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Best Web Browser for Android TV: Top 13 Options to Consider


Written by Jack Lin

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Best Browser For Android TV

With the latest smart TV, it becomes easier to connect it to the internet and stream various shows online.

You will get plenty of options for the best Android TV web browser. Multiple Android TV Web browsers are available. Do you think that all of these are the best? 

Before moving to the list of TV web browsers, you need to know the factors by which you can choose the best Android TV web browser. 

Here is a list of some essential points that you need to consider. 

How to Select the Best Web Browser for Your Android Smart TV?

The below-mentioned factors are fruitful for you in selecting the ideal web browser for your smart TV. 

  • These kinds of smart TV consist of various types of Google Play store versions. 
  • If you think that apps that are mobile compatible are Android TV compatible, you have the wrong perception. 
  • There are some chances that you may not get your most liked applications, such as Chrome Browser, on the Google play store version of your TV. It is because these kinds of applications may not be Android TV friendly. 
  • You can follow the process of side-loading. It means opening the web browser and installing different applications on your TV.
  • The user can also have the opportunity to get an APK Of various applications and make some changes in settings.

Consider all these facts in your mind while selecting the best web browser for Android TV. But first of all, you need to work on knowing your requirements. Due to it, you can narrow down your choice and choose the best. 

Top 13 Web Browsers for the Android TV:

Now, with the help of Android TV, users can easily enjoy their favorite serials, movies from Netflix, and so on.

Additionally, you can easily stream your favorite games. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that you can easily see that you can also use your smart TV to browse the internet.

Apart from that, here comes the list of the top 13 web browsers for Android TV. You can consider any of them as per your requirements. 

Let’s discuss the best web browsers options for your TV:

#1 – Puffin TV Browser

Best Web Browser For Android TV - Puffin TV Browser

Not all browsers of Android TV work with a remote. All you require is a gaming controller or specific smartphone applications for operating and navigating the application. But if you consider the Puffin TV browser, there is no need for a gaming controller. 

You can use your basic TV remote to operate it. Due to this feature, the Puffin TV browser has become a favorable option for most of the masses. The central part of this browser is that it is lightweight and speedy. You can consider QR codes to add your favorite applications.

Besides, let’s learn more about watching PPV on Fire Stick and Roku TV browsers.

#2 – Google Chrome

Google Chrome 

No one has heard about Google Chrome. Keep one thing in your mind this TV web browser is not pre-installed in the intelligent television. Various devices provide the facility of installing the application using the voice command. 

If you consider Google Chrome, you get access to different points such as Bookmarks, history of the browser, and so on. 

Also, let’s learn more about full-screen mirroring from Android to TV.

#3 – TVWeb browser

Best Web Browser For Android TV - TVWeb browser

 It is another option you can consider if you seek worthy browsers. This web browser is mainly introduced for running the Android TV operating system. 

You will not face any problem in accessing this particular TVWebBrowser. You can efficiently operate it with the simple remote of your Android TV. Additionally, you get access to your favorite search engines, bookmarks, setting menu, and so on.

Along with it, you can enjoy the on-screen mouse pointer feature. There is no need to pay charges to download it.

#4 – TV Bro

TV Bro

The primary purpose of designing this specific web browser is Android TV. It can efficiently work with your regular remote Android television. Various features associated with the TV Bros include tabs, bookmarks, voice search support, and many more. 

Additionally, it is easy to use and download. You do not need to learn any particular points to download and use TV Bro. It is considered open-source, which enhances the function of your TV.

#5 – Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Over time, this Android TV web browser gained immense popularity. You will get countless features from using Mozilla Firefox. As with Google Chrome, you can easily sync the bookmarks. Additionally, you can save the passwords of those devices you signed in to. 

It comes with extension support. Moreover, it is not only ideal for Android TV but also for computers. You can quickly seek the web and side-load it.

#6 – DuckDuckGo

Best Web Browser For Android TV - DuckDuckGo

It works on user privacy and provides endless features. It has numerous features, which makes it ideal for Android TV. With time, it shows various signs of progress which raise its popularity. Moreover, it comes with the automated history deleting feature. 

It works on deleting the browsing history after the stipulated period. Not only that, but you can also go for manual deletion. By considering the DuckDuckGo, you will surely get immense features.

