Solve iPhone DCIM Folder Not Showing or Empty on the PC Issues

In this blog post, we are set to talk about a subject that is very closely related to the issues of the iPhone device.

In particular, we are to deal with the ‘iPhone DCIM folder empty’ or ‘iPhone DCIM folder not showing’ predicament, which has a lot of users going up the wall when face-to-face with this particular issue.

Of late, scores of iPhone customers have reported serious issues of Apple’s iPhone DCIM folder being empty concern or the iPhone DCIM folder not showing on the PC.

Before solving it, you must be acquainted with the DCIM folder on the iPhone device.

What Is the DCIM Folder on iPhone?

Identical to most Smartphone devices, the iPhone device stockpiles the captured photos via the camera in a certain folder known as DCIM. The word DCIM is a short form for Digital Camera Images.

Consequently, when you want to access your photos on the iPhone device via the PC, you must look out for this particular folder. Digital Camera Images have several subfolders which contain the pictures.

What Is the DCIM Folder on the iPhone device

We have, thus, listed two very viable parts within this article to sort out the subject matter. Follow the parts below to deal with the issue.

#1: iPhone DCIM Folder Empty way out

Sometimes, you can access an iPhone DCIM folder on the PC, yet it is made known as empty.

Do not worry; you can still quickly solve this issue by following these simple steps. More often than not, this dilemma is related to the lock on the iPhone device.

Steps to Fix the Problem of iPhone DCIM Folder Empty

Step 1: At the outset, install the iTunes app on the PC since it is required to become aware of the connected device and fix any compatibility issues.

Step 2: Then, ensure that the iPhone device is truly unlocked while joining it to the PC. If it is not, then in all likelihood, you will get the problem of ‘iPhone DCIM folder empty.’

For that reason, it is advocated that you unlock the iPhone device and then plug it in with the USB cable to connect it to the PC.

Step 3: Subsequently, you will be prompted to trust your connected iPhone if you join it to the PC as a first-time attempt. Make certain to accept the request.

Following these viable steps, you will soon be able to access the PC’s iPhone DCIM folder.

#2: iPhone DCIM Folder not showing the way out

Aside from the mentioned problem above of showing the iPhone DCIM folder empty error, iOS users can also experience a concern where the DCIM folder itself will not be made known on the PC in any way.

While this problem seems appalling, you can normally secure it by doing a few simple steps, such as changing the USB cable, reinstalling the iTunes app, etc.

Steps to Fix the Problem of iPhone DCIM folder not showing

Step 1: You can start by connecting your iPhone device to the PC via a USB cable.

Step 2: Then, access the Device Manager on the PC and find the option of Universal Serial Bus controllers. Find the Apple Mobile USB Driver and delete it as soon as you are there.

Step 3: The next move is to uninstall the iTunes app from the Control Panel. To fully uninstall it from the PC, you will have to uninstall the following programs:

Fix the Problem of iPhone DCIM folder not showing
  • Bonjour
  • Apple Mobile Device Support
  • iTunes
  • Apple Software Update
  • Apple Application Support

What’s more, rub out any location-specific shortcut folders on your PC’s Local Disk (C:).

Step 4: Then unplug the iPhone device and then reinstall the iTunes app all over again. Download and launch the most up-to-date version from the iTunes official website when possible.

As soon as you have reinstalled the iTunes app, connect the iPhone device for a second time to the computer. The iPhone DCIM folder ought to shop up until after these given steps.



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