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How to See Who Likes Your Playlist on Spotify


Written by Jack Lin

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How To See Who Likes Your Playlist On Spotify

Do you know how to see who likes your playlist on Spotify? If so, you are reading the ideal write-up.

We will explain the practical methods you can follow and learn who has liked the playlist on Shopify.

These tips will be handy whether you are a new user or an intermediate user. So, go ahead and learn what they are.

Assume that you create a public Spotify playlist. In that case, anybody may follow or like it. They don’t even have to be your followers to enjoy your music.

Your Spotify playlist’s number of likes may leave you wondering who loved it the most. Is it possible to see if someone liked your work on Spotify?

That means it is on almost all social media and music apps. You won’t be able to see it, but you may look at other data instead.

This article explains how to see who has liked your Spotify playlist.

Anyone may “like” a playlist you’ve created on Spotify. If you like a Spotify playlist, it’s added to your collection. When you actually “like” a Spotify playlist, it’s technically true that you automatically “follow” the playlist.

On the desktop app of Spotify, the “Like” option has been replaced by the “Follow” button. Since private Spotify playlists can’t be accessible by ordinary people, it is possible to like public playlists.

Assuming your playlists have been well-received, you may wonder who enjoyed them. You’re in luck if you’re curious about how many people are enjoying your Spotify playlists.

Assume that you have your own Spotify playlist. In that case, you can’t tell which specific users it enjoys. Spotify had this option up until 2013 when it was withdrawn. Your Spotify playlist likes count is the only thing you can view from here on out.

In spite of numerous customer complaints, there is no sign that Spotify would reintroduce this option. In fact, we should say that they won’t introduce it in the recent future at the least.

You may only check how many people have liked your Spotify playlist at this moment. If you are curious, this is how to see who liked my Spotify playlist.

Steps on How to See Who Has Liked Your Spotify Playlist 

1. First, you should open the Spotify app on your device.

Open Spotify App on iPhone

2. Then, please tap on the option called “Your Library.” It is located at the bottom-right corner.

Your Library on Spotify

3. You should now select the “Playlist” option at the top of your screen.

select the "Playlist" option

4. After that, you should go to the respective playlist.

How to See Who Has Liked Your Spotify Playlist 

Under the playlist’s title, you’ll see the number of likes it has received. It is on the left-hand side of your screen.

So, the number of people who enjoyed the playlist cannot be used to figure out which individuals liked it. Nothing would occur even if you tried to tap on the count of likes.

It is true that Spotify doesn’t allow you to see who has liked your playlist. However, there are many users who would check the followers to see who has joined.

Although this doesn’t signify much, it’s possible. There is a good chance that your playlist was “liked” by someone who already follows you.

If not, you may even get liked by someone who doesn’t. If the Spotify profile has a large following, this approach may actually be counterproductive. There’s no reliable method to see which of the Spotify playlists have been liked.

However, You May Check Below to Learn How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist.

1. First, you should open the Spotify app on your iPhone. 

Open Spotify App on iPhone

2. On the top right of your screen, click the “Settings” button.

Spotify Settings on iOS

3. Under the username, click on the link called “View Profile.”

View Profile on Spotify

4. Under the profile photo, click “Followers.”

How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist on iPhone via Spotify Followers

In this section, you can see who has just started following you. Also, it’s possible that they were the ones that enjoyed your playlist. We can only speculate at this point.

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Are You Using an Android? Here’s How to See Who Liked My Spotify Playlist on Android.

The Spotify app for Android smartphones follows the same set of guidelines. Your Spotify playlist’s popularity can only be determined by the number of likes it has received. However, the truth is that one cannot see who liked it.

Regardless of that specific fact, here’s how to know how to see who liked my Spotify playlist.

1. On your Android smartphone, open Spotify.

Run Spotify on Android

2. Bottom Menu: Click the “Your Library” option.

Spotify Library on Android

3. Now, you should go to the top of the screen; you’ll see a “Playlists” tab.

Spotify Playlist on Android

4. Take a look at your playlist’s Like Count.

Take a look at your playlist's Like Count

5. To use it, simply press and hold the button.

How to See Who Liked My Spotify Playlist on Android.

Well, the “like” number will be shown in the middle-left portion of the page. You can find it next to your profile photo and username. It would be the same with its iPhone app if you tapped on the like count and nothing happened.

