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How to Resolve ‘Outlook Not Receiving Emails’ Easily


Written by Jack Lin

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Outlook Not Receiving Emails

Outlook is the best email provider for both business and personal use. However, people face several issues sometimes that can frustrate them. The most common issue related to Outlook is Outlook not receiving emails.

On facing this error, you will not be able to receive emails on your Outlook. In that case, you must seek a solution to resolve this problem.

Here, you will learn about some of the best and most effective methods to fix this issue. So, let’s get started without further ado.

Method 1: Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails by Creating a New Profile

The issue of ‘Outlook not receiving emails’ can happen if the profile of Outlook is corrupted.

To fix this problem, users will have to make a new profile and set the same with their email accounts. The procedure for doing this is pretty straightforward.

Steps to Fix the Error ‘Outlook Not Receiving Emails’:

To resolve the issue of Outlook not receiving emails, you must go through the below instructions.

Step 1: Look for Accounts Settings

Firstly, you have to open Outlook and tap on the option ‘File.’ After that, you need to look for the section of Account Settings.

Step 2: Select the Option ‘Add’

From there, you need to select the option ‘Manage Profiles’ and then ‘Show Profiles.’ After that, you have to tap on the button ‘Add.’

show Outlook profile

Step 3: Tap O.K.

Within the profile name box, enter a name for your new profile. After that, tap O.K. to save it.

creat new Outlook profile

Step 4: Restart the Program

Now, you must follow the instructions on the screen for setting up the newly made profile with the email account. After the complete configuration, you can restart the Outlook program.

Step 5: Click on ‘Change Profile’

Next, you have to search for the option ‘File’ and select ‘Account Settings.’ From there, you have to tap on ‘Change Profile.’

Step 6: Click O.K.

Once done, tap on the button O.K. while the message ‘Outlook Will Close’ appears on the screen.

Step 7: Restart the Program

Now, you have to start Outlook again. Afterward, select your newly made profile from the list of Profile Names. To confirm your action, tap O.K.

outlook choose profile

Method 2: Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails by Checking the Internet Connection

Another reason for the ‘Outlook is not receiving emails’ issue could be a bad internet connection.

If users think the problem is happening because of their network connection, they should ensure that their Outlook is online.

Steps to Fix the Error by Checking the Internet Connection:

To resolve Outlook not receiving emails, you need to follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open Outlook

Firstly, you have to open Outlook on your system. After you launch this program, you need to check the screen’s right corner.

Step 2: Examine the Problem

Next, if you spot a message saying ‘Working Offline’ or the same kind of message, there could be a connection issue.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Work Offline’

Now, you have to employ the ribbon tab to navigate to the section Receive/Send. After that, you need to locate and select ‘Work Offline’ to toggle the settings.

work offline

Step 4: Check the Message

If everything works fine, you will come across the message ‘Connected to Server.’ This message will display on the screen’s right corner.

Step 5: Locate the Section ‘All Folders’

Next, you have to look for the section ‘Send/Receive All Folders.’ Tap on this option and check the Outlook inbox. Here, you will find the missing emails.

Method 3: Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails by Correcting IMAP or POP Settings

There is another significant reason behind the problem ‘Outlook not receiving emails.’ It is due to IMAP or POP settings.

If these settings are not correct, you have to look for the option ‘Account Settings.’ Here, you will fix the settings for solving the problem of receiving and sending Outlook emails.

Steps to Resolve the Issue by Correcting IMAP or POP Settings:

One can fix the problem of receiving emails on Outlook in the following way. So, let’s look at some simple steps for solving the issue.

Step 1: Look for the Account Settings

In the first place, you have to open the Outlook tool. After that, you have to look for Account Settings.

Step 2: Search for Section IMAP and POP

Next, you need to locate and search for the ‘IMAP and POP’ section. After that, you need to ensure that the details listed are accurate.

Outlook pop imap account settings
  • Name: Your name will display in all emails you send to the recipients.
  • Account Kind: Choose either POP3 or IMAP.
  • Email ID: Ensure that you enter the entire email address.
  • User Name: Enter the username of your email account in this column.
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTOP): Type in on having an IMAP or POP account.
  • Incoming mail server: Type in on having an IMAP or POP account.
  • Password: Enter the accurate password of your email account in this column.

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  1. Why is my Outlook not receiving emails? There could be several reasons, like incorrect account settings, a full inbox, or internet connection issues.
  2. What can I do when my Outlook is not receiving emails? Start with basic troubleshooting like checking your internet connection and verifying your account settings, then move on to advanced steps like repairing the Outlook program or creating a new profile.
  3. How can I prevent this issue from happening again? Regular maintenance and keeping your software up-to-date can help prevent these issues.
  4. What if I’ve tried everything, but my Outlook still isn’t receiving emails? In this case, it might be best to reach out to the support team for further assistance.
  5. Does creating a new profile erase all my old emails? No, your old emails are stored on the server and will download again once the new profile is set up.


So, there you have it – your comprehensive guide to troubleshooting when Outlook is not receiving emails.

It’s a journey we’ve taken together, from understanding the issue to exploring both basic and advanced solutions. It’s like we’ve been on an adventure, navigating the labyrinth of email issues and emerging victorious.

But remember, it’s also crucial to prevent these issues from happening again. Like a warrior, armed with the knowledge and tools we’ve provided, you’re now ready to face any email problem head-on.


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