Top Methods to Trim Videos in VLC on macOS for You

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Trim Videos VLC Mac
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If you wish to know how to trim videos in VLC on Mac, here are different ways to cut videos in VLC Media Player on macOS you should check out. Additionally, there are tips for using VLC Media Player for you.

VLC Media Player, more commonly known as VLC, is a primary efficient cross-platform multimedia player. It can serve multiple features and has become quite popular in the industry of video editing.

While it is a media player, it will undoubtedly have editing capabilities. You can edit and cut videos through VLC.

If you have a job related to videos and editing, you must be familiar with video cutting. However, various problems could come up when you are doing this process.

This tutorial will help you understand how to cut or trim videos in VLC on Mac. If you have any problems with trimming or cutting videos on VLC, keep reading; this article will help you.

Part 1: How to Cut/Trim in VLC on Mac?

Method 1: Trim Videos in VLC on macOS by VLC Media Player

Many Mac users wonder if there is any difference when trimming VLC videos on macOS. There will be some variations; however, they are all minor ones. It would be hard for users to find the saved video on Mac.

As a recommendation, you should configure the position of the default directory before any process of cutting or trimming videos on Mac with VLC. After that, follow the steps below:

#1: First, you should define the default position where you want to save the edited version. You can do this by moving to VLC Preferences.

Trim Videos in VLC on MacOS

#2: Click the “Input/Codecs” button, then fill in the Record Directory.

VLC Preferences - Record directory or filename

#3: For step 3, you should set the default directory for cutting the video to VLC.

#4: Click on the “View” on the top left, then move to “Advanced Controls”, then move to “Replay Menu”, and finally press “Record”. (This is identical to “trim/cut” and works fine.)

VLC Advanced Controls

#5: Resume the VLC.

#6: Play the imported file you have. Stop it before you get to the portion you want to hold by pressing the RED button.

#7: You have to search and find the edited video in the record folder you set up in Step 1.

Method 2: Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is another convenient, powerful, and efficient video editing app that allows you to cut and trim videos into multiple parts.

Trim Cut Videos in VLC alternative FilmoraX on Mac

Filmora is Powerful Because of Several Reasons:

  1. You can edit videos with various apps for editing images.
  2. There are more than 100 fun video features available in this application.
  3. You can use insert title, transitions, PIP, text, and 350+ effects to the video by this application.
  4. Use any music you want as BG music for your video.
  5. You can upload the video to any app you want, including YouTube and other networks.

Follow the Steps Below to Trim and Cut Videos Through Wondershare Filmora:

#1: The first thing to do is import the video file you want to cut and trim. There are two ways to do this.

You can click on “File” on the top left and tap the “Import,” and pick the file you want, or you can drag a file to the media library before putting them on the timeline for editing.

Filmora Import Media Files

#2: If your video clip has numerous scenes, the “Scene Detection” will help you quickly find the part you want to remove.

You can find the “Scene Detection” by outlining the video in the Media Library, then right-click it. After that, tap “Scene Detection” to access the feature window.

Filmora "Scene Detection"

#3: After opening the “Scene Detection”, select detect, and Filmora will instantaneously help you split your video into several parts due to the scene changes.

Split Video on Filmora

#4: If you want to remove certain undesirable scenes, press the Delete icon beside the clip, then quickly get the section you require. Press the “Add to Timeline” button to add numerous different video sections to the timeline. Then you are done.

Besides, if you wonder how to merge audio and video in VLC, this guide is just for you. Click to know more about the VLC merge videos.

Method 3: VideoProc

Being another powerful and beneficial video cutter, VideoProc functions with unique features that include face cams, saving videos from the video-sharing app, and recording screens.

VideoProc is another option if you need to trim and cut your video. Follow the steps explained below and find out more:

#1: Install and launch VideoProc.

#2: Press the “+Video” button to import one or more media files into the application.

#3: Click the “Cut” button on the bottom where the Edit Toolbar is.


#4: On the timeline of your video, find the green button and slide it, so set up the start and end of your desired video part.

#5: Click the orange button with the scissor to cut the clip.

#6: Press the “Done” button when finished.

Trim Videos in VLC alternative Video Proc on MacOS

Part 2: Different Tips for Using VLC Video Player on Mac

Though most users use VLC Media Player as a primary video player, VLC is more than just playing videos.

Numerous features have been added to it over time, and here are the tips we gathered that would help you when using VLC Media Player.

Cutting a part of a Video in VLC

#1: Go and open the view on the top. Then click the “Advanced Controls” using the usual VLC screen’s menu bar.

#2: The “Recording” will be shown above your standard player control button.

#3: Open the video that you desire to cut.

#4: Play the video or scroll to the beginning point where you want it cut.

How to Cut an Audio with VLC?

The first thing is still finding and clicking on “View”. You can easily find it on the main menu that’s in the VLC window. Select the “Advanced Controls” feature after that. When selecting the “Advanced Controls”, use VLC Media Player and access the MP3 file.

Then go to the bottom and choose where you want to start cutting the MP3 file. Finally, press the red button that is on the bottom left.

Is VLC Able to Edit Audio?

Although VLC Media Player is a widespread multimedia player, it is not as commonly used as an audio editor. However, VLC still provides you with basic editing methods like cutting the front and back of an MP3 file, changing and balancing the equalizer levels to have the correct sound, etc.

Disable VLC as a Default Player

Firstly, press the Start button. Next, click “Settings”, After that, you will see the Default Apps and click on it. From here, you can choose the default applications that can be used to gain access to your popular files. Replace the option in the media player and music player with VLC Media Player by default.

Speeding up VLC

VLC Media Player is very efficient and can quickly cut and transform videos. Speeding up VLC can improve your experience of cutting and trimming videos. All you have to do is go to Media and select Convert/Save.

Pick that file you are editing and press the “Show more options” button; you can find this button in the Edit Options box. You can choose the rate for a certain amount, rate=0.5 for half speed and rate=2.0 for twice the speed.


  1. Why can’t I trim videos in VLC on macOS? The issue could be due to an outdated VLC version, incompatible video file format, or lack of storage space.
  2. How can I update VLC on macOS? Open VLC, go to the ‘VLC’ menu and click ‘Check for Update’. Follow the prompts to update if available.
  3. Can I trim videos frame-by-frame in VLC? Yes, by enabling VLC’s advanced controls, you can pause the video at the exact frame for trimming.
  4. What if the audio and video are not in sync after trimming? You can adjust the audio delay in VLC under ‘Tools’ > ‘Track Synchronization’.
  5. Is VLC the only free video trimming tool? No, there are other tools available, but VLC stands out for its robust features and multi-format support.


In analysis, many ways of trimming or cutting videos using VLC Media Player on Mac are explained and discussed in this tutorial.

VLC Media Player is a free media player that is quite popular. It includes many easy and simple editing tools and methods for users who need to edit videos. However, it’s still not as great and beneficial as a video editor tool.

Compared to VLC Media Player, Filmora is more flexible and utilized. This application simplifies cutting into an easy and simple thing and features several other valuable video editing methods.

Filmora is not only beginner-friendly but also a very effective and valuable tool for specialists. We recommend Filmora as the best video editing tool for Mac users, and you should install this fantastic video editing tool and experience how useful it is.

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