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My iPhone Won't Charge But It Says Its Charging

My iPhone won’t charge but it says it’s charging. When I unplug it from the charger, the battery is not charged even a bit. I continue to experience this issue from the morning, and I don’t know how to fix it. What could be the possible reason? Anyone know that?”

Do you have experienced the same sort of trouble? If so, the good news is that you are on the correct page.

Here, let’s explain the reasons behind this issue and the most practical ways to solve it.

My iPhone Won’t Charge, but It Says It’s Charging – Reasons Behind It

When your iPhone doesn’t charge, it will be really frustrating. You use your iPhone to accomplish plenty of tasks, and it becomes useless if it doesn’t have enough power. With that said, let’s take a look at the possible reasons behind this issue.

In fact, it can occur due to a software-related issue or a hardware-related issue. So, before searching for solutions, let’s get an idea about the potential causes.

● Damaged Lighting Cable

You are using a damaged lighting cable to charge the device. This will interrupt the steady power supply to the device, so various errors can trigger.

● Dirty Lighting Port

Check if the lighting port of the device is covered with dirt, debris, or other external substances. If so, electricity cannot pass correctly to the device.

Some devices can experience this issue due to unknown software glitches. Those errors can prevent your device from charging.

There can be some unknown issues that can end up causing various troubles, including charging issues.

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Part 1: Fixes to Try if My iPhone Won’t Charge, but It Says It’s Charging Due to Software Issues

As mentioned before, your iPhone can experience charging-related issues due to software- or hardware-related errors.

So, this section explains the fixes to try if the issue has been triggered due to a software-related issue.

Solution 01: Perform a Force Restart on the iOS Device

Those who say, “My iPhone won’t charge but it says its charging” can try a force restart first. This should be the simplest & most basic method you can try when experiencing minor issues. Interestingly, this simple fix shows decent effectiveness in solving software-related issues in no time.

When you restart your device, it clears the cache and other corrupted data files from the device’s memory. As a result, the device will run smoothly, and the apps will have no issues in most cases.

Please follow the below to restart your device. Please note that the methods will vary slightly depending on the model of the device.

● For iPhone 8 and Newer Models

Make sure to press the volume up button and release it quickly. Then, do the same with the volume down button as well. After that, you should press the power button and hold it so the iOS device will restart.

Perform a Force Restart on the iOS device to fix my iPhone wont charge but it says its charging

● For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Press the power button & volume down button simultaneously and hold them. Once you see the Apple logo, release those buttons.

Perform a Force Restart on the iOS device

● For iPhone 6, iPhone 6, and Older Models

You should press the power button and home button simultaneously and hold them to see the Apple logo.

Perform a Force Restart on the iOS device

Solution 02: Update the Device to Its Latest OS

No matter whether you experience an issue or not, updating the OS to the latest is imperative. In fact, outdated OS versions can cause various issues on your device.

So, those who have the “my iPhone won’t charge but it says its charging” issue should check for updates. A software update can fix plenty of issues related to the respective device.

With that said, mentioned below are the steps to follow to get the OS updated.

  • First, please go to “Settings” and “General.”
  • After that, go to the option called “Software Update.”
  • Now, your iPhone will perform a search for the available updates for OS. If you see an update, you should download and install the same on your iOS device.
Update the device to its latest OS to fix my iPhone wont charge but it says its charging

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Solution 03: How to Fix This Issue Without Causing Any Data Loss

Although there can be several ways to fix this issue, iToolab FixGo is the best option. Due to various reasons, we consider FixGo the perfect solution to address various iOS-related issues.

In other words, iToolab FixGo can address any issue as long as it is related to the OS. Also, you don’t need any professional knowledge to use this tool.

If you use iToolab FixGo with a comfortable iOS version, the success rate will be 100%. For instance, it works perfectly with iOS 16 and 15 as well. So, download FixGo on your computer and get it installed. Then, please follow below simple guide to fix it.

  • Get your iPhone connected to the same computer where FixGo is installed. After that, please click on “Fix iOS System – Standard Mode” and “Fix Now.” If the software cannot detect the device, you should put it on DFU or Recovery mode. Don’t worry, as FixGo will show the required instructions on the screen.
iToolab FixGo
  • Now that the device is detected by the program, FixGo will show the firmware versions for the device. Be sure to pick the most relevant software and click on the option labeled “Download.”
Download Firmware
  • Then, you can see that the information related to firmware and the device is displayed on the screen. Go through that information correctly and click on the button labeled “Start.” This will fix the issues, and after the process, you should see that the device restarts.
FixGo standard mode fixing now

That’s it. Now, you will find that the phone works fine without any issues. You should now be able to charge the device conveniently. The best thing is that it can fix the issues without causing any data loss.

Solution 04: Restore the Device using iTunes (with Data Loss)

You can restore the device if you don’t want to use a professional software tool like iToolab FixGo.

However, please note that this method will cause complete data loss. If you can tolerate complete data loss, proceed with the below steps.

  • To begin, you should launch iTunes on the computer and connect the device to it.
  • Then, click on the option called “Restore iPhone.” After that, click on the option called “Restore” as well. After the process, you should see that the device is restored with its default settings.
Restore the device using iTunes (with data loss)

Part 2: Fixes to Try if My iPhone Won’t Charge But It Says It’s Charging Due to Non-software Issues

What if my iPhone won’t charge, but it says it’s charging due to a non-software issue?

In that case, you cannot fix it with any of the above steps. So, you should take a different approach and try the methods mentioned below.

Solution 01: Check the Charging Port and Clean It

If there are some charging issues associated with the device, you should check its charging port. If it has any form of obstruction, such as debris, electricity won’t pass as expected.

So, be sure to check the charging port and clean it with a soft cloth. That will help get rid of the lint, dust, and other obstructions. Also, don’t ever use metal pins to clean the charging port.

Check the charging port and clean it

Solution 02: Use a Different Lighting Cable

If there is nothing wrong with the charging port, you should try a different lighting cable. Check if the lighting cable is broken, torn, or twisted.

If yes, please get a replacement cable and try to see if it charges correctly. Also, don’t forget to use an original cable to charge your device.

Use a different lighting cable

Solution 03: Check if the Device or the Charger is Overheated

If the device is placed in an area with a high temperature, that can cause various issues. As a result, the battery can heat up quicker than expected and cause charging issues. So, move the device to a cool, well-ventilated area and see if you can charge it.

Besides, let’s learn more about how to charge your iPhone without a charger.

Solution 04: Get in Touch with Apple Support

If none of the options have worked for you so far, the last resort is to contact Apple Support. They will solve the issue with the most professional methods.

If there is an unsolvable issue and your device is under warranty, you can even get a new device.

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  1. What should I do if my iPhone says it’s charging but won’t turn on? Try force restarting your iPhone. If that doesn’t work, you might need professional help.
  2. Can software issues cause my iPhone not to charge? Yes, software glitches can sometimes cause charging issues.
  3. How do I clean my iPhone’s charging port? You can use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to gently clean the port. Avoid using sharp objects.
  4. Can an iOS update fix charging problems? Yes, updates often come with bug fixes that can resolve charging issues.
  5. How do I perform a factory reset on my iPhone? Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Make sure to backup your data first.


See, these are the solutions you should try if my iPhone won’t charge, but it says it’s charging. As you can see, iToolab FixGo is the most effective method to solve the issue.


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