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[FIXED] 0x8004060c Error on Microsoft Outlook


Written by Jack Lin

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When you notice a 0x8004060c error on MS Outlook, you know there’s something wrong with it. If it’s your first time, you are likely to get frustrated a lot.

However, you can fix this error without getting bothered too much if you follow this guide.

As per the general acceptance, MS Outlook is the norm when it comes to email client applications. It is stable, smooth, user-friendly, and very effective.

However, that doesn’t mean that it is an invulnerable computer program. In fact, all computer programs can face some issues occasionally, and MS Outlook is no exception.

One of the most common errors associated with MS Outlook is 0x8004060c. The meaning of this error message is that there’s something wrong with Outlook’s PST file.

But there’s nothing to worry about because the solutions mentioned in this article can fix it easily.

Why MS Outlook?

MS Outlook is one of the most popular and efficient email applications used on desktop computers. Arguably, MS Outlook could be the best email application in the market. It has plenty of features to make email communication easier, safer, and more efficient.

In general, this application functions with superb stability and smoothness. But due to various reasons, it can experience some issues. Issues associated with PST file is one of the most common problems with MS Outlook.

In fact, the PST file is the bundle of data that comprises contacts, calendars, notes, and so on. So, when you use MS Outlook for some time, the PST file can grow into a pretty larger one. Once it exceeds a certain size, PST will start to malfunction.

As a result, you will not be able to send any emails through your MS Outlook application. When that issue appears, you will see the error code 0x8004060c on the screen, and that’s pretty frustrating. So, in the remaining paragraphs of this guide, we will explain how to overcome it.

PS: let’s learn more about how to fix the Outlook disconnected error with ease.

Part 1: Fix 0x8004060c Error on MS Outlook Using a Manual Method

In this part of our guide, we explain how to fix this MS Outlook error using a manual procedure. In this case, you don’t have to use any third-party application.

Instead, you can try the default options provided by MS Outlook itself and try to fix them. Although this method requires some advanced and lengthy steps to perform, you may give it a try.

Well, 0x8004060c error on your MS Outlook application can appear once the PST file exceeds the file limit. So, it’s understandable that you may be able to resolve it by reducing the size of the PST file.

After all, reducing the file size is the most rational decision you can take. In fact, to achieve this, you can compress, split, or even archive the respective PST file.

Well, mentioned below are the methods you can consider so you can fix the 0x8004060c error.

Method 01

Get rid of the items that are no longer required from all the Outlook folders. This method will, anyway, increase the performance of the Outlook application. You will be able to clear up the Outlook mailbox.

As a result, you will be able to reduce the size of the PST file. When you clear the mailbox, you can get rid of the large attachments and unnecessary emails as well. Then it will reduce the overall size of your Outlook’s PST.

Method 02

Compress the PST file. Then you will be able to reduce the overall size and get rid of the 0x8004060c error.

Method 03

Archive PST file’s data from the existing PST file. You can do that by creating a new PST file. The new PST file will be relatively smaller in size, so it won’t show a 0x8004060c error.  

Method 04

Split the existing large PST files so you will have multiple smaller PST files. It is another very effective way to get rid of the 0x8004060c error on your Outlook application.

Although the above methods may be able to fix errors in some cases, they can often go ineffective. In other words, the methods mentioned above may not work for some of the users.

Also, if you do it without proper understanding, these methods can even corrupt your PST files. That means those methods may do more harm than good if you don’t do them correctly. This is particularly true if you are a novice.

So, the best solution is to use a professional tool dedicated to addressing this issue. The remaining content of this article explains how to repair 0x8004060c errors using professional tools.

Part 2: Repairing Corrupted PST File on Your Outlook Application

Now let’s take a look at the professional option you can use to repair this error. There are many tools available on the internet claiming that they can repair PST files with ease. However, not all those tools can do the job as they promise. In fact, some of those tools may even have some threats, such as malware.

That said, we did some research on this subject and found Outlook PST Repair to be very effective. It can fix the 0x8004060c error and get Outlook on track. It is easy to use and fast.

