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How to Change Your Name on Tinder? – 2 Easy Ways!


Written by Jack Lin

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How to Change Your Name on Tinder

“How do I change my name on Tinder? I just feel like my current name is not the best one for my profile. Is it allowed to change the current name? Or, will I have to create a fresh account? Please let me know. TIA”

Do you have the same question? In other words, do you wonder, “how do I change my name on Tinder“? Let’s find it out.


To update your Tinder profile with a new name, you’ll need to make the change on Facebook first. However, the modification won’t take effect until 24 hours have elapsed after you make it on Facebook.

What, though, if you didn’t necessarily sign up for Tinder using your Facebook info? And what if you hadn’t signed up using your Facebook profile but rather your phone number?

The procedure for doing so will vary. You should also remember that you can always start fresh by deleting your current Tinder profile.

Just because you delete your Tinder profile doesn’t mean you won’t lose your matches. Also, you will not lose any of your messages and other data associated with them.

Check out what must be done to alter your Tinder identity by changing your name or even your gender.

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Introduction to Tinder


Tinder is a popular online dating application that allows users to meet other single globally virtually.

Tinder, which debuted in 2012, was an industry trailblazer when it came to mobile dating apps. Tinder’s meteoric rise prompted the launch of other comparable dating applications, such as Hinge, OkCupid, and Plenty of Fish. In fact, all of these are part of the Match Group.

We should emphasize the fact that Tinder’s interface is straightforward: just swipe right on potential matches to express interest. The basic software is free to download and use, but there are paid upgrades available.

While Tinder has earned a reputation as the “hook-up app.” It is, at its core, a dating platform, like its rivals, serves as a springboard to serious relationships.

In fact, this platform can even lead to marriage for a younger, more technologically adept generation.

Why Would You Want to Change Your Name on Tinder?

Before proceeding to learn how to change my name on Tinder, let’s know the requirement for such a process.

First, you’re supposed to think long and hard about using a fake name on Tinder before you do it. People you go on dates with will call you by the unique Tinder handle. Those who are dishonest run the risk of alienating and frustrating others.

There’s a chance your date will be tolerant if you need to use a pet or a fake name. In fact, you may want to use it for security or simply for anonymity concerns.

Don’t go down this road unless you’ve thought through how reasonable your explanation will be.

Besides, do you want to perform a Tinder search without registering? If so, let’s go ahead and learn how to perform a Tinder profile search free here.

Think Before You Change the Name

Now that you wonder how do I change my name on Tinder, it is better to think twice. Facebook and Tinder both prefer that users identify themselves by their full names and birth dates.

The two programs share a common goal of monitoring their users for rule breakers. These rules exist for a valid reason: to ensure the security of its users.

Remember that breaking these rules could result in suspension or permanent removal from one or both services. You should give some serious consideration to whether or not a name change is necessary to achieve your goals.

Also, if you wonder, is Tinder Gold worth it? In this article, we will discuss a few aspects of Tinder Gold and whether you should consider this option or not.

So, How to Change My Name on Tinder?

Now, let’s focus on the main issue; how to change your name on Tinder? In fact, there are a couple of practical possibilities to get this job done correctly.

With that said, let’s pay attention to those methods carefully and change your Tinder name.

Solution 1: Update Your Facebook Profile

If you originally signed up for Tinder through Facebook, updating your Facebook profile will also update your Tinder name.

Be patient as Facebook begins the name change procedure on your account. After that point, everything will proceed automatically.

This is the most basic method to follow if you wonder how do I change my name on Tinder.

Solution 2: Start Afresh

Unfortunately, if you use a phone number to sign up for a Tinder account, you cannot change any information. Once you’ve added that information, Tinder won’t let you modify it. 

Instead, you can start fresh by canceling the old phone number account and giving the new one. It is true that this process will delete the account’s history of matches or algorithmic data. However, the contact information can be reused to register a new account. 

Once established, accounts created with phone numbers cannot be connected to third-party services like Google or Facebook. 

