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Are you trying to track your children’s phones to make sure they’re keeping safe? If that’s so, you might have found yourself researching IMEI numbers.

These numbers look like they’re difficult to understand, but in reality, they’re nothing more than an identifier. However, on a more important note, they have led people to search for IMEI number trackers.

Tracking phones is a controversial practice, no doubt about it. That said, it’s a very useful way of keeping children safe or saving yourself the cost of a replacement device.

What Exactly is an IMEI Number?

Now, considering you want to use an IMEI number tracker, you should know what it is. Don’t worry – it’s not something that’s important. It’s just good to understand what you’re tracking.

IMEI is the acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Whenever you buy an electronic device, its battery has a 14/15-digit code called the IMEI. This is a unique identifier that allows service providers to block the device in the event that it is stolen or missing.

Commonly compared to a SIM card, the IMEI code is nothing more than an identifier. That said, if you’re ever in a situation where the device is stolen, call your provider. As long as you can verify you are the owner, they will have no problem blocking the IMEI code.

So, all of this being said, if you have an IMEI number tracker, you will be able to track the device.

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What About Tracking with a Phone Number?

On a similar note, some people don’t want to focus on tracking with IMEI numbers. Instead, you might be curious about how to track a phone using only the device’s phone number.

Well, we’re sorry to say that this is next to impossible for the “regular Joe” to do. It requires a professional set of tools (the same type that government technicians have), but just think about it.

After the thief has your mobile phone, the odds are that they remove the SIM card. Your SIM card is what stores your phone number, so, as you can see, it’s instantly impossible to track.

As Such, There Are Only Two Other Options to Choose From. You Can Either:

  • 1. Use an IMEI number tracker to – you guessed it – track the IMEI number;
  • 2. Or track the actual iPhone or Android smartphone.

Batteries aren’t easy to remove from modern smartphones, and thus, it’s the perfect thing to track. On top of that, if you install special software on the device, you can track the phone. The only downside to tracking the actual device is that it won’t be possible if someone steals it and does a factory reset.

Can’t choose which option to use? We’ll explore both of them for your convenience.

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Tracking a Phone’s IMEI for Free

Let’s start with the IMEI number. There are a few different ways to track a phone’s IMEI code, but as we’ve mentioned before, your best bet is to use an IMEI number tracker. Likewise, there are different trackers to try out.

For the steps below, we’ll focus on an Android app called “IMEI – Tracker – Find My Device.”

It’s Free, Easy to Use, and for Your Benefit; here’s How to Start Using It.

#1 – Open the “Google Play Store on an Android device.”

#2 – Search for the “IMEI tracker find my device” app and download the first result.

IMEI tracker find my device
IMEI tracker find my device

Note: if you’re having difficulty finding the app, look for the developer “SnapApp Developer” or click here for the app’s direct link.

#3 – Install the app and make sure to allow all the permissions it requests. Denying any permissions will block certain features.

allow all the permissions it requests
IMEI Tracker - Find My Device

#4 – Launch the app and enter your phone number. You can do a few things with the app from this point onwards. This includes:

  • When your device is stolen, and they insert a new SIM card, your trusted numbers will be sent all the texts the thief receives.
  • View the precise GPS location of the device using the IMEI number only.
  • If the device is stolen, texting “get lost phone” will prompt it to send you its current location.
texting "get lost phone"

You can download the app and access each feature without spending a penny. Of course, you might want to try a different approach, and if so, here’s another solution to look into.

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Why Not Try Using KidsGuard IMEI Number Tracker?

If your situation requires a more technical tool, KidsGuard is exactly what you’re looking for.

With this solution, you can remotely track a device’s activity, and better yet; you won’t find yourself trying to grab the target’s iPhone sneakily.

If an iPhone is what you want to track, all you need is the iCloud account – not the iPhone!

KidsGuard’s Key Features Include the following:

  • To monitor any iPhones or Android devices
  • See the live GPS location of your target at all times
  • Block specific apps to prevent the user from opening them
  • Geofencing enables you to receive an alert if the target goes out of the set area by this best hack tool
  • Track the browsing history and app usage via this professional internet blocker. It can hack WhatsApp chat history
  • View all of the texts and emails that the target sends and receives
  • Remotely install KidsGuard on any iPhones that you plan to track

This is nowhere near all that KidsGuard gives its users access to. Check out the free demo, and you’ll have a chance to see all of the features, explore the dashboard, and decide if it’s for you.

How to Spy a Phone Using KidsGuard IMEI Number Tracker

So, you’ve had the chance to explore KidsGuard, and now you want to use it for tracking someone? You made the right decision; fortunately, we’re here to walk you through the setup.

Using the steps below, you can set up KidsGuard and enable the different features you want to start tracking.

#1Sign up for a KidsGuard account unless you already did this. For those who still require an account, you can create one on the sign-up page.

Sign up KidsGuard

#2 – After you create an account, you must navigate through the setup process. This requires you to enter some basic account details and then details about the target device.

Note: the most important detail is the type of device; select either iOS or Android.

The setup process is different for each platform, and therefore we have split the following section into two parts: one for the iOS device and the other for Android devices.

iOS Devices

Step #3Enter the iCloud login for the target’s account links with their device, then click on the “Verify” button.

Setup KidsGuard for iOS

Step #4 – You can track their data via the KidsGuard dashboard after verifying the account.

Android Devices

#3 – Locate the target device and take it (you must have physical access when installing KidsGuard).

Download KidsGuard Pro

#4 – Unlock the device and head to “Settings > Security,” and enable the slider next to “Unknown sources.”

enable unknown source on android

#5 – Tap “OK” on the warning notification that shows.

Login to KidsGuard Pro

#6 – Download the KidsGuard IMEI number tracker APK file, open the file to install it, and follow the installation steps. Afterward, you can delete the app shortcut and access KidsGuard’s dashboard to track the device.

KidsGuard Dashboard

Last Thoughts on KidsGuard

Before we move on, hopefully, this has shown you that KidsGuard is undoubtedly the best IMEI number tracker to use. Lots of flexibility is capable of tracking virtually all data and device usage and is easy for everyone to use.

Follow the guide above to set up this unique and innovative program quickly. Because this is such an easy program to use, you can track multiple phones.


Q1: Can I spy on someone’s phone using just their IMEI number?

No, spying on someone’s phone using only their IMEI number is not feasible. IMEI number tracking requires cooperation from service providers and law enforcement agencies, and it is subject to legal restrictions.

Q2: Are there any legal consequences for using an IMEI number tracker without authorization?

Yes, using an IMEI number tracker without proper authorization is considered illegal in many jurisdictions. Engaging in such activities can lead to severe legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment.

Q3: Are online IMEI number tracker tools reliable?

The reliability of online IMEI number tracker tools varies. It’s essential to research and verify the credibility and legality of such tools before using them.

Q4: How can I protect my phone from IMEI tracking?

To protect your phone from potential IMEI tracking, ensure your device has the latest software updates, use strong passwords or biometric authentication, avoid downloading apps from untrusted sources, review app permissions, and install reputable security software.

Q5: Is it possible to track a lost or stolen phone using the IMEI number?

Yes, if your phone is lost or stolen, you can report the incident to your local law enforcement agency, who can assist you in blocking the device and initiating the necessary procedures to track it using the IMEI number.

To Conclude

There’s only so much to learn when using an IMEI number tracker, especially considering how hard it is to find a working tool.

We were focussing on the “Find My Device” app, but you can see that it limits the features.

We recommend that you install KidsGuard Pro on the target phone and use that instead. Although it doesn’t directly use the IMEI number, it offers many features, including GPS tracking.


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