How to Fix M2TS VLC Incompatibility and Play Files with Ease


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What is the best method to fix M2TS VLC incompatibility? How to play M2TS files via VLC media player? We are sure that there are many answers to this question.

However, not all those methods perform as they claim. So, finding the best method could be a challenge for many.

We have composed this article explaining the most reliable and steady options to fix M2TS VLC incompatibility. That means we explain how to play the M2TS file in your VLC player without much trouble.

In the shortest form, the best solution to this is to convert the respective M2TS file and play it. So, finding a good converter is the next challenge. That said, you can learn how to do it by reading this article.

With the solution we offer, you can convert M2TS files easily and play them on any device. That said, let’s learn all the information about this matter.

Part 1: Introduction to M2TS File

M2TS is the file format that is used to save videos on Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video. It is also known as BDAV.

In fact, M2TS is the abbreviation for MPEG-2 Transport Stream. This specific file format has the ability to contain multiplexing of different types of videos and audio.

These files are commonly used for the purpose of HD video that is usually on Blu-ray. Also they are used for Advanced Video Coding High Definition as well.

M2TS are the file extensions that are used for the purpose of saving HD files, as mentioned before. They are used with the file format of BDAV (Blu-ray Disc Audio/Visual) format.

M2TS file extension generally supports files in 720p and 1080i formats. When you save a file in this format, it should appear something like AAAAA.M2TS.

In fact, XXXX is a 5-digit number that is related to the respective audiovisual file. This specific extension is introduced by Blu-Ray Disc Association. It is basically a container for audio video and data files.

PS: here is everything about the BUP file player for your reference.

Part 2: The M2TS VLC Affair

When it comes to the M2TS VLC affair, it doesn’t generally have any trouble. That means M2TS files usually play smoothly on VLC players. As we all know, VLC is a pretty versatile player that nearly plays any video format out there.

It can play H.246 video and AC3 audio like M2TS. You don’t need to install any third-party codec or a plugin to support those files. In order to check M2TS VLC compatibility, you should launch an open VLC player first.

After that, you should launch the option called “Menu” and go to “Open” as well. Then, you will be able to browse through the locations to find the respective M2TS file. After finding the respective file, you can select it.

This is a pretty convenient process that doesn’t require any expert knowledge. Once you have done that, select the button labeled “OK.” That’s it.

Once you have done all those things, the video file should play smoothly without lags. In fact, it is just a matter of browsing for the file through the VLC player and playing it. As per the experiences we had, you can play those video files easily on Windows.

Part 3: Playing M2TS on a Mac using VLC

Do you want to run an M2TS file through a VLC player on your mac? If that is the case, you have the option of playing it with the same steps as Windows. All you need is to follow the simple drill.

For instance, you should perform right-click on the Media and choose the option called “Open File.” Then, you should locate the respective MTS file or M2TS file on your computer to proceed. Then, you should click on OK, so the file should be played on VLC.

As you can see, playing an M2TS file in a VLC player is very easy, regardless of the OS. As long as you follow the correct step, the VLC player plays that file with no issue at all. However, there are several complaints related to this matter.

Some individuals say that the file they want doesn’t play on VLC due to some reason. You might be reading this article probably because you have experienced the same issue. But don’t worry, as we will explain how to fix this issue with a solid answer.

Besides, let’s learn more about how to open MOD files on Mac and how to merge videos in VLC with ease.

Part 4: Reasons Behind M2TS VLC Incompatibility

Pretty much all the M2TS files work perfectly on players like VLC. As we mentioned earlier, VLC is a very versatile player that works with a large range of files.

However, due to some occasional issues, even VLC Player will fail to play M2TS files. In this part, we explain what those issues are.

When the VLC player fails to run an M2TS file, it displays a specific message. In some cases, it may appear with a message starting with “Blu-Ray error……“.

Well, as per this message, the error might have occurred due to the lack of the Library for Decoding. In fact, AACS decoding is considered to be compulsory thing for M2TS files to be played.

Moreover, you should remember that M2TS files are HD files with extensive details and more capacity. So, it requires superb graphic capabilities on your computer to play such videos without any issues.

If your computer doesn’t have a good graphics card or RAM, the aforesaid error can appear. So, if you see any problem whatsoever with the M2TS file, you should check your system specifications.

Apart from the system configurations, there can be several other reasons behind this issue. For instance, if the player doesn’t have the proper codec, you are likely to experience the same issue. So, that’s basically it about the error and let’s take a look at the solutions to address this issue.

