The Ultimate List of Pros and Cons of Snapchat: What You Need to Know


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Pros And Cons of Snapchat

For your knowledge, are you looking for a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of Snapchat? Here’s the best one.

With this article, we intend to cover both pros and cons of this platform to your benefit. So, keep reading and learn about it.

As of today, Snapchat has become one of the most influential apps used by youngsters. It already reports massive revenues as well.

Regardless of the huge numbers it features, only 1% of marketers tend to make use of this app. We all can witness the influence this app can have.

Millions of individuals tend to use Snapchat on a daily basis. They always view plenty of snaps (billions of them every day). Those snaps are shared in the form of stories. Even if the majority of Snapchat users are young, even the older ones use the same platform.


The main difference between Snapchat and other social networks is the amount of creativity it utilizes. There are plenty of editing and filtering options for any user, so you can have plenty of fun.

One of the most popular features of Snapchat is Face Swapping. In addition to that, however, you can add Doodles, various overlays, and even texts.

List of Pros and Cons of Snapchat 

If you plan to use Snapchat, reading the list of pros and cons of Snapchat will be handy. Mentioned below are the pros and cons of this application. For your convenience, we divide this information into two segments; the Pros of Snapchat and the Cons of Snapchat.

Pros of Snapchat 

Here’s a list of the Pros of Snapchat you can go through and get an idea about it.

01. It Gives You a Glimpse of What Social Media is

There are many social media platforms for you to consider. Each of those platforms comes with different characteristics. With Snapchat, however, you can experience a casual user interface, and the app’s functionality is simple.

Unlike major platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat offers a highly simplified experience.

So, Snapchat is a superb option to consider if you intend to get an idea about social media. You can use it to experience how it feels to stay connected with people across the globe.

Also, it shows how it feels to interact with others actively. In particular, if you are a millennial, Snapchat is one of the best options for your category.

02. It has a Geo-filtering Feature.

One of the most significant Pros of Snapchat is the geo-filtering feature. As per this feature, you can use specific filters for some geographic locations.

As a result, when you visit that particular area, the respective geo-filter gets activated. Once you have done that, you can add fun designs to each image you post.

If you are a business, you can also create a filter with your logo. As a result, Snapchat users will know that they have entered where your business operates. This is a very impressive branding option.

03. It Establishes a Direct Communication Line Between Companies and Customers.

You can directly contact the respective business through it if you are a customer. It allows you to reply to stories posted by businesses through their Instagram profiles. You can even snap them personally.

Also, companies get the option of contacting customers through the same gateway. Many organizations carry out promotional campaigns making use of this feature. Automatically, that makes customers represent the respective business.

04. You Know Who is Watching Your Content.

This is one of the most noticeable and significant Pros of Snapchat on the list. The Snapchat app lets you know who has viewed your snaps. That means the ones who watch your snaps cannot hide their activities from you.

This is an impressive feature that assures better transparency. As a result, you will be able to spot potential lurkers who are there to spy on you.

In addition to that, you can use the same feature to track the ones who matter to you. When it comes to a business, the same feature allows you to get some insight into your outreach.

So, you don’t have to use any third-party tool to access such information.

05. Snapchat Gathers Snaps from Particular Events and Creates Singular Stories.

This can be considered one of the most sought-after Pros of Snapchat. Assume that you attend a specific event with plenty of individuals. In that case, Snapchat will collect snaps of those attending the respective event.

In fact, it is more of searching for a hashtag on a social media platform like Instagram. But Snapchat is better because it shows live pictures or videos. Moreover, it creates various ways to feel more connected with different individuals.

In addition, if you wonder how to clear recents on Snapchat or get subscribers on Snapchat, you should check out these guides.

06. Ads on Snapchat Are Not That Intimidating.

You might see plenty of ads on social media platforms like Facebook. Needless to say, how intimidating and disturbing they are. You will see plenty of stuff with the label Sponsored Content.

You see those advertisements because you performed a search related to that matter. But on Snapchat, people will like to see those advertisements purposely. That is because Snapchat makes advertisements more of a part of the platform but not something extra.

07. Snapchat Doesn’t Retain Posts Until the Viewer is Bored.

As you might already know, Snapchat has a special feature, so the posts disappear after a specific time. For instance, the snaps that aren’t linked to a story will disappear after 10 seconds. So the viewers will not see it again and again.

In addition to that, you can consider it handy because it shows your content to the most specific audience. Even if you create a snap associated with a story, that will disappear after 24 hours. This temporariness is very handy for those who want to have a limit and control over their content.

08. Starting with Snapchat is Super Easy.

Creating a Snapchat ID is incredibly easy. It is pretty similar to the process of creating a Twitter account. It doesn’t share any personal information.

Even your actual name can be hidden. You will then simply connect to the other Snapchat users by sharing the ID. Also, no one can bypass the privacy settings.

09. Snapchat Deploys Short and Easy Content.

As mentioned before, Snapchat shows the content for a shorter period only. For instance, the videos shared on Snapchat are no longer than 10 seconds long.

