How to Get Necrozma in Pokémon Sword and Shield With Ease?


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How to Get Necrozma in Pokémon Sword and Shield

How to get Necrozma in pokemon sword has been an exciting question trending all over the internet these days.

One can quickly transfer and have the deadly beast pokemon Necrozma in the Pokemon Sword and Shield easily.

In this article, we will tell you how to get the giant in your pokemon collection.

Know More about Necrozma 

When we talk of different legendary and most powerful Pokemon of Gen VII, one can never miss the name of Necrozma.

Necrozma comes with a tag of one of the most solid and massive Pokemon ever seen in the game. It is the highest order pokemon that one can catch in any pokemon game. It is also a noted fact that this Pokemon is related to the “box Legendaries” of the Sun & Moon series.

We have seen a firm relation to this Pokemon in the series. Gamers and Pokemon fans have been waiting for Necrozma to appear in the world of Pokemon Sword and shield. 

Pokemon games have never let their fans down, and this time they are here with a surprise by which this humongous Pokemon can be seen in the game. One will now get to witness the powers of the mighty Necrozma in the Galar region.

If you, too, are a big fan of this Pokemon and want the answer to how to get Necrozma in the pokemon sword, then this article is for you.

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1. How to Get Necrozma in Pokémon Sword – From Pokemon Sun and Moon

How to Get Necrozma in Pokémon Sword From Pokemon Sun and Moon

We all know the place where the craze of finding the giant Necrozma developed. The Pokemon came into existence for the first time in the series of Pokemon Sun and Moon. From this game, the Pokemon came into the spotlight of the gamers. The humongous Pokemon was seen in the story of Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

This also means that you get to catch the Pokemon only once in the entire game. Many Gamers wouldn’t have searched or got the Pokemon in the game, but the creators included this Pokemon in the mission of the story to reach the Elite four level. 

In the story of Sun and Moon, the Pokemon was seen in Ten Carat Hill. It was seen in the post-gameplay and was a big surprise as no one expected it to be there. All you had to do was to follow the helping looker quest down the Ultra Beasts, and the Pokemon arrives. 

There was a whole process of catching the Pokemon in the game. Once you caught it in the 3DS game, the gamers were allowed to store it in the pokemon bank. The pokemon bank was online cloud storage where players can store for $5 a year. But wait, the Pokemon was not easy to handle. The gamers were also supposed to download the unique Pokemon Home from the Nintendo Switch. 

When it comes to getting the giant Necrozma in the Sword and Shield, the players will need a Pokemon home. You cannot just switch and transfer it from the 3DS games. The players must have an account with Pokemon Home. Pokemon Home is basically an advanced version of the pokemon bank. It cost $16 dollars a year, and it’s basically a significantly bigger version of the bank. The players can connect this home to different pokemon games. All the players who need access to other Pokemon they caught on multiple pokemon games at once will have to link both of these. Once your pokemon bank and home are connected, there will be a transfer from the older version to the newer version. To be precise, this will be a one-way transfer only.

Coming to how to get necrozma in the pokemon sword, players will have to enter a long and problematic code in the 3DS to finally transfer Necrozma to the Pokemon home. Once you have it there, you can eventually move the Pokemon from the cloud to the storage. Further, the storage of Pokemon Sword and  Shield allows you easy access to the Pokemon. 

2. Trading the great Necrozma

How to Get Necrozma in Pokémon Sword Trading the great Necrozma

The above transfer looks pretty hectic, and believe us; it’s more than it seems. If you are not good at cloud and gaming storage, you can get lost in the entire process. Also, the method can cost you good money. Talking of trading, this feature is only available at mobile Pokemon games.

This method has nothing to do with the transfer and Pokemon Home. The feature we will be using here is called GTS. It is a feature in Pokemon mobile games, and it allows a player to trade and switch Pokemon. This means that you will have to offer a pokemon and ask Necrozma in return.

