlike smartphones. The majority of those browsers could only do a few simple activities. This is why we’ve chosen to teach you how to do it.

Well, this workaround for casting your smartphone’s screen straight has a number of benefits. Mentioned below are those steps.

You can use Roku to test out any of your favorite browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Also, you don’t have to go through the installation procedure.

  • Pairing is pretty easy when compared to other methods. In this case, you should simply pick the Android device up and choose “Settings” on it. After that, you should go to “Connected Devices.” Then, select the option called “Pair New Device.” You can then choose the name called “Roku” under that list. That is exactly how to pair the device with ease.

The major disadvantage is that you can only cast from an Android smartphone, not an iPhone. This is due to Roku’s usage of Miracast, and it is only supported by Google’s operating system.

Furthermore, casting needs a robust internet connection; otherwise, latency and pairing troubles will occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roku provides a diverse selection of interesting media material, such as movies, TV series, and live sporting events. On the other hand, Roku does not have a built-in browser for accessing the Internet.

You will have to install any other third-party Roku web browser on your device. That will allow you to surf the Internet via your television screen using Roku.

The internet browsers for Roku listed above may be used to surf the Internet on television because Web Browser X is a free browser for Roku. Also, you may use it without having to pay an extra membership cost.

Because Roku lacks its own web browser, you may either use one of the third-party browsers listed above. If not, you can utilize screen mirroring to cast the browser without issue.

Yes, you can watch YouTube on Roku without a web browser. YouTube has its dedicated channel on the Roku platform, allowing you to access a wide range of videos and features.

Using a web browser on Roku is generally safe. However, it’s important to exercise caution while browsing and avoid visiting suspicious websites or entering personal information on untrusted sites. Using a reliable VPN can also enhance your security and privacy.


Above are the Roku web browser options you can use on your Roku device. Those apps will allow you to access the Internet on Roku and acquire your desired data.

You can go through the above list of options and pick the best one from the list. After all, you should know that none of the above options is perfect.

What is your favorite Roku web browser in the above list? You may mention it below. Also, do you know better ways to access the Internet on Roku? If so, please let us know.


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