Also, the videos are set to disappear within 24 hours once you share them. You can save that content on your phone, and it will not take up any noticeable space. Even if the videos are short, they are memorable.

10. It Has a Useful “Discover” Feature

With the assistance of Discover, you can search through premium content. There is a team of journalists who are working for the betterment of the app.

When you post content on Snapchat, that will immediately gain better reach and awareness. This is particularly because any Snapchat user will use the app at least 20 times.

Cons of Snapchat 

Now, let’s look at the Cons of Snapchat to get a better idea.

01. Snapchat Has a Pretty Limited Audience.

Snapchat indeed generates hundreds of millions of dollars every year. However, the audience it reaches is somewhat limited compared to other platforms like Facebook. That is because it targets a limited demographic. Also, this app is mainly used by those who are between 12 to 34.

02. There is No In-depth Analytics.

It is possible to interact with Snapchat simply by seeing views or screenshots, and that’s handy. It also allows you to know who sees your clips or stories. However, apart from that, there is no other deep information provided.

Also, let’s find out how to get a Snapchat streak back.

03. The Content is Available Only for a Limited Period.

Yes. We mentioned it in the Pros of Snapchat as well. However, we can put it in the Cons of Snapchat too. That is because the content you share stays there only for 24 hours, and it gets disappears.

As a result, you are supposed to create new content every day, especially if you intend to do marketing. Although frequently adding new content is good, your content tends to be forgotten sooner.

04. There is Plenty of Useless Content on Snapchat.

Did you know that the content you share on Snapchat falls into “Internet Pollution”? A lot of content shared on Snapchat is useless to most platform users.

For instance, think of a video of a person trying spaghetti. Or, someone sings a song while driving a car. Or some useless selfies. Since people post such content, we can put it as one of the most significant Cons of Snapchat.

05. The User Interface May Look Unreliable to Some.

The user interface of Snapchat is friendly for most novices. However, it also looks pretty unreliable for the majority of users.

All you have to do is to swipe. It doesn’t have many buttons to work with. So, if you are a curious user, you have almost nothing in the Snapchat interface.

06. Adding Friends on Snapchat is Not That Easy.

When it comes to social media platforms like Facebook, adding a friend is very easy. You can find friends by their real names.

However, on Snapchat, the situation is different. When you want to add a friend, you should first find their Snapchat ID. If not, you should get the respective QR code (known as Snapcode). Or, you should have saved their contact information on your mobile phone.

You should promote your content on other platforms if you are a business. Then, get the QR code and promote it through Snapchat. This is a pretty lengthy and indirect method. In a way, it is a pointless move because you post the same content on two platforms.

07. You Will Have to Watch Snapchat Videos in the Vertical Orientation.

Even if youngsters don’t mind this, those who have gotten used to horizontal view will find it annoying. The videos displayed on Snapchat are vertical. The video will stay the same even if you turn the phone to a horizontal position.

08. Snapchat May Promote Illegal or Dangerous Activities.

Some individuals post snaps about how they drive on the road, which can be dangerous. That is because they tend to take selfie videos a lot. If you do this while driving, that can distract you and end up causing a lot of trouble.

Also, in any country, handling a phone while driving is illegal. You should not put your life at risk just to make a silly video.

09. It Doesn’t Give You an Official Resharing Feature.

You don’t get a resharing option on Snapchat. That can be considered one of the major Cons of Snapchat. Instead, you will have to capture them as screenshots and share them.

This is a difficult option for many individuals when they have to build networks. It is a major drawback specifically for businesses.

10. It Can Be Addictive.

Yes. Snapchat is a very addictive application, even if it has some useless and valueless content. The app’s simplicity and basic features make it so addictive in most cases. As a result, users will waste a lot of time on it.

11. Some Pictures Tend to Stay.

The files shared on Snapchat don’t always disappear. They stay on their servers for at least 30 days. So, you cannot necessarily say that they are gone forever.


1. Can I retrieve a Snapchat message or snap after it disappears? No, Snapchat’s disappearing content is designed to be temporary and cannot be retrieved once it has been viewed or expired.

2. Are there parental controls available on Snapchat? Yes, Snapchat provides parental control options that allow parents or guardians to restrict certain features and content for their children’s accounts.

3. Can I use Snapchat for business marketing? Yes, Snapchat offers various advertising options that businesses can utilize to reach their target audience effectively and engage with users creatively.

4. Is Snapchat only popular among younger users? While Snapchat initially gained popularity among younger demographics, it has expanded its user base to include a broader range of age groups.

5. How can I report inappropriate content or behavior on Snapchat? If you encounter any inappropriate content or behavior on Snapchat, you can report it directly through the app’s reporting system or contact Snapchat’s support team for assistance.


Well, that’s our list of pros and cons of Snapchat. Once again, you can go through the Pros of Snapchat and Cons of the Snapchat section to get the idea.

Do you have other doubts related to Snapchat? Please let us know so we can get back to you immediately.


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