The Best Alternative to BUP File Player or IFO File Player


Written by Jack Lin

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BUP File Player

You may be facing the need for a BUP file player or an IFO file player right now to play an old DVD media file.

However, opening these files on Windows 10 can be difficult.

Here, you will need a better alternative. Read below as we give you the best solution for this.

About the BUP Files & BUP File Player

These are the backup files present in the DVD media folder. You are not supposed to open the BUP files. However, they are by no means unimportant. Their basic function is to help in case of data corruption with the DVD files.

They help by preventing data loss because they store the data backed up. They store the data in the IFO files in the DVD folder.

For accessing the BUP files, there is the need to have a BUP file player installed beforehand on the PC. These files can be identified with the .BUP extension.

PS: let’s learn more about how to embed DVDs into PowerPoint.

About the IFO Files & IFO File Player

These index files in the DVD media folder can be identified with the extension .IFO. These files contain the data related to the DVD video.

The data relating to scenes, time, region, etc., related to the movie exists in these files. These data files become important during the running of the DVD video.

These files instruct the DVD player on what to play, like what content should be displayed at the beginning, mid, or last. These files also allow the DVD player to detect the subtitles and audio tracks to appear while the video plays.

For accessing the IFO files, there is the need to have an IFO file player like VLC Player, Windows Media Player, or WinDVD player installed beforehand on the PC.

About the VOB Files

These are the DVD media folder files that can be identified with the extension .VOB. These files have the actual video of the DVD.

The data relating to the audio and video content in the DVD media file, like menus, subtitles, etc., can be found in these files. The full form of VOB is Video Object Files,

For accessing the VOB files, you will need any media player compatible with these files installed beforehand on the PC.

Wondershare UniConverter – the Best Software for Playing DVD files on Windows 10

Our PCs come with in-built media players equipped to play videos of almost any format. One of the most popular media players available on today’s PCs is the Windows Media Player.

This player can play almost all the major media file formats, but you may still find it inefficient to play the older file formats. One such file format is the DVD format. The DVD BUP file player is not found in modern Windows 10 PCs.

An alternative media player or software facilitator for media playback can help you in this case. We will introduce you to third-party software that can not only play the videos for you but can convert their format to make them playable.

Wondershare UniConverter is one amazing tool that can convert the format of your DVD media files or play them directly for you. This will let you preview them along with playing on any device.

The software is an all-in-one service provider that lets you do so much in one place only. It is compatible with audio and video files of more than 1000 formats. After uploading the content to the software, the users can convert, edit, download, compress, and do much more with it.

It also allows the users to burn the video files on other disc storage like Blu-Ray or DVD via the free sample templates.

Major Features of Wondershare UniConverter

  • The software can convert the format of DVD files into formats like MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, and over 1000 other formats.
  • You can fetch the videos to be uploaded on the software from different kinds of devices. This includes PC, iPads, iPhones, and many others.  These videos can then be shared among the devices too.
  • It also allows you to convert the format of a lot of files in one batch. The best part is that there will be no loss of quality in this process.
  • This software has numerous powerful tools that can help you with video customization and personalization. This includes various effects, editing the subtitles, cropping, clipping, trimming, and much more.
  • The toolkit of the IFO file player software has a variety of elements, including a video metadata fixer, screen recorder, image converter, video casters for the TV device, GIF maker, etc.
  • The software can convert videos at 30X speed compared to other format converters. This is made possible with the APEXTRANS technology.
  • A great advantage is that you can use the software to record and download videos from different sites like YouTube and 1000 more.
  • You can burn the video files and customize them into the DVD folder, Blu-ray disc, DVD, ISO files, etc.
  • It also allows the conversion of DVD videos to optimized preset settings for compatibility with all kinds of devices. This includes phones from brands like Huawei, iPad, iPhone, etc.
  • The software is compatible with the Windows OS, including Vista/XP/7/8/10/11 and macOS 10.6 to 15.

