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How to Change Location on Skout on Android/iOS Devices?


Written by Jack Lin

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how to change location on Skout

So, how to change the location on Skout? Online dating and socializing scenes are moving pretty fast. With each passing year, new applications like Skout are upgraded and developed.

Despite all this progress, our need to protect several elements of our privacy remains somewhat constant. Out of all these elements, the most significant one is our real geographical location.

Here, you will find different ways how to change the location on Skout while using the services of this dating application.

Part 1: Introduction to Skout Dating Application

When there are so many dating applications out there, Skout has left an ineffaceable mark in the dating world. This dating application is running for over a decade now. The tool provides more than just a social platform for connecting with different users.

Introduction to Skout Dating Application

Skout counts among the pioneers of dating applications, which incorporated the user location without being so intrusive. This is because Skout uses GPS for depicting a general area instead of taking the specific user location.

However, it can be various reasons why someone likes to fake their location on this dating platform. Have a look at some of these reasons below:

Reasons Why Users Want to Change Their Location on Skout

For Meeting New People

When you change your location on a dating tool like Scout, your chances to meet new romantic prospects move up. This gives your user profile more visibility in locations that may have been earlier restricted because of the geographical location. Thus, you get access to more romantic prospects by changing the location.

Helps if You Travel More

It does not sound practical for people who often travel to have the Skout profile fixed to just one geographical location. So, whether you travel for business or leisure, using a fake location application could help you reflect the real location or even the location where you will be on some days.

Great for Privacy-conscious Users

Nowadays, privacy issues are becoming a true concern for most of us, especially when finding a significant other.

Before you like to let your potential prospect know your true geographical location, it is better to make sure that who they are and that you are comfortable sharing your private details with them.

In that situation, it becomes necessary to hide your location. So, how to change the location on Skout? Find it in the next section.

Besides, let’s figure out how to stop sharing locations without them knowing.

Part 2: How to Change Location on Skout on iPhones

Whether you use an iOS or Android device, it is possible to change the location with the help of third-party applications. So, let’s see how to change the location on Skout on iPhones.

1. Tenorshare iAnyGo

Tenorshare iAnyGo is a professional tool developed by Tenorshare. Using this tool, iOS users can change their location via GPS manipulation. This tool is specifically effective in sharing mock locations on various dating sites like Bumble, Skout, and other such social media platforms.

By changing the location, you can access geo-restricted content and resolve lots of access issues that you usually face.

iAnyGo is great for users who like to widen their social circles and for those who do not want to be tracked. The process of changing location with iAnyGo is pretty simple.

Before you get to know how to change location on Skout with ease, go through its top features.

Key Features of iAnyGo:

  • With iAnyGo, you can meet new people by changing your location.
  • This tool allows you to share a fake location on social media platforms with your friends and family.
  • It enables you to change the location on Skout in just one click, and create a custom location on Instagram with ease.
  • iAnyGo allows users to fake the Skout location without jailbreaking their iOS devices.
  • It is available for various location-based applications.

Steps on How to Change Location on Skout with iAnyGo:

Step 1: Select ‘Get Started’ & Connect the Device

First, you have to download iAnyGo from the official website. Install the program on the system and launch it. Then, connect the device to your system with a USB cable. If prompted, tap on ‘Trust‘ to confirm. You need to enter the passcode of your device if asked.

Step 2. Select Location You Like

Select any location you prefer from the map of this software. And click Start to Modify.

Start to Modify
Step 3. Simulate Movements

Please just select the places you like for simulating movements and then register the speed & move times and then click Start to Move.

After you change the location on iAnyGo, at the same time, your current location will be changed on Skout as well.

Simulate Movements

The popularity of iAnyGo is increasing with each passing day. This is because of its versatility, compatibility, and efficiency in regard to other dating and social media applications besides Skout.

Users would not face any issues except low issues related to software bugs very rarely. The team of developers of Tenorshare strives hard to fix these issues if discovered very fast.

2. LocationFaker

So, if you want to know how to change the location on Skout, then LocationFaker is what you need. This is an awesome iOS application that can manipulate various location-based applications and services on your iOS device.

The tool allows you to choose a random GPS location from the map or pin a precious location by putting in latitude and longitude values.

Just like other location hacking applications, you can switch on and off LocationFaker on demand. However, there are several requirements that you need to fulfill to use it.

First, your device should be jailbroken. It requires special firmware to work on devices running on iOS 5 to iOS 9. Also, you need to install Cydia on your device.

Steps on How to Change Location on Skout with LocationFaker:

Step 1: Download LocationFaker

Initially, you have to look for the ‘LocationFaker‘ application in Cydia. Then, download and install the tool on your device.