In order to establish that link, sign up for an account through the “LOG IN WITH GOOGLE” option. If not, you can even use the “LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK” buttons.

Let’s assume that you link your Facebook profile to Tinder. In that case, your Tinder account name will be the same as your Facebook name.

Starting Fresh is Not That Difficult

It is possible to deactivate your Tinder profile and start fresh. For this method to work, Tinder users must have created their profiles using their contact numbers.

If you have created your Tinder profile with your Facebook profile, this method doesn’t work.

The steps that need to be taken after that are outlined below.

  • First, you should open the Tinder application using your smartphone. Then, you should press the icon dedicated to “Profile.” This icon can be found at the upper part of the screen.
Tinder Settings
  • Once you have done that, you should go to the option called “Settings.” Then, you should scroll the screen down. After that, you should select the option called “Delete Account.” These simple steps will delete the respective Tinder account.
Delete Tinder Account
  • After that, you are supposed to restore every information related to your profile.
  • Once you have done that, you should open your Tinder application. Then, create a new Tinder profile and use a new name.

That’s basically it.

With that said, if you intend to change the gender of your Tinder account, below are the steps.

How to Change the Gender of Your Tinder Profile?

  • Select the icon dedicated to “Profile.” This icon can be found at the top of your Tinder screen.
  • After that, you should touch the option called “Edit Information.” This will lead you to change the information.
Edit Info on Tinder
  • Now, you should select the option called “I Am.” This can be found at the bottom of your screen.
Option I Am
  • After selecting this specific option, you can go to “More” and describe your gender.
I Am More

How to Change Other Settings of Your Tinder Profile?

With Tinder, it is not easy to change the details like age and name. However, when it comes to other settings of the profile, things are not that difficult. In other words, you can easily adjust other settings of your Tinder profile if needed.

Below are the steps you should follow if you want to change the settings of your profile.

Tap on the profile icon. Then, select the option called “Edit Info.” From here, you can easily scroll through details like gender, sexual orientation, and even location. It also allows you to change the job.

By the way, let’s learn how to get unbanned from Tinder in the simplest way possible. If you’ve received the Tinder account under review message, read on to find out how to fix it.

Choosing a Tinder Subscription

It is true that Tinder offers a free version. However, there are three other plans you can choose from if you want a better experience.

Choosing a Tinder Subscription

● Tinder Plus

  • It includes unlimited swiping
  • Change your location using Passport
  • Additional super likes boost and rewinds every month
  • Ability to limit your visible information.

● Tinder Gold

  • All the benefits included in Tinder Plus
  • Ability to see who liked your profile before saying yes or no
  • A selection of top picks on a daily basis  

● Tinder Platinum

  • All the benefits of Tinder Plus and Gold
  • You can give preference to subscription-based profiles over others.
  • Ability to send messages before a match
  • Only available in the form of an upgrade (you cannot purchase it straightaway)

That’s basically it. These methods will work if you wonder how do I change my name on Tinder.

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Please note that this article is not intended to promote any unethical, illegal online behavior.


Changing your name on Tinder can be a simple process that allows you to present yourself in a way that resonates with you. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can modify your name on Tinder and explore the platform with a renewed identity.


1. How many times can I change my name on Tinder? Tinder discourages frequent name changes to maintain authenticity. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose a name you’re comfortable with as you won’t be able to change it frequently.

2. Can I use a fake name on Tinder? While Tinder allows you to modify your name, it’s important to use a name that reflects your authentic self. Using a fake name may lead to negative experiences or account suspension.

3. Can I change my name on Tinder without deleting my account? Yes, you can change your name on Tinder without deleting your account. Follow the steps outlined in this article to modify your name while retaining your existing profile and matches.

4. Will my matches be notified when I change my name? No, your matches will not receive a specific notification when you change your name on Tinder. However, they will see your updated name on your profile.

5. Can I change my name back to the previous one after modifying it on Tinder? Yes, if you decide to revert to your previous name after changing it on Tinder, you can follow the same steps outlined in this article to edit your name again.


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