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Part 5: Best Converter and Player for M2TS Files on Windows and macOS

As mentioned before, VLC Player can encounter some issues when playing M2TS files, at least on an occasional basis. If that’s the case with you, you can find the solutions mentioned below and fix them.

The best tool you can rely on in this case is Wondershare UniConverter. It was formally known as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, for your information. This is a very powerful app that comes with an excellent set of features.

Basically, it handles file conversion tasks without much trouble. Interestingly, this special tool is compatible with pretty much all video file extensions. When it comes to M2TS, UniConverter is perfectly compatible with it, so converting is a matter of minutes.

After conversion, you can play it on any media player, including the VLC media player.

So, if you intend to play M2TS on your macOS or Windows PC, UniConverter is the best solution. This is particularly useful if the respective M2TS file doesn’t work as expected on the VLC player.

Apart from M2TS, this tool can convert plenty of other file formats. The whole conversion process is extremely simple. Even if you are a total novice, you can use it without any trouble.

Due to its friendly user interface and its excellent performance, UniConverter can be rated as the best of its kind.

Already, it has received plenty of feedback from a large range of clients across the globe.

Features of Wondershare UniConverter

To give you a better idea about this tool, we list down the most notable features.

  • It allows you to convert M2TS files into a large range of other file formats. For instance, it allows you to convert M2TS to MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, and so on.
  • It gives you the option of converting M2TS to be compatible with other devices. It has a preset for each of those devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and so on.
  • The conversion rate of this tool is exceptionally faster. In fact, it features more than 30X speed compared to its rivals.
  • Regardless of the impressive speed, it doesn’t lose the quality of the original video.
  • You can use it to edit any M2TS file. That means you can add subtitles, cut, trim, merge and apply various effects to the video effortlessly.
  • Apart from editing and converting, it allows you to download videos from more than 10000 video-sharing sites.
  • You can use it to burn and customize various M2TS files to DVD directly. In addition to that, it shows awesome DVD templates as well.
  • The toolbox of this application is comprehensive. It has a GIF maker, CD converter, video compressor, and many other tools to impress you.
  • This application is designed to be compatible with Windows and macOS, so there’s no compatibility issue.

How to Convert M2TS using Wondershare UniConverter

Let’s address the “elephant in the room” now. In this section, we explain how to convert an M2TS file using UniConverter.

01. Add the M2TS File to UniConverter

Before everything else, you are supposed to download and install Wondershare UniConverter on your computer.

Then, you should launch it to see the main screen. You will see an icon with a document shape so you can load the M2TS file directly.

Wondershare UniConverter

02. Play the File and Select an Output Format

Now, you are supposed to click the video thumbnail image that appears on the interface. You can then preview the video. After that, please click on the icon labeled “Settings.”

Then, choose the tab labeled “Video” and choose a format for the output file. You can also choose the level of resolution.

Wondershare UniConverter

03. Convert the M2TS VLC File

Ok. Now it is about converting the file. You can click on the “Convert” option to start the process. You will be able to see a progress bar in purple color.

It will display the overall progress of the conversion process. Once the conversion is completed, you can find the converted files under the tab labeled “Finished.”

Fix m2ts vlc Using Wondershare UniConverter

That’s basically it. The conversion process we have mentioned above works perfectly on Windows and macOS systems. If you need to convert an M2TS file on a macOS, you can follow the same steps mentioned above.


  1. What is an M2TS file?
    M2TS is a file extension for an AVCHD video clip. It’s a high-definition format used widely in camcorders and Blu-ray discs.
  2. Why can’t VLC play my M2TS files?
    This can be due to an outdated VLC version, issues with the M2TS file, or problems with your computer’s hardware.
  3. Can VLC convert M2TS files to other formats?
    Yes, VLC has a built-in feature to convert media files to different formats.
  4. What are some alternatives to VLC for playing M2TS files?
    Media players like PotPlayer, KMPlayer, and Blu-ray Player can play M2TS files without issues.
  5. Is there a way to prevent M2TS VLC incompatibility issues in the future?
    Yes, always keep your VLC player updated, regularly check the health of your files, and have an alternative player installed.


M2TS VLC incompatibility is a common issue, but it’s not insurmountable. By updating your VLC player, converting files, or using alternative players, you can enjoy your M2TS files without hassle. Remember, the key lies in understanding the problem and methodically applying the solutions.


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