How to Cancel a Scheduled Lyft Ride: A Comprehensive Guide


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How to Cancel Lyft Ride
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Do you know how to cancel a scheduled Lyft ride? You are probably reading this article to find an answer to that question, aren’t you?

An Overview

In the United States, Lyft is considered the ride-sharing firm with the second-largest position. It offers ride-sharing solutions like bicycle sharing, automobile rental, and food delivery solutions in addition to other transportation options.

Lyft ride has its headquarters in San Francisco. And their app is often regarded as one of the most successful competitors to Uber.

Lyft’s services are accessible to customers via a smartphone app. This app enables riders to schedule rides regardless of their location. It only takes a few clicks on the Lyft app to cancel a ride you have reserved.

You may need to do that due to various reasons. The Lyft application is now officially downloadable for use on mobile devices running either iOS or Android.

How to Cancel a Lyft?

Let’s get to the point straight away; how to cancel a Lyft? Assume that you want to avoid being charged a price for canceling a ride.

What you should remember is that there’re two minutes from the time the ride was requested to cancel.

If you cancel your reservation after the first 2 minutes, you a charge will incur. And, it will be a price of around ten dollars. The cancellation cost is subject to change according to the location of the reservation.

  • After deciding to cancel your ride, you can tap on the “Edit Ride” option. It is located at the bottom of the screen (towards the left).
  • Then, you should select the option “Cancel Ride.”
How to Cancel a Lyft
  • Now, you should confirm the cancellation process by clicking on the “Cancel Ride” option once more.
Cancel Ride on Lyft
  • That’s basically how to cancel a Lyft ride. As you can see, canceling a Lyft ride is very easy.

How to Cancel a Scheduled Lyft Ride?

The previous paragraph explains how to cancel a Lyft without any hassle.

However, what if you want to learn how to cancel a scheduled Lyft ride? Let’s learn about it as well.

The steps are somewhat different compared to the previous option.

  • First, you should select the icon that appears as a calendar. It is located on the right-hand side corner of the home screen.
  • After that, you should tap on the option that appears as an “X“. It is located right above the ride that is already scheduled, so you can find it easily.
  • Then, you should hit the “Cancel” button to proceed with the cancellation process.

That’s basically how to cancel a scheduled Lyft ride. Once again, it is very easy.

Besides, if you are wondering how to delete Lyft ride history without hassle, consider this article a comprehensive guide.

What’s Their Cancellation Policy?

When you terminate (cancel) a ride, you are subject to the terms & conditions that apply to that action. Cancellation and no fines are a method that Lyft employs to safeguard the efforts of the drivers.

The drivers are compensated for the effort and time that they put in. Assume that the user’s reason for canceling their ride satisfies Lyft’s cancellation terms & conditions.

In that case, the user will not be charged fees to cancel the respective ride.

Cancellation Fees Are Applied in Some Cases

You’ll be subject to a fee of 2 USD if you decide to cancel the journey in some instances. For instance, assume that the driver has already started driving before your cancellation request.

If not, assume you have received the driver’s estimated arrival time before the cancellation. In both circumstances, you will be charged $2.

Moreover, your ride will be automatically canceled after five minutes of non-appearance at the pickup site. In that case, however, you will be understandably responsible for paying the cancellation fee.

The ride would be reinstated if you were less than 5 minutes late. What if you discover that you’ve been charged an unreasonable amount? In that case, you can get your money returned by following the steps outlined in this article.

  • First, you should launch your Lyft app and go to “Menu.”
  • Then, select the ride history and go to the ride that should be canceled.
  • You can then scroll down and select the “Get Help” option to proceed.
Get Help
  • Now, you should explain the situation in brief. The support team will then review the query. After that, they will decide if the cancellation fee is applied unreasonably. You will be given the money back if it is an unreasonable charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions asked about Lyft ride cancellations.

Q1: Is there a penalty for cancelling a Lyft ride? Potentially, if the ride is cancelled after a certain timeframe or if the driver is already on their way.

Q2: Can I cancel a ride I just scheduled? Yes, you can. But if it’s more than 5 minutes since scheduling, cancellation fees might apply.

Q3: Can I contact my driver after cancelling the ride? No, once a ride is cancelled, communication between the rider and driver is cut off.

Q4: Will cancelling a ride affect my user rating? Frequent cancellations might negatively affect your rating.

Q5: Can I dispute a cancellation charge? Yes, you can dispute a cancellation charge through Lyft’s customer service.


So, that’s all about how to cancel a Lyft. Did you find the answer to your question? If you still have other doubts, please let us know.

We will answer your questions at our earliest convenience. If you find any difficulties with how to cancel a scheduled Lyft ride, you can contact their customer service.


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