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How to Fix iPhone Maps Not Working Issue Effortlessly


Written by Jack Lin

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iPhone Maps Not Working

Are iPhone Maps not working? Don’t worry. You can fix it sooner than expected. All you need is to go through the steps mentioned below and learn how to overcome them.

Pretty much any iOS device user makes use of Maps to navigate. Traveling to a new place or finding their way in a crowded, new city is very handy. In certain cases, however, users suddenly discover that their iPhone Maps are not working.

Voice navigation is a standard-setting integrated into your iPhone and Google Maps. However, various factors can contribute to the malfunctioning of this feature.

So, if iPhone Maps is not working and you want to get it fixed, just follow the instructions below. The instructions we have provided below can reactivate the voice navigation feature on the iPhone.

iPhone Maps Not Working – Basics to Check

if your iPhone Maps are not working; you should check the basics before everything else. In many cases, iPhone Maps are not working because the users accidentally toggled the voice off.

So, the first solution is to check if the same thing has happened to you. So, mentioned below are the steps you should follow to enable voice on both Apple Maps and Google Maps.

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Activate Voice Navigation on Apple Maps

If the voice of your iPhone Maps is not working, just follow the steps below.

  • First, you should go to the “Settings” option and navigate to the option called “Maps.” After that, you should also go to “Driving & Navigation.”
  • You can now see an option labeled “Navigation Voice Volume.” Choose an appropriate voice option from “Loud Volume,” “Normal Volume,” and “Low Volume” from that list. This would enable the voice on your Google Maps if it was disabled.
  • You should ensure to avoid the “No Voice” option on your iOS device.
Activate voice navigation on Apple Maps

Activate Voice Navigation Feature on Google Maps

It is possible to toggle on/off the Voice Navigation feature on Google Maps through its settings. You should do it when you take directions on the map.

Sometimes, the user accidentally toggles the feature off while taking directions. So, check it on your Google Maps before proceeding.

  • First, you should launch Google Maps on the device and take directions to a certain location.
  • Now, you should find an icon with the shape of a speaker on the right-hand side. Tap on it and check if it is switched on.
Activate voice navigation feature on Google Maps

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Best Solutions to Try if iPhone Maps Not Working

Below are the best ten methods to try if your iPhone Maps are not working.

Method 01: Check if Your Device Has a Bluetooth Connection

It is essential to check if the Bluetooth connection on the iPhone is working. You cannot hear the voice on maps if the iOS device is connected to Bluetooth headphones.

Also, please check if the respective device is paired correctly with the car’s audio setup.

You should do the following to get it done.

  • Launch Settings and open Bluetooth.
  • Now, in the option called “My Devices,” check if it is connected to any other device.
  • Choose the correct device to be paired with.
Check if your device has a Bluetooth connection to Fix iPhone Maps Not Working

Method 02: Download the Voice Direction Once Again

Sometimes, the issue can trigger if you have not downloaded the voice direction on the computer. If that is the case, please download the voice directions and see if iPhone Maps is not working.

  • Enable a data connection on your device and click on the option “Get Directions.”
  • Then, you can open the Maps app as usual.
  • Check if the iPhone Maps are not working yet.

Method 03: Refresh the Location Services on Your Device

If the problem persists, you can refresh the location services to fix that issue.

  • Go to “Settings” and choose “Privacy,” and then go to the option called “Location Services.”
  • Now, be sure to toggle off the location services.
  • After that, restart the device.
  • Once again, you should go to “Settings” and choose Privacy. Then, choose “Location Services.”
  • The Location Services must be toggled on.
Refresh the "Location Services" on your device to Fix iPhone Maps Not Working

Check if the issue persists.

Method 04: Reset the Location Data and Network Data on the Device

The “iPhone Maps Not Working” issue can sometimes be resolved by resetting the network data settings and location data.

You can follow the steps below and get it done.

  • Go to “Settings” and choose “General.”
  • Next, you should scroll down and tap on the “Reset” option. This move will reset all the settings, including cellular settings, passwords, Wi-Fi, and VPN settings.
  • After that, please click on “Reset Location & Privacy.”
  • Launch Maps and see if you can hear the voice navigation feature.
Reset the location data and network data on the device to Fix iPhone Maps Not Working

Method 05: Pause the Spoken Media

You cannot hear the navigation voice if you usually listen to audiobooks and podcasts. So, here’s how to pause spoken media and resolve the issue.

