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How To Get The Exotics In Destiny 2 Video Game


Written by Jack Lin

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How To Get Exotics In Destiny 2

One of the most popular video games that have put the entire gaming industry on fire is Destiny 2.

The story-telling narrative game can be played one-to-one or with other players at a time. This is one of the main reasons behind the huge fan base of the second installment in the series.

In addition, the game has some splendid and detailed graphics. These incorporate the real-life thrill with virtual reality, providing the next-gen experience to the gamers. Just read on if you wonder how to get exotics in Destiny 2.

If we start explaining the plus points of Destiny 2, the day will turn into night, but our discussion won’t end. Out of all the unique features you can find in this second installment, one particular feature which has helped it attract gamers is exotic gear.

Unfortunately, not all gamers know how to get exotics Destiny 2, so they can’t enjoy the game fully. 

But here, we will discuss everything you need to know about the exotics and how to collect them.

What is the exotic gear in Destiny 2, and what is the usage? 

The first thing you should know is what exactly exotic gear means. In every video game, certain arms, armors, moves, and other accessories can cause maximum damage and help win difficult missions.

It can be an unlimited health pack, a non-breakable Benelli shotgun armor, firearms with no need of loading the ammo, or anything like these. The term “exotic” describes the special features of the gear that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. 

In Destiny 2, the chances of finding exotic elements in the gameplay are seldom rare. Moreover, players often miss their presence since they remain busy fighting the enemies and killing them. 

That’s why one needs to get Exotic items. Several ways are there via which a gamer can get these items and make one’s armory more powerful and ravaging. In the upcoming sections, we will describe how to get the exotics for Destiny 2 in the most effective way. 

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Ways to earn/get Exotic gear items for Destiny 2 gameplay

Since finding exotic items during the gameplay is almost impossible, it will be best to try other ways out. 

This section will talk about and explain the top ways of finding rare items that will increase your chances of completing the missions. So, without wasting time, let’s get started!

1. How To Get The Exotics In Destiny 2Completing the Exotic quests 

How To Get The Exotics In Destiny 2 by Completing the Exotic quests

One of the best ways to get exotics in Destiny 2 is by playing several quests and completing them. If you win the missions/events, you will be given a reward. And on unraveling it, you will get exotic. So, it’s the most assured way to upgrade your armory. 

Unfortunately, Destiny 2 doesn’t have too many such quests. So, the chances of winning or even participating are very low. Each quest has multiple levels or missions that you have to pass and win. 

As you progress through the quests, the missions will become harder, and your enemies will have higher longevity. Killing them will become tougher. Moreover, with each level up, you will face new opponents with unknown attacking methods and skills. With so many surprising elements in the quest, it will take quite a long time to win them. 

Below we have given some of the best Destiny 2 Quests from which you can earn the exotics. 

  1. Defeating the Red Legion enemies in the Legend of Acrius quest
  2. Finishing the Warmind campaign in the Polaris Lance quest
  3. Collecting the lost fragments of memory on Planet Mars in the Worldline Zero quest
  4. Completing the Forsaken campaign for winning the Chaperone quest
  5. Finish off the wanted bounties, which will be placed in the Lord of Wolves’ quest 

2. How To Get The Exotics In Destiny 2 – Buying from XUR

Buying from XUR

XUR agents can be called exotic beacons whom you can find on any planet. There is no specific rule by which these agents will appear in front of you. They can randomly come, and if you encounter one, you will have the opportunity to get exotics from them. 

However, XURs sell exotic items, be it arms or ornaments and skins. So, to buy those elements, you need to exchange the Legendary Shards. As a player, you will collect the shards as you complete missions and events in Destiny 2. 

If you have 100 shards, you can buy everything that XUR has. This will allow you to have numerous exotics which can’t be found normally in the game. Hence, make sure you do not miss getting the Legendary Shards throughout the game. After all, XURs are like ghosts. They come and disappear. 

But once they come, you will need those shards to increase your stock of exotic arms, ornaments, and other elements. 