It might sound effortless, but there are some demerits with this process too. As we know, the legendary Necrozma is one of the rarest found Pokemon, and also it has some brilliant powers that make it amazon the nobles of the pokemon kingdom. You will have to offer a pokemon of similar stature to get the trade done. Finding such a pokemon is very hard.

Also, there is a risk involved in the trade. The trade can be made with any player throughout the world. Many internet strangers and hackers try stealing Pokemon by this method. Giving up a Pokemon that could have been equivalent to the Necrozma and getting nothing in return can hit a gamer hard. The method is best when you have a friend who is ready for the trade unless your friend is not the one whom you trust.

3. From Pokemon GO

The famous Pokemon Go also offers a hint of Necrozma. You can find this Pokemon in the rarest of the case in the game. But the creators and Nintendo are still thinking of the idea to make the Pokemon available for transfer. Frankly, we don’t see it coming any soon, but still, Pokemon has a habit of surprising their fans, so keep your fingers crossed. 

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Can you see Necrozma evolve?

Can you see Necrozma evolve?

The Pokemon is a huge legendary beast, and it doesn’t evolve. It has humongous power from the day you get the Pokemon. But on the other side, there are many alternative forms of Pokemon. The big Pokemon feeds basically on the light. And this was the reason for its introduction to the Sun and moon.

Both the legendaries  Solgaleo and Lunala were the perfect catch for the Pokemon. The trainers were given an option of using the special N-Solarizer and N-Lunarizer for attaching the legendaries to the Pokemon. This resulted in exposing the Pokemon to new powers as never seen before. The Pokemon can take any form, such as the Dusk Mane. Dawn Wings Necrozma was also one of the alternatives.

Pokemon creators gave an option to the trainers here. One of the options was to transfer both the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings Necrozma to Pokemon Home. Further players can transfer the forms in the Sword and Shield version. But if you don’t want to go for the transfer, there is an option to get the forms in the sword and shield version.

All you need is to transfer your Pokemon, and you can find both The N-Solarizer and N-Lunarizer in the merchant store in Galar in the game. You can buy and add them to your Pokemon from the merchant store. With this, you also get the option of unbinding and binding them anytime you need. 

Another form is the Ultra Necrozma, and this comes with the Z-crystal powers. Unfortunately, there is no Z- crystal in Gen VII, so no Ultra Necrozma in Galar.

Ultra Necrozma

Curious about Necrozma? Here is more about it.

The legendary Necrozma is a special Physic Type pokemon with special powers. It is good with attack playing. It also has an Ability Prism Armor which is very effective in blocking the attacks of opposition and saves him from damage.

This also makes sure that it stays in flight for a longer time. It can also learn many moves provided a trainer makes him learn them. A normal Necrozma is good, but the best of this Pokemon resides in the alternative forms. 

The Dawn Wings alternative gets a special secondary Ghost-type making it even more powerful. It can mimic and use fire and grass-type attacks, which keeps the opposite pokemon guessing. Whereas with Dusk, it gets steel type as its secondary pokemon type.

This form has greater physical strength. It enables the Pokemon to become heavy and more resistant to hard attacks. This type can have an additional dragon and ground-type moves to amaze the opponents.

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Q1: Can I obtain Necrozma in the base game of Pokémon Sword and Shield?

No, Necrozma is exclusive to the Crown Tundra expansion pass.

Q2: Are there any specific times or weather conditions required to encounter Necrozma?

No, Necrozma can be encountered at any time and weather condition within the Crown Tundra.

Q3: Can I transfer Necrozma to previous Pokémon games?

Yes, you can transfer Necrozma to other Pokémon games compatible with Pokémon Home.

Q4: Can I evolve Necrozma into its other forms in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

No, the evolution forms of Necrozma (Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma) are obtained through different methods.

Q5: Are there any special events or promotions related to Necrozma?

Occasionally, The Pokémon Company holds special events or distributions that feature Necrozma or its related items. Stay updated on official announcements to participate in these events.


We hope you got the answer to how to get necrozma in the pokemon sword from our article. Soon there will be other ways to make the transfer but for now, try these methods to get the best result. Happy gaming!


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