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As the Instagram trends are growing fast in all directions, we think you might need to use custom locations on Instagram to stay in tandem with them.

The purposes of doing this can be many like promoting the company products, sharing pictures, driving traffic on any website, creating any different location for brand promotion, and many others.

Location customization also allows you to tag, share, and even follow any location tagged. This proves to be very useful in bringing huge exposure to any brand.

This article will help you to do the same. We will be introducing to you amazing software called Tenorshare iAnyGo that will solve all your customization issues in one go.

The Advantages of Creating a Custom Location on Instagram

Putting a fake location on Instagram can have many advantages both for you as well as your business if you have any. Let’s see some of the ways a fake location helps you:

  • The main purpose served by location or hashtags is to allow people to search for posts related to travel and exploration. This way, all the posts and stories that have some location or any hashtag attached to them and are visible to the public appear in the search results.
  • Putting up any custom location is also very helpful for business persons as it enables them to divert exposure towards their brand through their Instagram account itself. You can put the business over the map with the help of the custom location, and this makes the social media people find the brand very easily.
  • A custom location on Instagram is also very helpful in attracting local consumers to the new business that you are seeking to establish. For instance, you own a coffee shop that is new in the area. If you have created a business account for the shop on Instagram, creating a customized location for that account will make it searchable for anyone who searches for Coffee in that area. Now that user will be able to explore all of your feeds and decide if your coffee is worth giving a try or not.
  • Another benefit of a custom position is that it drives more traffic towards the posts that you make in your feed.
  • You also get the opportunity to promote your brand or business even better. Customer tags spread the business like wildfire, and that is how popularity grows even faster.
  • The individuals can use the fake location for tagging their friends and playing pranks on them or their family too.

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Add a Custom Location on Instagram with Tenorshare iAnyGo

A very convenient method for adding any fake location on Instagram is spoofing the GPS location of the device. It is to help you with this that we bring you the Tenorshare iAnyGo tool.

It allows you to manipulate the iOS device’s GPS location. And it will help you the best if you have already decided on a location that you want to fake with.

There are just a few steps that you need to follow with this tool that will enable you to create a location on Instagram posts.

select a location on the map

Before we tell you the procedure to do it, let’s take you through some of the outstanding features of the application iAnyGo.

  • You can easily fake the GPS location of your iPhone, and you can even share that location on any social media platform like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
  • It also allows you to teleport to any place of your choice and get a Fake Location on WhatsApp, just with one click and without any hassle.
  • You can even add a route customized as per your wish for simulating the GPS movement. If you want to prank your friends, you are going to love this feature.
  • The tool also lets you play the movement and then pause it too anytime to solve the doubts of the people.
  • There is one unique thing about the software that lets you save the locations that you tagged for later use as well.

Use Facebook to Create a Location on Instagram.

You must be already aware of the fact that Instagram is now owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. If you cannot add any custom location on Instagram directly, then you can get Facebook to do that job for you.

Let’s take a look at the steps to use the Facebook account for adding a fake location to the Instagram posts.

1. Open the app Facebook on the iOS device. Tap on the button Check-In.

Use Facebook to create location Instagram.

2. The app will now show you a suggestion list of all the locations close to you. Now because you have to add a fake location over here, go to the search bar and tap the icon X.

3. The next prompt will give you a message of “Not able to find what you’re looking for,” along with a specific button for adding the custom location. Tap on that button Add.

Use Facebook to create location Instagram.

4. In the next step, you will have to mention the specific category of the location that you’re adding. This is a very crucial step, mostly for business persons. You can attract a lot of interested people to your business’s Instagram feed by selecting the appropriate category here.

Use Facebook to create location Instagram.

5. Now we are near the end of the process. At this step, all that needs to be done is for you to enter the location manually over the map. Drag the pin on it to place it at the specific physical address of the custom location.

Now click on the button Create. If you are presently located at that place only, then you need to just toggle over the button “I’m currently here” to select that specific location.

Use Facebook to create location Instagram.

6. Finally, go and open Instagram. Click on the button Add Post. Select the photo to be posted, click on Next, and then tap on Add Location. The particular custom location that you selected will pop in the suggestion list. Click on that and move ahead with confirming the post.

7. The custom location on Instagram is active now on your post, and you can do the same with all the posts that you put up on Instagram in the future.

Top Five Happening Location Tags to Use on Instagram

Here is the list:

#london (posts over 131 million)

#london (posts over 131 million)

#italy (posts over 121 million)

#italy (posts over 121 million)

#newyork (posts over 98.4 million)

#newyork (posts over 98.4 million)

#california (posts over 81.3 million)

#california (posts over 81.3 million)

#france (posts over 77.6 million)

#france (posts over 77.6 million)

You can use these particular hashtags for the custom location if your business is located there. This will make your posts appear at the top of the search results and attract all the potential customers.


1. Can I add a custom location on Instagram without Facebook?

A: As of now, Instagram pulls its location data from Facebook. Therefore, to add a custom location, you need to create it on Facebook first.

2. Why isn’t my custom location showing up on Instagram immediately?

A: The synchronization between Facebook’s and Instagram’s databases can sometimes take a while. If your custom location isn’t showing up immediately, give it some time.

3. Can geotagging my posts increase my Instagram engagement?

A: Yes, geotagged posts often have higher engagement rates as they appear in location-based searches, making your content discoverable to a wider audience.

4. Do I always need to add a location to my Instagram posts?

A: No, adding a location is optional. However, it’s a good practice to do so if you want to increase the reach of your posts.

5. What if I face issues while checking in on Facebook?

A: Make sure your Facebook app has the necessary permissions to access your location. If issues persist, try reinstalling the app or reach out to Facebook support.


Having a custom location on Instagram multiplies the efficacy of the Instagram account of your business in brand promotion and showcasing the daily activities of the individuals. We also included relevant information to help you perform the job better and create a location on Instagram.


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