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3. How To Get The Exotics In Destiny 2 – Participate and win the game campaigns 

Participate and win the game campaigns

In Destiny 2, campaigns can be termed stories that will unfold different missions, gameplays, enemies, and graphics. In the second installment, you will have five different campaigns. Each campaign will have a mainline story and several side stories. The mainline stories will give you engrams and exotics randomly. 

As for the side stories, playing them will increase your XP. And if you get lucky, you can win exotic Engrams. In the following section, we have described the five campaigns that you can play in the game. 

Five campaigns that you can play in the game:

  1. Curse of Osiris: With eight missions in total, the gameplay is set on Mercury planet. Here, it would help if you found the guardian who is constantly trying to fight and win against vexing, the monster of Mercury. 
  2. Forsaken Campaign: In the Forsaken campaign, you have 11 missions in all. The story is set in the Dreaming City and the Tangled Shore. Your job will be to fight against the Scorned and win the missions. Weapons are new, and you will get several exotics as compared to other campaigns. 
  3. Red War Campaign: It is the prime campaign come story on which Destiny 2 is based. Here, you will play the role of a Guardian, and your main aim will be to kill Ghaul and his Red Legion. It would be best if you kept the Traveler planet safe from their clutches. While playing, you will come across several exotics, starting from armors to ornaments. 
  4. Warmind Campaign: This campaign story can be replayed several times, and hence, gaining the exotics will become easier. Here, you will travel to Mars to fight and fend off the humongous worm monster who rules the Hive. There are five missions on this planet that you have to complete to win the campaign chest box. 
  5. Shadowkeep Campaign: In the Shadowkeep campaign, you will travel to the moon. There, it would be best if you fought against the Nightmares, which are nothing but the memories of the guardian. Seven different missions are present here, which you have to complete. 

4. How To Get The Exotics In Destiny 2 – Unraveling the dropped engrams

Unraveling the dropped engrams To Get The Exotics In Destiny 2

Engrams are defined as looted items that you can find during the gameplay, regardless of the mission you are playing or the planet you are on. Even though getting an Engram is rare, you shouldn’t miss a chance. After all, an Engram will guarantee you the exotic items once you open them up. 

Some of how you can win an Engram in Destiny 2 gameplay are: 

  • Defeat the enemies and kill them to get the looted engrams
  • Win missions and events to get the Planetary chests 
  • Look for region chests when you complete events based on locations 
  • High-valued target chests also serve as exotic engram
  • Win the public events to get the engram chests containing exotic items
  • Collect lost items on different planets to get the Lost Sector chest engram

5. Opening the chests after winning Heroic Public Events

Opening the chests after winning Heroic Public Events

Public events are open to all the players, and they are held randomly on different planets involved in Destiny 2. Every event comes with a certain list of objectives. Your goal will be to finish any of them so that you can gain entry to the Heroic Public Event. 

In this event, you will face a boss who has higher longevity and can resist normal weapon damage. Once you defeat the boss, you will be awarded a chest. Opening it might unravel the exotics, the chances of which are high. 

You will also get a rating if you participate in Public Events. Every objective has a time limit. As a Guardian, you will be rated Bronze if you fail to finish it within time.

If, somehow, the time bar gets depleted completely, but you complete an event, you will have the Silver rating. And the Gold rating is awarded when you complete an objective and there is still time left. 


What is the fastest way to get Exotics in Destiny 2?

The fastest way varies depending on your playstyle. However, buying from Xur, completing Exotic quests, and participating in Raids or Nightfall Strikes are considered efficient ways.

How often does Xur offer Exotics?

Xur arrives every Friday and leaves the following Tuesday, offering a new selection of Exotics each week.

Are there any Exotics exclusive to Raids?

Yes, certain Exotics can only be obtained by completing specific Raids.

Can I earn Exotics from PvP?

Yes, playing competitive PvP modes like Trials of Osiris can yield Exotic rewards.

Is there a limit to how many Exotics I can have?

You can collect all Exotics, but you can only equip one Exotic weapon and one piece of Exotic armor at a time.


Yes, finding the exotics are not easy. But since we have mentioned how to get exotics in Destiny 2, we are certain that you will gather them by trying different approaches. You can play the campaigns, participate in the events, or even risk by playing the quests.


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