Method of using the Wondershare UniConverter

Before using the software for playing or converting DVD videos, know there are two ways. Both solutions are very easy, but you need to ensure certain things before that.

First and foremost, you will need to upload the target DVD files on the software’s interface. However, you will have to begin downloading the software on the Windows 10 PC.

Open the official website and download the software from the link provided there. Follow the instructions for setting up the installation file to set the software properly on the PC.

Once the above step is done, launch the software on the PC. Followed by that, connect the DVD to the PC. On the software’s main interface, hit the button with the disc and plus icons. This will import the DVD files to the software.

Another way of importing the files is by dragging and dropping the Video_TS files directly on the software’s main interface.

The software supports all the files related to the DVD format, like ISO, IFO, and others.

Wondershare UniConverter

Now is the time to play the videos and convert them. Here are the two methods you can do so:

Method 1: Playing the DVD Files on the Windows 10 PC Directly

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Once the DVD files get uploaded to the software as per the steps above, you can play them.
  2. Move the pointer on the screen over the particular DVD file you wish to play.
  3. Click the Play icon present inside the thumbnail of the target video.
  4. Your DVD video will start playing smoothly, like on a BUP file player.
BUP File Player or IFO File Player Using UniConverter

Method 2: Converting the DVD Files for Making Them Window Media Player Supportable

To easily make the DVD files playable on any device, you may need to convert their format. Some of the most common formats that are compatible with almost all devices are WMV and MP4.

Here are the steps to follow for converting the DVD files into other formats:

  1. Find the option Output Format, and you will see the option of a drop-down menu beside it. Click that.
  2. In that menu, many preset options for devices and formats are given.
  3. Open the tab named Video, and select the resolution quality for the final video. We would recommend you choose WMV.

Note: We suggested you convert the format of your DVD files into WMV because it is the most compatible format. However, there are many other formats from which you can choose to play the file on Windows Media Player.

preset options for devices and formats
  • Choose the AVI format for playing the files on BlackBerry, Xbox, and PSP.
  • Select the MOV format for playing the files on iTunes and QuickTime.
  • Choose the FLV format for playing the files on youtube.
  • Select the MP4 format for playing the files on iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc.

Once you have achieved your purpose from the above two methods, you can convert the DVD files like an IFO file player. Hit the button Start All to start the process of DVD format conversion.

Once the process finishes, your DVD file will be compatible with Windows 10. The task will be done super fast and yield high-qualities videos. You will also see the progress percentage and time taken in the progress bar.

Convert the DVD files

With this tool, you can easily fix the M2TS VLC incompatibility issue.

Other Windows 10 Compatible Players for the Various DVD Media Files

Some other media players are also compatible with Windows 10 and can also play these video files.

We have seen that the IFO, BUP, and VOB files need separate players, but some can play all of these files at the same time. Let us take a quick look at some of the names:

  • VLC Media Player
  • GRETSCH GOM Player
  • Windows Media Player
  • Media Player Classic
  • DVD MovieFactory Pro 7 or VideoStudio Pro


1. What is a BUP file?
A BUP file is a backup copy of an IFO file on a DVD.

2. What is an IFO file?
An IFO file is an information file on a DVD that carries navigation data.

3. Why might I need an alternative to a BUP or IFO file player?
You might need an alternative if your current player has issues like choppy playback, out-of-sync audio, or can’t open the files.

4. What features should I look for in an alternative player?
Look for a user-friendly interface, wide format support, high-quality playback, and availability of support and updates.

5. What are some good alternatives to BUP or IFO file players?
Some good alternatives include VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, PotPlayer, GOM Player, and Media Player Classic.


Thus, the next time you need a BUP file player or an IFO file player, go for the Wondershare UniConverter software.

This is the best software to let you both play and convert DVD video files.

Alternatively, the VLC media player is also a great choice for playing videos of many formats, including DVD.


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