How to Clear Recents on Snapchat Using Easy Steps?


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How to Clear Recents on Snapchat
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Clearing Snapchat recents is a pretty handy trick to learn for any Snapchat user. That said, if you wonder how to clear recents on Snapchat with some easy steps, keep reading. We will explain this in a detailed manner so every reader can follow it easily.

Every time you send, talk or add a person to your Recents, Snapchat saves a copy of the conversation. However, if you often converse with others, keeping a record of your conversations may be troublesome.

There could be a history that you would not want your significant other to know about. There will always be a record, even if the app automatically erases Snaps or Chats.

This is exactly why it is handy to learn how to clear recents on Snapchat.

How to Clear Snapchat Recents Using Your iPhone

Snapchat’s recent history would be cleared simply by deleting all of your recent histories. You can’t list Recents if there isn’t any “history“.

Clean up your discussions first:

1. Open your Snapchat app on the iPhone

Launch Snapchat on iPhone

2. Open your Settings menu by tapping the gear symbol.

Snapchat Settings

3. After that, select the option called Clear Conversations from the Account Actions drop-down menu.

Clear Conversations on Snapchat

4. In order to delete a chat, you must tap X next to it in the upper right-hand corner.

Delete Chat on Snapchat

5. Tap the option called “Clear All” located at the top of that screen to delete all discussions simultaneously. This is optional, though.

How to Clear Recents on Snapchat on iPhone

You may also remove any of Snapchat’s search history and complete a more comprehensive cleansing.

1. In order to access the Settings menu, go to your Profile screen and select the gear symbol.

Settings on Profile Screen

2. To clear your search history, click the Clear Search History button.

3. Verify what you’ve done.

Clear Search History on Snapchat

And, that’s how to clear recents on Snapchat on your iPhone.

How to Clear Snapchat Recents on Your Android device

Snapchat recents considered to be a rundown of everything you’ve done with the app recently. And that includes chats and snaps. There’s no way to remove the list from your device.

However, you may remove chats and search history from your device.

Conversations can be deleted by following these instructions:

1. First, open the Snapchat app on your Android device.

Open Snapchat on Android

2. Settings are accessible by clicking or tabbing to go there from your personal profile page.

Profile Page -> Settings

3. Clear Conversations may be found farther down the page.

4. You may either remove individual conversations by pressing the X button next to them. If not, you can utilize the Clear All button at the very top of that screen.

Clear Conversation on Snapchat

In order to erase your search history.

1. Tap that gear symbol to return to your Settings menu.

Profile Page -> Settings

2. Select it from the list at the bottom of the page. Delete Your History of Searches

Clear Snapchat Search History on Android

3. Verify what you’ve done.

Clear your search History

Also, if you wonder how to log out of Snapchat properly, this guide is just for you.

How to Clear Recents on Snapchat Using Chromebook

Getting rid of Snapchat recents using a Chromebook is quite similar to clearing Snapchat’s Recents on mobile devices.

That means it is similar to the process performed on your iPhone or even an Android device. To do so, simply follow the same instructions that apply to Android as well as the iPhone.

To do so, simply follow the same instructions that apply to Android as well as the iPhone.

Go to the Settings menu and choose Clear Discussions to delete conversations. Individual chats can be deleted one at a time, or you can choose to delete any of them simultaneously.

You should remember Remember that after deleting a chat, you can’t get it back. On top of that, you may perform a more comprehensive purge by erasing your browsing history.

Select the option called “Clear Search History.” It is located in the Settings menu. You’re all set once you confirm the activity.

How to Clear Recents on Snapchat Using a Desktop (a Mac or Windows PC)?

You’re definitely using an emulator if you can access Snapchat on Windows or Mac. The app just cannot function without it. It also lacks a separate web page for browsers, unlike other social networking apps.

Assume that you’ve correctly followed the instructions above. Even then, there’s no assurance that the Conversation, as well as the Search history, would be cleared.

As a mobile app, Snapchat’s emulated performance may be a little “shaky.” Otherwise, you may have to take your phone out of your pocket and execute a manual clear of Recents.

Clearing Snapchat Recents Along with Best Friends

Simply put, the individuals you’re most likely to communicate with on Snapchat are your “best friends.” Once you have successfully interacted with them for a while, they’ll be tagged with emojis.

People in Best Friends cannot be deleted in the same way that recent contacts can’t be deleted. You’ll have to take a detour to get there. Here are a few possibilities:

  • You can do it by maintaining less interaction with them.
  • In order to replace their name, increase the amount of time spent interacting with other individuals.
  • Take a break from messaging the individual.
  • On the app, you may block and then unblock somebody in order to reset the score.
  • Additionally, you may erase their respective Conversation and the Search history. This is required if you intend to be sure they don’t show up in any future Recents.

Important Tips When Using Snapchat

● Avoid Sharing Your Password

Never, not even with us, reveal your password to anyone. You will never be asked for the password by a Snapchat official. We can’t help you if we don’t have it.

● Inspect Your Privacy Preferences

Do you want to control who may send you Snaps, see any Stories, or see your position? If so, go to the privacy settings.

● Be Careful When Choosing a Password

Make your password at least eight characters long, and avoid using any of your personal information. For instance, avoid using the real name, password, username, or birthdate. Your password should be a combination of numbers, characters, and symbols. 

Avoid using the exact password across several apps or websites, and never divulge your password to anybody else. Also, learn the process of resetting your Snapchat password if you can’t remember it.

Check Your Email and Phone Numbers

The email and mobile phone numbers linked with your Snapchat account must be correct.

● Two-Step Authentication should be Configured

Verifying your identity when you connect to the Snapchat profile is made easier with two-factor authentication. This increases the security of your account. Snapchat has built-in support for two-factor authentication. Find out more about the two-factor authentication procedure.

● Be Careful When You Share Your Snaps

When Snapchat was designed, it was with your closest pals in mind. You should only accept friend requests from individuals you personally know.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ on How to Clear Recents on Snapchat

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Snapchat recents. These steps will give you a clearer idea of the process. So, keep reading and learn more about it.

1. Will clearing recents remove the conversations permanently? No, clearing recents on Snapchat only removes them from the “Recents” section. The conversations and contacts will still be accessible through the chat or search functions.

2. Can I select which contacts or conversations to clear? Unfortunately, Snapchat does not provide an option to selectively clear individual contacts or conversations from the “Recents” section. It is an all-or-nothing process.

3. Will clearing recents affect my friends or their ability to message me? No, clearing recents only affects your own device and does not impact your friends or their ability to message you. It is a personal action that does not notify or affect others.

4. Can I undo the clearing of recents on Snapchat? No, once you have cleared your recent contacts or conversations on Snapchat, it cannot be undone. Make sure to double-check before confirming the clearing process.

5. Will clearing recents delete my saved messages or memories? No, clearing recents does not delete your saved messages or memories on Snapchat. It only removes the recent contacts or conversations from the “Recents” section.


Snapchat’s fleeting interactions are a bonus, but keep in mind that all data is saved in some form or another. Moreover, there isn’t always a way to go back and undo what you’ve already done.

That is exactly why a user should know how to clear recents on Snapchat. Otherwise, the past records of your data might become a nuisance.


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