Your username, as well as the profile picture, will be displayed alongside the title of the Spotify playlist. This is displayed if it has no likes.

Several third-party apps claim they can display which Spotify playlists have added likes to their profiles. However, all of them are phishing attempts, and you should not attempt to install them.

This problem does not have a valid workaround at this time. So, keep this point in mind if you wonder how to see who likes your playlist on Spotify.

Using Your Windows PC

Neither the Spotify mobile app nor Spotify’s desktop app will meet your exact needs.

Only your playlist’s total amount of likes will be displayed. Likes on Spotify’s desktop app are referred to as “Followers,” as you have previously stated.

Make sure to remember that the like amount of a specific Spotify playlist isn’t always at the same location.

The answer will vary if you’re using desktop software, a mobile app, or a web browser. Using the Spotify app on the desktop client, the like count is located on the right-hand side.

On the Windows app, you may locate them as follows. This is required if you wonder how to see who liked your Spotify playlist.

1. You should look at Spotify’s desktop version on a Windows computer.

Run Spotify on Windows

2. Make sure you’re logged in to Spotify.

3. You may find this area on the left-hand sidebar under “Playlists.”

Spotify Playlist on Windows

4. Click on the playlist you want to review to open it.

How to See Who Has Liked Your Spotify Playlist using Your Windows PC

5. You’ll find the “Followers” area above the “Downloaded” button on the far-right-hand side of Spotify.

While the mobile app doesn’t show the like totally, if you wouldn’t, the desktop version will. None of the followers will appear as “Followers: 0” on the desktop app.

Using a Mac

Well, if you wonder how to see who likes your playlist on Spotify using a Mac, keep reading. This feature is not yet available for Mac users.

However, it is available on the web version of Spotify. To achieve this, here’s the procedure:

1. Install and open Spotify’s desktop client on a Mac.

Run Spotify on Mac

2. If you haven’t done so previously, log in to your account.

Login Spotify on Mac

3. Locate “Playlists” by using the left sidebar.

Spotify Playlist on Mac

4. To access the playlist, choose it from the drop-down menu.

How to See Who Liked My Spotify Playlist using a Mac

5. This information will be shown in the upper-right corner. The “Followers” tab has no effect if you click on it.

How to See Who Has Liked Your Spotify Playlist with the Web Player of Spotify?

Don’t you want to run Spotify’s desktop client but still need access to its capabilities? If so, Spotify’s web app can be considered an excellent alternative.

You can’t, however, see who’s listening to the playlists because that feature is also missing. You can only view the number of likes the post has received. This is the proper procedure to follow:

1. Use your browser to open the Spotify online app.

Spotify website

2. Do you want to sign in?

Login Spotify via web

3. On its left sidebar, choose “Your Library.”

Spotify - Your Library

4. After that, look for the playlist you wish to examine and click on it.

How to See Who Has Liked Your Spotify Playlist with the Web Player of Spotify?

The number of times you’ve been liked will appear next to the username under the playlist’s title.

For example, the web-based app mentions “18 likes”, Which is different than “Followers: 18” as it does in the desktop version of Spotify.

To change your Spotify location, refer to this guide.


  1. Does Spotify show who likes your playlists? No, Spotify does not directly show who likes your playlists.
  2. How can I see the popularity of my Spotify playlist? You can view the number of followers your playlist has as an indirect measure of its popularity.
  3. Can I personalize my Spotify playlist? Yes, Spotify allows you to personalize your playlist with descriptions and custom images.
  4. How can I increase the visibility of my playlist on Spotify? You can increase your playlist’s visibility by sharing it on social media, creating a cohesive theme, and collaborating with others.
  5. Does Spotify provide analytics for playlists? Yes, Spotify for Artists provides useful insights and analytics for your playlists.


It’s true that you can’t see who actually liked the playlists on the Spotify desktop, mobile, or web apps. However, it is always possible to see the number of likes each one has.

As we all know, you cannot currently see who is following your Playlists on Spotify. But we believe this function may be implemented in the future due to the high demand.

In other words, there are many individuals who want to know how to see who liked my Spotify playlist. The ability to see who follows and loves your playlists will have to suffice for the time being.

Trying to figure out who enjoyed your Spotify playlists can be a pretty difficult task. What do you think about Spotify in general? What’s your overall experience? We would love to know your thoughts.


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