How to Screenshot on Motorola With Ease?


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How to Screenshot on Motorola
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If you know how-to-screenshot-on-Motorola, that can become handy at any stage in your life.

With that said, this article contains all the information related to taking screenshots on your Motorola device. Let’s go ahead and learn everything about how to screenshot on Motorola.

In fact, for some individuals, taking screenshots on Motorola devices is a pretty challenging task.

However, the truth is otherwise. So, it is a very simple process if you wonder how to take a screenshot on Motorola.

What Exactly is a Screenshot?

In simplest terms, screenshots, or screengrabs, are images that capture the content of a smartphone’s screen.

It is possible to take a screenshot of your screen and share it with others. Also, you can use it as a reference point in the future.

Screenshots may be highly useful when taken, saved, and shared. Some consider the screenshot to be the essential piece of content on the internet.

But why is it important to know how to take a screenshot on Motorola? You see, a screenshot is often used to symbolize the modern age. You can use them to attest that you’ve seen pretty weird things.

PS: if you wonder how to screenshot on Huawei, this guide is just for you.

There’s More to Screenshots

They are not only useful in proving your point but also in archiving the past.

So, for example, you might use them to save a website’s previous appearance, an error message.

Also, you can use them to save a hot gossip story you don’t want to forget.

Besides, let’s figure out how-to-screenshot-on-Alcatel with ease.

How to Take a Screenshot on Motorola? 

Let’s get straight to the point; how-to-screenshot-on-Motorola?

As we mentioned earlier in this article, taking screenshots using a Motorola device is easy.

All you need is to follow the steps carefully.

Option 01: How to Screenshot on Motorola Without the Moto App?

  • First, unlock your Motorola device and open the app you intend to capture. If not an app, it could be an image, piece of text, video, chat window, or anything else.
  • Now, you should touch your Motorola device’s power button using a finger without pressing it. Then, you should touch the volume down button with another finger.
  • Now, you should press the Power button along with the Volume Down button together. Please make sure that you must do it at once to succeed. By doing it, you will be able to take a screenshot successfully.
  • After taking a screenshot, you will be able to hear a gentle click sound. You will hear this only if the volume of the device is turned on, though. In addition to that, you will also see a brief flash on the device’s screen.
Power + Volume Down

That’s how-to-screenshot-on-Motorola, and as you can see, it is very easier than you thought.

Option 02: How to Screenshot on Motorola Using the Moto App?

Here’s another method to take screenshots on Motorola. As per this method, you need the assistance of the Moto app.

Initial Configuration

  • First, you should open the “Moto” app on your device.
  • After that, you should see the hamburger icon. Tap it and go to the option called “Moto Actions“.
  • Now, you can turn the “Three Finger Screenshot” option on.
how to screenshot on Motorola Using Three-finger Screentshot

That’s basically it. From this point onwards, you can take screenshots simply using three fingers.

Taking Screenshots Using Three Fingers

  • Just touch and hold your Motorola device’s screen with three fingers.
  • Once you have done that, the respective screenshot will be captured.
  • The captured screenshot will be displayed with a picture icon.

To see the captured screenshot, you should swipe down the status bar. Then, touch on the Share option on your screenshot notifications if you want to share it. If not, touch “Edit” to crop or adjust the image. You can delete it simply by tapping “Delete“.

So that’s how to screenshot on Motorola with the help of the Moto app.

Option 03: Capture Long Screenshots

Here’s how to capture more content than the current screen on your Motorola device.

  • First, capture your screenshot with any of the above.
  • Tap on the double-down button that appears on the screen.
  • Now, the device will scroll down the screen while capturing it. Touch on the option called “Stop” when enough amount of screen is captured.

Option 04: Capturing Screen Through the Voice Assistant

Voice assistant is another handy method you can use to capture screenshots.

  • Locate the content that should be captured.
  • Say “Hey Google“, so Google Assistant will be activated.
  • After that, say “Take a Screenshot” to proceed.
how to screenshot on Motorola via Voice Assistant

Viewing a Screenshot That is Already Taken

In the previous steps, we explained how to take a screenshot on Motorola. And now, you might be wondering how to view the captured screenshot.