The overall effectiveness of this tool is very impressive. So, in this section of our article, we explain the features of this tool and how to use it.

Features of Outlook PST Repair Tool

  • It can recover all the components of your Outlook Mailbox. For instance, it can recover files, including attachments, emails, notes, journals, calendar items, and so on.
  • You can use it to recover emails that are accidentally deleted or lost due to a system format.
  • This tool helps recover emails in different formats, including PDF, EML, HTML, RTF, or MSG.
  • This app is compatible with repairing PST files even if they are encrypted or password protected.  
  • You can use it to arrange scanned emails based on various different parameters. For instance, it can organize your emails based on “Date“, “Subject“, “From“, “Importance“, “Attachment” etc.  
  • You can use this tool to repair corrupted Outlook files.
  • It works perfectly with all the MS Outlook versions from MS Outlook 2000.
  • Also, it is compatible with all the Windows operating systems, including the newest versions.

How to Use Outlook PST Repair Tool and Fix 0x8004060c Error

Mentioned below is the list of steps you should follow to get rid of the 0x8004060c error. Although the process is extremely simple, we present this guide for the use of absolute beginners.

After following this set of instructions, you can start using MS Outlook as usual without noticing any error.

  • First, you should download and installed Outlook PST Repair Tool on the faulty computer. Then, launch the same to see the home screen. After that, you should see two buttons. One of those buttons is for “Find Outlook File” and the other one for “Select Outlook File“. Click on any of those buttons and navigate to the drive where the corrupted PST file is saved. After that, you should click on the option called “Look In“.
Stellar Outlook PST Repair
  • Now, you should start the repair process. And, to do that, just press the button labeled “Start“.
Find MailBox
  • Now, you can preview the Outlook PST file, which is repaired. After carrying out this specific task, you will have to perform a double-click on it. As a result, you can see the items found in this item. Those files are displayed towards the left-hand side of your screen.
Fix 0x8004060c Error with Outlook PST Repair

That’s it. You can use your MS Outlook application without any hassle now as the PST is repaired.

Besides, if you wonder how to fix the 0x80042109 Outlook Error, here are the top solutions for you.


Q1: Can the 0x8004060c error occur in all versions of Outlook?

The 0x8004060c error can occur in various versions of Outlook, including Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, and earlier versions. The troubleshooting steps provided in this article are applicable to most versions of Outlook.

Q2: Will repairing Outlook data files delete any of my emails?

No, repairing Outlook data files will not delete any of your emails. The repair process focuses on resolving any corruption or issues within the data files while preserving your email data.

Q3: How can I check the size of my Outlook data file?

To check the size of your Outlook data file, go to the “File” tab in Outlook, click on “Account Settings,” and select “Account Settings” again. In the “Data Files” tab, you will see a list of data files along with their sizes.

Q4: What should I do if the 0x8004060c error persists after trying all the solutions?

If the 0x8004060c error persists even after attempting all the solutions mentioned in this article, it is recommended to contact Microsoft support or consult a professional technician who specializes in Outlook-related issues.

Q5: How can I prevent the 0x8004060c error from occurring in the future?

To prevent the 0x8004060c error from occurring in the future, regularly maintain your Outlook data files by archiving old emails, deleting unnecessary attachments, andemptying the Deleted Items folder.

Additionally, keep your Outlook and Microsoft Office applications up to date by installing the latest updates provided by Microsoft. Regularly scanning your system for malware or viruses and ensuring that your antivirus and firewall programs are compatible with Outlook can also help prevent this error.

Conclusion on How to Fix 0x8004060c Error

Well, if truth be told, 0x8004060c is not the most pleasant sight for any Outlook user. This error code says that your PST file has exceeded the optimal file size.

Nevertheless, there are several methods to address this issue and get Outlook back on track. As we explained, only some of those methods work as expected.

Also, if you try anything wrong, you will end up causing more harm than good.

If you have ever come across this situation, we suggest you use the application called Outlook PST Repair. It is a dedicated tool that can repair your Outlook PST file. In addition to error 0x8004060c, this tool can fix other errors such as “Cannot Display the Folder” as well.


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