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Top TikTok Influencers to Follow for Inspiration and Strategy


Written by Jack Lin

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Top TikTok Influencers

The top TikTok influencers mentioned in this article can be useful for those who need some inspiration.

If you intend to start doing TikTok, it is always better to observe the profiles of top influencers. Such an approach gives you an idea about the strategies you should make.

List of Top TikTok Influencers 

The list below comprises the top TikTok influencers with a massive fan base. In other words, they are considered celebrities in the world of TikTok.

They inspire their audience with meaningful, encouraging, and motivating content.

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#1. @charlidamelio (Charli D ‘Amelio)

Charli D ‘ Amelio is an immensely popular TikTok celebrity born in 2004. She has been considered to be an awesome dancer for over a decade.

However, she began her TikTok performance in 2019, and ever since then, she rapidly became popular. She is particularly popular because of her unique facial expressions and dance moves.

Top TikTok Influencers. @charlidamelio (Charli D 'Amelio)

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#2. @addisonre (Addison Rae)

Addison Rae is an extremely popular influencer who was born in 2000. Like Charli D’ Amelio, Addison released her first video for TikTok in 2019.

In fact, she was the second most popular TikTok personality in 2020. She has worked for big names such as American Eagle, Reebok, Hollister, etc.

Top TikTok Influencers. @addisonre (Addison Rae)

#3. @zachking (Zach King)

The third place on this list goes to Zach King. His TikTok content is mainly focusing on comedy skits and digital magic tricks.

Also, he does 6-second magic videos under “Magic Vines.” They have become incredibly popular across the globe.

Before performing on TikTok, he was performing as a magician. He entered the field of TikTok in 2016.

Top TikTok Influencers. @zachking (Zach King)

#4. @lorengray (Loren Gray)

Loren Gray built his personality as a multi-talented celebrity. He can dance, act, and sing on various platforms, including YouTube and TikTok. According to statistics, he is among the 04 highest-paid influencers currently performing on TikTok.

She signed into Virgin Records and released a single called “My Story.” She was even nominated for the Choice Muser award by Teen Choice Awards.

Top TikTok Influencers. @lorengray (Loren Gray)

#5. @spencerx (Spencer Polanco Knight)

Spencer built his personality on the TikTok platform, mainly as a beatboxer. His performances are so smooth yet faster, and his music tracks were able to attract plenty of followers.

In fact, he is popular across several different platforms other than TikTok. Thanks to his popularity, he got opportunities to work with various popular professionals.

Top TikTok Influencers. @spencerx (Spencer Polanco Knight)

#6. @riyaz.14 (Riyaz Aly)

Riyaz is an Indian TikTok personality with a massive fan following, specifically due to his appearance. In addition to that, he is famous for his humor, lip-syncs, and dancing moves as well.

Initially, he was performing on Instagram, and later, he moved to TikTok with more appreciation. As of today, he has become a model, fashion blogger, and even an actor. His fan base is massive, and he is exceptionally popular among teens.

Top TikTok Influencers. @riyaz.14 (Riyaz Aly)

#7. @justmaiko (Michael Le)

Michael Le is based in Florida. He mainly focuses on dance content on various platforms, including TikTok. His passion for dancing has been there since his childhood.

As he says, TikTok and other social media helped him to achieve his dreams as a performer.

Top TikTok Influencers. @justmaiko (Michael Le)

#8. @dixiedamelio (Dixie D’ Amelio)

As per the statistics, Dixie is rated as the 09th most popular personality among top TikTok influencers. In fact, she is the sister (elder) of Charli D’Amelio. Dixie started performing for the TikTok audience after Charli.

Then, in 2020, she played a role in “Attaway General” (a popular YouTube series). In 2020, she released her first single. Interestingly, she gathered more than 1.4 million users within 48 hours.

Top TikTok Influencers. @dixiedamelio (Dixie D' Amelio)

#9. @willsmith (Will Smith)

Yes, we are talking about “the Will Smith.” The world-renowned, highly talented icon started posting content on TikTok in 2019 (October). He started it by saying that being a start is not a hot topic anymore.

No wonder Will Smith is appreciated and followed by a massive fan base across the globe.  His content is mainly based on areas like motivational talks, adventure, comedy, etc.

@willsmith (Will Smith)

#10. @jasonderulo (Jason Derulo)

Jason Derulo is a multi-talented professional who does songwriting, dancing, and singing.

He was born in 1989. His career as a professional entertainer started back in 2009. There are 30 million singles sold under his name, and he achieved eleven platinum singles.  

Although he is a superb dancer, his content is not just based on dancing. He posts content based on comedy. For instance, he usually posts the awkward moments we all face at some point in our lives.

In addition to that, Jason created some trending collaborations with other TikTok celebrities.  

@jasonderulo (Jason Derulo)

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11. @babyariel (Baby Ariel)

Baby Ariel’s real name is Ariel Rebecca Martin. She is known as an American actress as well as a singer, thanks to her TikTok videos. Once, even Times nominated her as one of the top TikTok influencers on the internet (in 2017).

In addition to that, in the same year, she was named a top influencer. Thanks to the immense popularity, she could also star in Zombies 2.

@babyariel (Baby Ariel)

12. @brentrivera (Brent Rivera)

Brent Rivera is based in California and has acted in a TV show and a movie as well. He is particularly famous for the hilarious content he puts on TikTok.

In fact, his main intention was to become an actor, but eventually, he ended up as a TikTok star. As of today, he has a massive base of fans for the unique content he posts.

