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How to Brighten A Dark Video On Android With Easy Steps


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Brighten A Video On Android

You are reading this article probably because you want to learn how to brighten a dark video on Android.

The good news is that you are on the right page to acquire such information.

In other words, this article explains how to brighten a video on Android with some easy steps.

Why Do You Want to Brighten Video Android?

Our smartphones have become so versatile these days, and they are more of “digital Swiss army knives.”

Capturing videos is one of the most common tasks performed using mobile phones, thanks to their high-end digital cameras. We always tend to record important and special moments of our lives using our smartphones.

However, in many cases, we find it difficult to record them with precise features. After all, many are novices in terms of filming, so there can be some mistakes.

Bad lighting is one of the most probable aspects that may ruin your videos. That is exactly why many users are curious about practical, brightening videos on Android methods.

The good news, however, is that there are practical solutions to make it happen. So, if you wonder how to brighten a video on Android, the following paragraphs will help you.

PS: let’s learn more about how to perform the PowerDirector crop video function with ease.

How to Brighten a Video on Android with User-friendly Apps

Well, there are many video editors in the market. However, the truth is that only some of those apps are as good as they claim.

So, you will need a bit of research work before choosing a tool to brighten video Android. That said, we have prepared this list with the most practical and suitable options.

01. How to Brighten A Dark Video On Android by FilmoraGo

The first app on this list is FilmoraGo, and it well deserves this place. Those who wonder how to brighten a dark video on Android will find this app to be very useful. It is incredibly friendly to any user.

Also, it lets you add plenty of effects apart from the handy editing features. Basically, FimoraGo is an app that has all the fundamental effects to make your videos good-looking.

So, changing the brightness level of an Android video is a very simple task.

How to Brighten a Video on Android using FilmoraGo?

Mentioned below is how to brighten a dark video on Android using this app.

  • First, get FilmoraGo installed on your device and open it. Then, click on the option called “New Project.” It asks you to choose a video; just select the respective video from the gallery.
  • Now, you should tap twice on the video. Then, some options will appear. Since you want to brighten video Android, tap on “Adjust.” Then, you should launch the menu that represents video brightness.
brighten video Android using FilmoraGo
  • Choose the option called “Brightness.” You can use the slider to change the brightness level. Once you get the desired results, you can click on “Export.” That’s it!
How to brighten a video on Android with FilmoraGo

02. Filmmaker Pro

This is another useful app specifically for novices who wonder how to brighten a video on Android. This specific app gives access to a superb user experience. You will find plenty of video editing tools with it.

It has a free version, and it will work well even with novice users. However, if you intend to use its professional tools, you will have to go for its Pro version.

How to Brighten a Dark Video on Android using Filmmaker Pro

Please follow the below guide to brighten video Android.

  • First, you should download Filmmaker Pro and open it. After that, tap on the option labeled “Add Project.”
Filmmaker Pro
  • Browser for the video in your local storage and tap on it to bring it to the timeline.
  • Tap on it so you can see the edit options.
  • Click on the option called “Adjust.”
Edit Video using Filmmaker Pro
  • Now, go to the option called “Brightness,” and you can change the values by sliding.
How to brighten a video on Android with Filmmaker Pro

03. A Color Story

This is a pretty handy app used for both photo editing and video editing. All the basic editing options are included in this app.

Also, there are plenty of video modes available to match the requirements of different social media platforms. It is true that this app has a very friendly UI.

However, it doesn’t let you edit videos longer than one minute.

How to Use a Color Story and Edit a Video

  • First, you should install A Color Story on your device and click on the option called “Albums.”
A Color Story
  • Tap on continue. Then, you can choose the icon that represents Tools. It is available in the menu, so you can change the video brightness as you wish.
choose the icon that represents Tools
  • Tap on the menu labeled “Adjust.”
Tap on the menu labeled "Adjust."
  • Now, locate “Brighten” and choose the brightness levels.
How to brighten a video on Android with A Color Story

04. Action Director

If you wonder how to brighten a video on Android, check this app out. This app is compatible with multiple languages.

It supports FX Video editing and many other functions. Basically, it is a good tool that can deliver a professional outcome.

How to Use Action Director

  • Install Action Director and open it. Then, tap on the option labeled “Edit” to proceed.
Action Director
  • Now, you should choose the option called “Adjustment.” Then, choose “Brightness.”
Adjustment -> Brightness
  • Once you have done that, move your slider and change the brightness of the video.
How to brighten a video on Android with Action Director

Other Tools to Increase the Brightness of a Video

Brighten Video on Android by Other Tools:

● InShot


InShot is a simplified yet feature-rich tool that can brighten your videos quickly and easily. It can perform all the basic video editing tasks with ease.

You can find some text and emoji options as well. It is compatible with both Android & iOS platforms.

● Magisto


Magisto is a unique app that uses AI technology to enhance the videos you have shot.

It features an excellent ability to bring more brightness to your videos. You can even crop videos automatically and stabilize them.

Also, it has plenty of filters and effects. You can see a facial recognition feature on it. However, it has some annoying advertisements to bother you.

● Instagram


If your purpose is to make a simple edit like brightness increase, Instagram can be a solution.

Once the dark video is uploaded, you can use some filters and bring more brightness.

In addition, you can add more effects. But you cannot expect advanced edits from this tool.


Q1. Can I brighten a dark video using the default editing features on social media platforms? Yes, some social media platforms provide basic video editing features that include brightness adjustment. However, these features may not be as robust as dedicated video editing apps or tools.

Q2. Will brightening a dark video affect its overall quality? Brightening a dark video can help improve its visibility, but excessive adjustments may result in increased noise or loss of details. It’s recommended to find a balance between brightness enhancement and preserving the video’s original quality.

Q3. Are there any free video editing apps available for Android? Yes, there are several free video editing apps available on the Google Play Store that offer basic brightness adjustment features. However, premium versions of these apps may provide more advanced options.

Q4. Can I brighten videos taken in low-light environments using these methods? Yes, the methods discussed in this article can help brighten videos taken in low-light environments. However, keep in mind that the quality of the original video and the capabilities of your device may impact the final result.

Q5. Are there any risks involved in using third-party video brightening apps? When using third-party apps, it’s essential to download them from trusted sources to minimize any potential risks. Always read reviews and check app permissions before installing them on your Android device.


So, those are the methods for those who wonder how to brighten a dark video on Android.

As you can understand, the entire process is very simple, provided that you use the correct tool. So, go ahead and brighten video Android with one of those tools.


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