Step 2: Toggle It On

Once the app window appears, click anywhere on the map. Toggle it ‘ON‘ from the default ‘OFF.’

how to change location on Skout Using LocationFaker
Step 3: Set the Location

Now, the tool will set the fake location. Then, Skout will display this location after picking it up.

Some social media applications may find out that you use a location faking application. Due to this, your account may get suspended or banned.

Also, this application works only on jailbroken devices. If your iOS device is not jailbroken, then use iAnyGo from Tenorshare to change location on Skout.

3. dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

If you are using an iOS device, then the perfect method to modify the Skout location is to use dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). The tool performs better than other tools on the market when it comes to changing iOS location or fake GPS on Tinder. Using dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS), users can simply teleport anywhere around the world.

Furthermore, users can change routes and show driving from several places. The tool is entirely safe and easy to use. So, this is how to change location on Skout with dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS).

Step 1: Install the dr.fone

Download dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) from its official website and install the same on your system. After installing this program, launch it, and select ‘Virtual Location‘ from the home interface.


Step 2: Connect Your iPhone

Now, please connect your phone to the system with a USB cable. When the program detects your device, tap on the ‘Get Started‘ tab.


Step 3: Tap on ‘Center On’

Now, you will come across a map window. Here, you have to first find your actual location. If you cannot locate the actual one, go to the option called ‘Center On‘ that will show the reallocation.


On the screen’s top right corner, you will see three icons. Tap on the third option for enabling the ‘Teleport Mode.’ After that, you have to enter the location and press ‘Go.’

Step 4: Fake Location

The app does not take much time and understands the location simply. It displays a pop-up, from where you have to tap on the tab ‘Move Here.’ Now, your location will be changed successfully. You can see the spoofed or changed location on the device easily.

Dr.fone Virtual Location Ios 3

By the way, this professional mock location app can also help you to fix how to change location on the Bumble app.

Part 3: How to Change Location on Skout on Android

Are you wondering about how to change the location of Skout on Android devices? If yes, do not worry as there is still hope. Android users can change the location on Skout by using several applications present on Google Play Store.

Some of these apps are available for free. One such application is Fake GPS Go. If you are using an Android running on Android 6 or higher, then there is no need to root your device. Otherwise, you have to root your smartphone.

Steps on How to Change Location on Skout with Fake GPS Go:

1: First, you have to enable the developer options on the device. For this, go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘About Phone,’ and then ‘Software Info.’ Next, click seven times on the build number.

enable the developer options

2: Open the Google Play Store and look for the application ‘FakeGPS Go.’ Download and install this application.

FakeGPS Go Location Spoofer Free

3: From the next window, click on ‘Enable‘ present at the screen’s right bottom.

4: You will come across a new page, known as ‘Developer Options.’ Choose the ‘Mock Location Application‘ and then, ‘FakeGPS Free.’

How to Change Location on Skout on Android Smartphones

5: Switch the windows back to FakeGPS and look for the desired fake location. This is going to change the location instantly that the Skout profile displays.

Part 4: What You Should Know When Your Kids Use Skout

  • Anybody can register using fake information and a fake name. So, ensure both you and your kids are aware of this fact. Not all users online are the ones that they claim they are.
  • Encourage your kids to use self-policing features of the Skout community for maintaining appropriate behavior.
  • Skout suspended the services to minors in 2012. This happened due to the incidences involving suspected inappropriate behavior.
  • Skout states that it has implemented a zero-tolerance and constant monitoring for inappropriate behavior policy. However, it is necessary to keep an eye on the activities of your kids on Skout.

In addition, if you wonder why my location is wrong on my iPhone, you will figure out the possible reasons and the best solutions to quickly and easily fix this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I change my location on Skout multiple times? Yes, you can change your location on Skout multiple times. Feel free to update your location whenever you wish to connect with people from different regions.

Q2: Is changing my location on Skout safe? Skout prioritizes user safety and provides features to enhance privacy. However, it’s essential to exercise caution when interacting with new people online and adhere to general safety guidelines.

Q3: Can I revert to my original location on Skout? Yes, you can revert to your original location on Skout by following the same steps outlined in this article and entering your actual location.

Q4: Will changing my location affect my existing connections on Skout? Changing your location will not affect your existing connections on Skout. However, it may impact the profiles you see and the recommendations you receive based on the new location.

Q5: Can I use a fake location on Skout? While Skout allows you to update your location, it’s important to be honest and authentic when connecting with others. Using a fake location may lead to miscommunication and hinder genuine connections.


So, whether you socialize or date online, one cannot overstate the need for faking the location. Keeping in mind the recent concerns related to privacy and the risk of inappropriate behavior, a location faking tool offers you extra security.

It is best to use Tenorshare iAnyGo and dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) tools if you are thinking about how to change location on Skout effortlessly. Try their free version and spoof the location hassle-free!


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