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Recently players have been exceedingly curious about how to change uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The amount of personalization in early Pokemon games was essentially non-existent, but fortunately, it has gradually evolved over the generations to permit more individual freedom via your trainer.

Starting with the ability to merely choose your name in the initial GameBoy titles, the newest game in the series, Pokemon Sword and Shield, enables you to entirely alter your costume.

Sadly, the games do not give a clear idea of how to modify your uniform or where you may wear it. However, we have got you covered when it comes to changing your uniform. We will teach you all you need to know about changing your uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield if you are not accustomed to this new world of outfit possibilities in your Pokemon escapades.

After reading this article, players such as yourself will know how to change uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Players can modify their costumes by visiting the many boutiques and apparel shops located around the Galar Region’s important places. All you need to do is enter the changing rooms at these spots and choose the new outfits for your character.

Can The Uniforms Be Changed During Gym Battles?

When it comes to gym battles, though, you cannot alter your attire. You will be rewarded with replica uniforms depending on how many Gym Leaders you defeat in Sword and Shield. While they may be worn outside of stadium battles, you will only be able to use your usual white costume against the Gyms.

This is an odd constraint, given that gym battles are sometimes the most exciting portion of the game, and many gym leaders wear outlandish clothes. During combat, trainers must settle for altering the name and number on the back of the basic white clothing.

Pokemon fans who are curious about how to change the uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield have been complaining about this weird restriction for a long time. Most players despise the standard white outfit and are irritated because they are unable to choose various uniforms during gym battles.

Because of the simple style, many fans feel like they are supporting characters. It is even more aggravating since trainers pay for nicer clothes just to be unable to utilize them in combat. This has prompted many people to criticize Game Freak for imposing needless personalization limits.

What Can I Change?

When you initially sign up for the Pokemon League during your first few times playing the game, you can adorn the backside of your uniform with a number of your choice. However, make sure to think about it and pick the number carefully because once you do, you will not be able to go back.

Additionally, you may get haircuts and modify your hairdo, cosmetics, and eyeshade, but none of these changes will affect your performance in a Gym battle. Furthermore, although hats will be removed from Gyms, you will be able to keep whatever eyewear you already have on.

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Change Gym Uniform

The gym costumes you may wear are precisely what you would expect them to be: uniforms earned by defeating various gym trainers in their individual Gym Challenges.

In the game, you will get one gym uniform for every gym kind you defeat on the Pokemon adventure, so you have probably already had a couple to play with.

Players wanting to know how to change uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Shield should note that fresh clothing may be acquired for 18,000 Watts from clothing stores. Although it may cost you some money, you can buy gym outfits for regions you have not been to yet.

You can not merely change your clothing whenever you want.

To try on one of your new gym outfits, you must go to one of the clothing stores and enter the dressing room.

Contrary to popular belief, you are not required to purchase a new shirt or pants from a shop in order to get undressed and change there.

Simply enter the dressing room, and you will be confronted with a list of items of clothing that you have already bought or earned.

Once inside, you will be sent to a screen where you may totally modify your character’s appearance with various shirts, coats, pants, backpacks, socks, caps, and other accessories.

However, if you wish to wear a full costume, navigate to the extreme right tab in the menu and go through all of the gym leader uniforms that have been properly assembled for you. Browse through your closet and dress up as freely and badly as you wish by choosing clothing that can be an eye sore.

How To Change Gym Uniform In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Do note that the only disadvantage of altering your outfit is that it will not be seen when competing in a gym challenge. These events will always have your character dressed in the same plain white clothing, which is a little frustrating.

You may, however, create your own appearance and play with it while traveling the globe and collecting wild Pokemon in outdoors. Choose your preferred kind and give it a fresh new appearance!

Steps For Changing Your Outfit

When learning how to change your uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you must know the steps for changing your outfit.