The screenshot captured on your Motorola device is stored in the image folder. To view that captured screenshot, you are supposed to follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Open a Captured Screenshot

  • As the first step, you should unlock the device in which the screenshot is captured. Then, you should open its camera app to proceed.
  • After doing it, you should go to the photo gallery of the camera.
  • Usually, you may be able to see the thumbnail of the captured screen here. However, if you don’t see that, you should open the folder labeled “Screenshots” to proceed. This folder contains all the screenshots that are taken. However, the location and the name of this folder might vary depending on the brand of the Android phone.

Once the screenshot is located, just tap on it to view it. You can edit it or even share it with other users through Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other platform. In fact, it works with any app that supports image files.

Why Are Screenshots Handy?

After figuring out how to screenshot on Motorola, let’s learn more about the uses for screenshots.

As we mentioned before. Now, let’s discuss some of those uses.

01. Use Them to Collaborate

It’s possible that your coworker wants your opinion on a new smartphone app they’ve developed. Or do they require you to review a brochure that they’re printing?

Make your coworker’s day by sending them a snapshot rather than a lengthy email full of revisions. Marking up designs on a computer screen is more efficient than writing a lengthy email.

02. To Demonstrate a Function

Instead of explaining verbally, you can show things clearly using a screenshot. Provide an example of what you’re referring to via a screenshot. It’s less likely that someone would misinterpret what you’re saying if you use a screenshot.

You’ll spend less time attempting to decipher what’s happening and more time doing things you enjoy.

Demonstrate to a new worker how to sign in, for instance. A screenshot instead of having to keep asking you is a better option than telling them continuously.

03. To Show What is Happening

You may have been prompted to provide a snapshot to your web or IT support team to report issues. This is because no two mobile devices or computers are the same.

The way anything appears for you may be radically different for others depending on your device, operating system, etc. Giving a visual representation of what you’re observing might aid in identifying problems.

04. To Collect Evidence

If you want to collect evidence against a cheating partner, screenshots are very handy. Assume that you logged into your partner’s WhatsApp or Messenger account and found out how she cheated on you. You can take screenshots of all those messages to prove what you have found.

Tips for Capturing the Perfect Screenshot

To ensure you capture the perfect screenshot on your Motorola device, consider the following tips:

  1. Clear your screen: Remove any unnecessary clutter or notifications before capturing the screenshot.
  2. Use gestures: Some Motorola devices offer gesture-based screenshot capture methods. Check your device’s settings to see if this feature is available.
  3. Edit and annotate: If you need to make adjustments or add annotations to your screenshots, explore the editing tools provided by your device’s Gallery or Photos app or consider using third-party editing apps.
  4. Share instantly: Take advantage of the quick sharing options available after capturing a screenshot. Share directly to social media platforms, messaging apps, or email.


1. Can I take a screenshot on any Motorola device? Yes, most Motorola devices have built-in screenshot capabilities. However, the methods may vary slightly depending on the model and Android version. Refer to your device’s user manual or the manufacturer’s website for specific instructions.

2. Can I take a screenshot of the entire webpage? Some third-party apps offer scrolling screenshot functionality, allowing you to capture an entire webpage. However, this feature may not be available on all Motorola devices. Check the Google Play Store for compatible apps.

3. How do I access the screenshots on my Motorola device? Once you’ve captured a screenshot, you can find it in your device’s Gallery or Photos app. Open the respective app, locate the “Screenshots” album or folder, and you should find your captured screenshots there.

4. Can I edit the screenshots after capturing them? Yes, you can edit your screenshots using the built-in editing tools provided by your device’s Gallery or Photos app. These tools allow you to crop, annotate, add text, or make other adjustments to your screenshots.

5. Can I share my screenshots directly from my Motorola device? Absolutely! After capturing a screenshot, you can use the sharing options provided by your device to instantly share it via social media platforms, messaging apps, email, or any other compatible sharing app installed on your device.


Knowing how to take a screenshot on your Motorola device is a valuable skill that can enhance your digital experience. Whether you opt for the physical button method, utilize Motorola’s built-in screen capture feature, or explore third-party apps, capturing and sharing screenshots has never been easier. Make sure to follow the outlined steps and consider the provided tips for the best results.


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