#7 – Kiwi Browser 

Best Web Browser For Android TV - Kiwi Browser 

Due to the vast and long list of features, Kiwi Browser grabs the users’ attention. It comes with the plus point of an in-built ad blocker. It can block different sorts of advertisements. To a large extent, this feature makes it the best choice. 

Moreover, it is not so hard to operate. You can benefit from endless features like in-build translator applications, changing the mode like dark mode, and so on. Additionally, changing the mode feature will protect your eyes from the glaring lights.

#8 – Opera 


The one specific feature which makes it unique from other Android TV browsers is that it provides offline browsing. For instance, if you open any page and load it completely.

After that, you can easily access that specific page anytime. Along with it, you can take benefit from a particular feature in night mode.

It is fruitful in optimizing the interface for a late-night browse. Moreover, it has features like easy sync between the desktop, television, and phone. It comes with the free in-built VPN, which hides the IP address. 

#9 – Microsoft Edge Browser 

Microsoft Edge Browser 

Microsoft introduced the all-new edge browser. This specific browser is based on chromium. There are numerous benefits of using the Microsoft Edge Browser.

Additionally, it comes with the feature of a private browsing mode. You can also enjoy the supreme option of the in-build Ad Blocker.

Some of their unique facilities make it unique from the other browser you used or used earlier. Considering the Microsoft Edge browser is an ideal choice for your Android or smart TV.

#10 – Dolphin Browser

Best Web Browser For Android TV - Dolphin Browser

It is a private and fast browser that over fifty million users install. It comes with various plus points, making it best for the Android TV browser. Numerous features grab the attention of the masses. These features include Adobe Flash Player and Gesture Controls. 

It also comes with an in-built download manager. You can easily change the search engine from one to another, like Google, Yahoo, etc.

#11 – Flynx


This is the only ideal browser that opens the bubble of links. Due to it, you get a hint about what you can hope for on the next page. If you choose the drop, the next page will load immediately. It also has the feature of saving loaded pages. Further, you can read this page.

Additionally, it comes with the features of Adblocker, a simple interface, and so on. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that it supports 15 languages, including Japanese, Chinese, etc.

#12 – Amazon’s Silk Browser

Best Web Browser For Android TV - Amazon's Silk Browser

If the users have Amazon streaming devices, it is ideal for the Android TV browser. It enhances the features of your Android television. You can use the silk browser for viewing movies and for internet browsing. 

This sort of browser is ideal with the Fire Stick Remote and enhances the control of the TV browser.

#13 – Vewd Browser 

Vewd Browser 

It was introduced in 2017 to enhance the experience of smart TV. You can download this application directly from the play store of your Android TV. It requires a specific remote to operate it. Moreover, there is no need for the keyboard and mouse to run it.

Additionally, it is lightweight and permits customizing web pages for excellent surfing. By downloading it, you can get the experience of fast browsing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I install multiple web browsers on my Android TV? Yes, you can install multiple web browsers on your Android TV. This allows you to try out different browsers and choose the one that suits you best.
  2. Are these web browsers free to download and use? Yes, all the web browsers mentioned in this article are free to download and use. However, some browsers may offer premium features that require a subscription.
  3. Can I sync my bookmarks across devices with these web browsers? All the web browsers support bookmark syncing, allowing you to access your bookmarks across multiple devices.
  4. Do these web browsers support streaming videos on Android TV? Yes, all the web browsers mentioned in this article support streaming videos on Android TV. They provide a seamless video playback experience.
  5. Can I customize the appearance of these web browsers? Yes, all the web browsers offer customization options, such as theme selection and layout adjustments, allowing you to personalize the appearance of the browser according to your preferences.


These are the thirteen most significant browsers that change your Android TV experience. You can download various applications and get access to multiple features. What is better than it? 

It is essential that when you decide to purchase a smart TV, you must know the browser and each function. Due to it, you will not face any problems choosing the browser and using it. When you buy a smart TV, get the knowledge about its every feature; you can enjoy each component. 

Once you come to which application you want in your smart TV, take one step ahead. When choosing the best TV web browser, you must know your requirements. In other words, select the browser as per your requirements. 

In the end, with the help of the information mentioned earlier, you get quality knowledge about web browsers. It will make your selection easier regarding the best TV web browser. You are free to choose any of the TV browsers as per your requirement.


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