How to Cancel Etsy Order That is Placed Mistakenly?


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How to Cancel Etsy Order
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Looking for the right instruction to Cancel your Etsy Order? Well, you have landed on the correct article to learn about it from scratch.

The process is simple, but for novices, it can be somewhat difficult. We have composed this article explaining the cancellation process in the simplest possible format.

So, keep reading and learn how to cancel Etsy’s order correctly.

Being a massive online marketplace for handmade goods, Etsy is home to almost anything you could possibly want. Shopping might be difficult when there’s so much to choose from.

It is possible to find yourself needing to reverse a recent purchase you made on the site. That is irrespective of whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned shopper.

Cancel Etsy Order using an Account

A request for cancellation on Etsy might be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the seller. For this reason, you must contact the vendor directly. You should do it if you’ve purchased your item or items and later changed your decision.

That means you have decided that you no longer like it and want to cancel your transaction.

You should also ensure your purchase was completed in accordance with Etsy’s cancellation policy before continuing. Assume that you’ve not paid yet or received the item. Also, the respective seller is agreed to cancel the request. If that’s the case, the cancellation process will be completed automatically.

You have the option of canceling your order before or after it has been sent. If the vendor hasn’t yet sent the goods, it’s likely that they’ll allow you to cancel the order. The other option is to seek a refund and return an item if it has already been sent.

To begin the cancellation procedure, follow these steps depending on your situation.

How to Cancel Etsy Order Prior to Shipping It

Assume that it’s been under two days since you made a purchase. If so, the item may still be on its way to you. To cancel an order in this situation, follow these steps:

  • Using the address, log in to your account there.
  • Go to the “Your Account” area by clicking on the “Your Account” link. It is located in the upper-right corner of its “Home” page.
Etsy Account
  • Open the “Purchases and Reviews” drop-down menu.
How to Cancel Etsy Order via Purchase on Etsy
  • Locate the order that has to be canceled.
  • The order status “Not sent” may be found on the right side of the page. There’ll be a “Request Cancellation” link at the bottom of the page. It’s there.

The respective seller will receive an automated message from you. Add extra details to the offer in the message. You can explain why you’re canceling the deal or anything else you think the seller needs to know. It’s always up to you whether or not you want to change the message.

  • After clicking “Submit,” wait for a response from the vendor. And that’s how to perform Etsy cancel order successfully before shipping it.

How to Cancel Etsy Order Once It is Shipped

If it’s been over two days since you placed your purchase, it’s probably already been delivered.

You may Etsy cancel the order once it has been sent using the following instructions. 

  • Go to to proceed with the cancellation process.
  • To sign in, go to the upper right corner of the Etsy screen and click “Sign in.”
  • In the top right-hand corner, click on the account symbol. It’s the “You” symbol at the bottom of the icon.
  • The drop-down list will have a “Purchases & