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What’s the best way to download free LINE stickers? I tried a couple of sources but none of them are as good as expected. Thanks a lot!” 

Do you have the same question as quoted above? If yes, this article could be what you were looking for. Just keep reading to learn how to download LINE stickers for free.

Introduction to LINE


LINE can be considered a South Korean social media program that has gained much traction in Japan. As an answer to the devastating tsunami that struck Japan, the program was established in June 2011.

Disasters necessitated the need for a reliable means of communication. However, the LINE app quickly became a regular part of people’s daily lives for various reasons.

The term “super app” has been used for Line. Like China’s WeChat or South Korea’s KakaoTalk, this platform expanded from a simple chat app to a sophisticated one.

For instance, it works as a center for entertainment, regular social, and other activities like Facebook. It’s like combining all of the social media platforms you’re already familiar with, such as YouTube and Spotify. Moreover, it offers plenty of other features.

Prof. Marc Steinberg of the University of Southern California’s School of Communication praised this app a lot. In fact, he described Line as “a Swiss army-knife-style software that handles nearly everything.”

The Functionality of this LINE App

On LINE, people may establish profiles and communicate with friends via private and public channels. On top of that, it lets you switch between a customized timeline as well as the recently introduced Explore tab.

People could also make stories similar to Instagram or other social media platforms as well.

What Can You Do with This LINE App?

Line’s long list of options and tools sets it distinct from different social networks.

  • In addition to texting, calling, and video chatting, Line offers a variety of financial and shopping services.
  • Centralized access related to healthcare, travel agencies (including restaurants), shopping malls, and employment boards is also provided.
  • It grants access to various daily articles, with over 70m songs and other media. In addition to that, Line also serves as a source for news and a media streaming service.

The following are just a few examples of how you can use Line.

  • Texting
  • Telephonic and visual communications
  • Creating and sharing your own custom stickers.
  • OpenChat media and discussion topics
  • Using Line Pay to make or send payments
  • Inquiries about the future are often answered by fortune tellers on the phone.
  • It’s important to find and read manga
  • A healthcare professional’s perspective
  • Line Gift is a convenient way to send gifts to pals.

When it comes to investing, there are many options, including:

  • Streaming music, sporting events, and more.
  • With LINE Live, where you may watch and chat with broadcasters

LINE stickers for free are another exciting and fun element to consider. There are many options to consider. In fact, stickers are an impressive method to communicate regardless of the method you use.

If you wonder how to download free LINE stickers and use them, keep reading. In the following section, we will explain the steps to get it done with no hassle.

How to Download LINE Stickers For Free From Another Country?

It is possible to download new stickers every week, and different sets of stickers are accessible for different countries. However, there is no usual way to download LINE stickers free from another country. 

To get around this, you can use a virtual private network (VPN). That will facilitate LINE stickers free download from different countries. 

Steps to Follow if You Want to Download Free LINE Stickers 

Make sure you have LINE installed on your phone or tablet. If you use an Android device, you can acquire it without costing anything from Google PlayStore. Users of iOS devices can download it for free from the Apple Store.

Download Free LINE Stickers 
  • You should create an account by entering your email address during the registration process. By clicking “More,” you may also link your email or Facebook accounts. Afterward, go to “Settings” and look for the “Accounts” area of the menu.
LINE Account Link to Facebook
  • Don’t save your phone number in any way. If your phone number is linked to your LINE account, you will be unable to modify your virtual location. The application can be uninstalled and re-installed without requiring your phone number to be entered.
  • Create a LINE account and get free access to your country’s sticker pack. A VPN, on the other hand, is required in order to view the stickers located in other countries.
  • Configure the app and agree to the terms of use after you download it. WiFi and Internet or even Wireless and Networks settings may need to be tweaked if you’re using a VPN.
Config VPN
  • All of those stickers through other nations can be downloaded using a virtual location and a VPN service. Now, open the LINE and click “More” after you’ve moved to a new place. There is a “Stickers Shop” to the right.
LINE Stickers Shop
  • And there you have it. All of the stickers in your present location configured on the VPN could be downloaded for free.
FREE LINE Sticker Shop

How to Download Free LINE Stickers Using An iPhone App

With the correct tools, you can design your own LINE stickers. To make use of your stickers, you can make use of a variety of apps and tools.

A collection of the tools you may utilize to receive free LINE stickers and full customization is provided below.

#01 – LINE Camera

Download Free LINE Stickers on iPhone with LINE Camera

When it comes to editing photos and stickers, there’s no better app than LINE Camera. For iOS and Android users, this app is completely free.

More than 1000 different stickers, doodles, cartoons, and frames are available for free to customize your photos and images. Changing the tone of your images is easy with the help of filters, and that’s pretty impressive.

A wide range of tools is available for you to utilize when creating your stickers. Animated stickers are created from your films using the app.

You can then share them with your friends and family. To make your own personalized stamps and stickers, you could use a smart crop tool.

#02 – LINE Greeting Card

Download Free LINE Stickers on iPhone with LINE Greeting Card

You can use the app extension, LINE Greeting Card, to create cards for any occasion.

Hundreds of free cards can be customized and saved as photos on your device using this app. Using various stamps and text tools, you may add a personal touch to your card.

You can send the card as a sticker to the LINE account once it’s finished. You might give it to your friends and coworkers as a symbol of friendship and appreciation. This software also lets you save your LINE stickers as images to your phone.

#03 – B612


B612 is yet another LINE add-on that can be used to take stunning photos of yourself. This program lets you organize, edit, and share all of your images.

It’s possible to make your own stickers from images and photos and import them to your LINE.

Bonus: Download Free LINE Stickers From WhatsApp

You may download all LINE stickers free to WhatsApp with the Personalized Sticker on WhatsApp program. You’ll need to copy the sticker’s ID number from the back to use this app.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about free LINE stickers.

01. Is it necessary to download LINE stickers using an app?

You can get a limited number of free stickers by downloading the LINE app. However, third-party apps are required if you wish to expand your collection or make your own stickers.

02. Can I download LINE stickers for free, or should I pay?

Well, the official release of the LINE app offers a limited number of free stickers. For a short period each week, you’ll be able to download a new set of stickers.

03. What is the best method to download LINE stickers? 

LINE’s official app does not have this feature. To download LINE stickers for photos, you’ll need an add-on app such as LINE Greeting Card or B612.

Well, that’s all about LINE stickers for free. Please let us know if you have any other queries related to this matter.


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