  • Go to “Settings” and choose “Maps.” Then, choose “Driving & Navigation.”
  • Make sure you scroll down and toggle on the option “Pause Spoken Audio.”
  • That’s it.
Pause the spoken media

Method 06: Restart the iPhone Maps App

Restarting the iPhone Maps app is the most convenient way to resolve this issue.

  • First, you should exit the Maps on your iOS device.
  • Then, you should wait a couple of minutes before opening the app.
  • Check if the issue is gone.
Restart the iPhone Maps app to fix Fix iPhone Maps Not Working

Method 07: Uninstall Apple Maps and Reinstall it

Those with iOS 10 or later versions can uninstall apps even if they are built-in.

  • Tap on the Apple Maps icon and hold it.
  • When you see the “X” mark, just tap on it.
  • Now, tap on “Delete” so the removal will be confirmed.
  • Then, you should reinstall the Maps app using the App Store.
Uninstall the Apple Maps and reinstall it

Method 08: Restart the iOS Device

If you are yet to succeed, the next available solution is to restart the iPhone. The method of restarting will depend on the version of the device, however.

● For iPhone X or Newer Models

Press the Side button along with the volume button and hold them to see the slider.

● For iPhone 8 or Older Models

Press the Side/Top button and hold it until the slider appears.

  • Now, you should drag the slider to turn off the device.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Turn on the device and see if the issue is resolved.
Restart the iOS device

Method 09: Restore the Device Using iTunes

If you are yet to find a solution, you may try restoring your iPhone through iTunes. For many users, this should resolve the issues related to iOS.

However, it is mandatory to back up your device data before performing this step.

  • Launch iTunes and then connect the device to it.
  • Click on the “Restore iPhone” option and choose “Restore.”
  • Once the process is completed, the device will function like a new one.
Restore the device using iTunes

Method 10: Use Tenorshare ReiBoot to Fix the iPhone Maps Not Working Issue Without Causing Data Loss

We consider this the ultimate issue because it can fix any issue related to your iOS device. Tenorshare ReiBoot is a powerful yet user-friendly tool that can fix any iOS-related issue without any difficulty.

This tool works on any iOS device, even if it runs on the latest iOS version. This tool can definitely fix the “iPhone Maps Not Working” issue.

Just follow the steps mentioned below to get it done.

  • Connect the faulty iPhone to your computer. Then, launch Tenorshare ReiBoot on the same computer. Just click on ‘Start‘ > ‘Standard Repair‘ so you can fix the issue without causing any data loss. Also, you should unlock the device manually if it runs on iOS 16. If the respective device is not recognized, just put the same into DFU/Recovery mode.
Tenorshare ReiBoot
Tenorshare ReiBoot - Stanard Repair
  • Download the appropriate firmware for the device by choosing the displayed versions. Then, click on the option labeled Download.
Tenorshare ReiBoot - Download frimware
  • After clicking on the Start Standard Repair button, Tenorshare ReiBoot will repair the error. Please make sure that the device is kept plugged in until the process is completed.
Tenorshare ReiBoot - Start Repair
  • After the process, the device should restart normally without any issues.
Tenorshare ReiBoot - Repairing
Fix iPhone Maps Not Working Using Tenorshare ReiBoot

That is exactly how to fix any iOS-related error using Tenorshare ReiBoot without losing your data.


Q1: Why is my iPhone maps app not working?

A1: The iPhone maps app may not work due to various reasons such as software glitches, incorrect settings, network issues, or outdated app versions.

Q2: How do I update the Maps app on my iPhone?

A2: To update the Maps app, open the App Store, go to the “Updates” tab, and look for the Maps app. If an update is available, tap “Update.”

Q3: Will resetting network settings delete my data?

A3: No, resetting network settings will not delete your data. However, it will remove saved Wi-Fi passwords.

Q4: Can I use iPhone maps without an internet connection?

A4: Yes, you can use iPhone maps without an internet connection by downloading offline maps or using GPS functionality. However, real-time updates and navigation may not be available.

Q5: How do I contact Apple Support for iPhone maps issues?

A5: To contact Apple Support, visit their official website or use the Apple Support app on your iPhone to access support options and get in touch with a representative.


Experiencing issues with iPhone maps can be frustrating, but with the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article, you should be able to resolve most common problems. Remember to restart your iPhone, check location services, update the software, and try other troubleshooting methods. If all else fails, reach out to Apple Support for expert help.


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