@brentrivera (Brent Rivera)

13. @mr_faisu_07 (Faisal Sheikh)

Faisal Sheikh is known as one of the most popular Indian TikTok performers, especially for acting and modeling. He maintains a superb audience with his TikTok profile and has also mastered lip-syncing.  

Faisal also started a team of video creators (namely, Team 7). With his team, Faisal continues to create new videos, and they are likely to gain more popularity.

@mr_faisu_07 (Faisal Sheikh)

14. @gilmhercroes (Gilmher Croes)

This TikTok icon was born in Aruba, and he became an incredibly popular personality because of his comedy content. Before stepping into the world of TikTok, he was known as a comedian, actor, and model.

He won an award at Aruba short film festival back in 2015. He started his TikTok journey in 2015, and since then, he has become so popular.

@gilmhercroes (Gilmher Croes)

15. @weeklychris (Christian Collins)

Christian Collins is another individual rated as one of the top TikTok influencers in the world. He was a well-established personality on other social platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram prior to TikTok.

He is 25 years old as of this writing and is from Canada. Christian found many ways to monetize social media platforms. He focused on creating viral videos with music.

@weeklychris (Christian Collins)

16. @lani.baker (Lani Baker)

Lani Baker started his social media personality with Instagram as an influencer and a model.

In 2018, CNBC hired Lani as an actress for “Deal or No Deal.” As of today, she is considered to be among the hottest influencers on TikTok.

@lani.baker (Lani Baker)

17. @dobretwins (Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre)

Lucas and Marcus are among the top TikTok influencers for their pranksters and awesome acrobats. They were performing on Vine before TikTok.

As of today, these twins are famous across different platforms like Instagram and YouTube other than TikTok.

@dobretwins (Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre)

18. @rybkatwinsoffocial (Teagan Rybka and Sam Rybka)

Teagan and Sam are known as Rybka Twins on the TikTok platform. They started to gain popularity since they were able to become finalists on Australia’s Got Talent.

Initially, they accumulated a significant fan base on YouTube before performing on TikTok.

@rybkatwinsoffocial (Teagan Rybka and Sam Rybka)

19. @jasoncoffee (Jason Coffee)

Although he is not the youngest in the business, Jason Coffee has a massive base of fans. He is 40 years old, but he is among the most influential TikTok personalities.

Jason uses “Coffee” after his first name because of his work experience at Starbucks. Without a doubt, the name “Coffee” matches perfectly with his profile, therefore.

In addition to TikTok, Jason has become so popular on other platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

@jasoncoffee (Jason Coffee)

20. @lorengray (Loren Gray)

Loren Gray is known as a popular singer as well as a social media celebrity. She is 19 years, and she maintains a huge fan base on Instagram and TikTok in addition to Instagram. Her content is mainly about singing, fashion, cosmetics, and travel.

@lorengray (Loren Gray)

21. @haueterfamily (The Haueter Family)

@haueterfamily is a pretty unique TikTok profile that comprises seven family members. They are particularly popular because of their creativity and humor in their content.

Many reviewers say that The Haueter Family is trying to take TikTok to a new level. As of today, it is recognized to be the most prolific and popular team profile. Thanks to their popularity, they could partner with several popular brands.

@haueterfamily (The Haueter Family)

22. @onlyjayus (Jayus)

Jayus started her career as a social media performer with YouTube. That is during 2016. She is known for her colorful, vivid, and bold personality, even if she is only 21.

She became incredibly popular because of her act called “stone-cold facts.” She usually plays the role of a reviewer of video games.

Apart from TikTok, she is popular on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

@onlyjayus (Jayus)

23. @maddiehen02 (Maddie Henderson/Mads)

Apart from playing the role of a TikTok profile, she works as a songwriter and a model. She lives in Utah, and she is just 22.

She is famous among TikTok users, especially because of her self-depending acts with humor. However, she takes fashion, travel, and fitness very seriously.

@maddiehen02 (Maddie Henderson/Mads)

The Power of TikTok Influencers

The rise and influence of these TikTok influencers underscore the platform’s power in shaping popular culture, trends, and even consumer behavior.

Influencer Marketing on TikTok

Businesses are quickly recognizing the potential of influencer marketing on TikTok. By collaborating with influencers, brands can reach an engaged and youthful audience, driving awareness and sales.

The Future of TikTok Influencers

So, what does the future hold for TikTok influencers? If current trends are anything to go by, they are here to stay. As TikTok continues to evolve, these influencers will undoubtedly continue to play a crucial role in shaping its landscape.

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1. Who is the most followed person on TikTok?

As of the writing of this article, Charli D’Amelio holds the title for the most-followed person on TikTok.

2. How did these TikTok influencers gain their followers?

Most TikTok influencers gained their following through consistent posting, engaging with their audience, and creating unique, relatable content.

3. Can anyone become a TikTok influencer?

Technically, yes. With the right content, engagement strategy, and a bit of luck, anyone can become a TikTok influencer.

4. How do TikTok influencers make money?

TikTok influencers can make money through sponsored content, brand partnerships, merchandise, and even tips from their followers on live streams.

5. What is the impact of TikTok influencers on businesses?

TikTok influencers can help businesses reach a wider, more engaged audience. Their endorsement can drive brand awareness and sales.


In conclusion, TikTok influencers have become a new breed of celebrities in the digital age. They are not just changing the game in the social media world but are also influencing wider societal and cultural trends. As TikTok continues to grow, so will the power and reach of its influencers.



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