1. On the Town Map, look for a city or town with a boutique and fly there.

Wedgehurst, Motostoke, Hammerlock, Circhester, and Wyndon are the locations of the boutiques accessible in the game.

2. Go to the top-right corner of the store and enter the changing room.

Changing Room

3. Click the icon in the upper right corner to select the uniform set you wish to wear. To exit and confirm your choices, press B.

If you wish to mix and match the many uniform options available, select the shirt, pants, socks, shoes, and gloves sections.

uniform options available

Purchase Outfits in Pokemon Sword & Shield

The game contains 20 different uniform styles. You get 10 of them as you go through the game, 1 for every gym you beat, 1 once you win the champion, and 1 for the standard challenger costume. The remaining 10 may be acquired in-game at specific stadiums.

The following are the locations where you may purchase uniforms in Pokemon Shield: Turrfield, Hulbury, Hammerlocke, Stow-on-Side, Ballonlea, Circhester. Speak to the person behind the desk, and they will show you several fantastic clothing that you may purchase.

When you enter the dressing room in the right corner of the clothes store, a menu will appear with all of your current outfits. Press A to choose the clothes you wish to wear and B to depart the changing area. If you purchase from the store, your character’s attire will change automatically.

Poison outfits, grass outfits, and so forth cost roughly 15000 to 18000. If you beat the gym leaders, you will be given one of these replica clothes. As a result, spend your money carefully.

Purchase Outfits in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Change Your Bike Uniforms

Pokemon Sword as well as Shield players, may customize the look of their bikes plus characters in the Isle of Armor expansion. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Dojo in the Fields of Honor section when playing the game.

Go to the Dojo in the Fields of Honor section

2. Speak with a Bike Lady who is standing near the Dojo.

Speak with a Bike Lady

3. When asked, choose “Yes, customize my bike.”

choose "Yes, customize my bike."

4. Choose from sparkling white or glistening black for your bike. For confirmation, select it and hit the “A” option. The bike attire will be changed automatically to match the new bike shade – purple and white clothes for white bikes and purple and black uniforms for black bikes.

Change Your Bike Uniforms

Additionally, you may alter your biking attire solely without changing the coloring of your bike. Take the following steps:

1. Go to the Bike Lady in the Fields of Honor location when playing the game, who is standing beside the Dojo.

Go to the Bike Lady in the Fields of Honor location

2. When asked, choose “I want to change my outfit.”

choose "I want to change my outfit."

3. Choose your favorite costume shade and confirm by pressing “A.”

Change Your Bike Grass-type color

Bonus: How to Change Your Makeup and Hairstyle in Pokemon Sword?

Players who wish to know how to change the uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield often ask how to change makeup and hairstyle in the game. To modify your haircut and cosmetics in Pokemon Sword, you must go to a salon.

The salons in the game are frequently located near stores. Hair color, bang styles, and fashionable haircuts are all instances of changing hairstyles. Visit the hairdresser and select the desired hairdo to confirm your appearance, press Y.

How to Change Your Makeup and Hairstyle in Pokemon Sword

Fixing your makeup entails shaping your brows and eyelashes, replacing the color of your contacts, and applying lipstick. Modify your makeup, in the same manner, you did your hair at the salon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I change my character’s uniform at any time?
    • Yes, you can change your character’s uniform at any time from the menu screen.
  2. Are there any special benefits to wearing a specific uniform?
    • Wearing a specific uniform does not provide any gameplay benefits. It is purely for personalization and style.
  3. Can I mix and match different clothing items from various uniforms?
    • Yes, you can mix and match different clothing items to create unique outfit combinations that suit your preferences.
  4. Are there any gender-specific uniforms in the game?
    • No, all uniforms in Pokémon Sword and Shield are available to both male and female characters.
  5. Can I trade uniforms with other players online?
    • While you cannot directly trade uniforms, you can trade Pokémon holding specific uniforms as items.

Final Thoughts

That is all you need to know about how to change the uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield. We hope this article helped you!


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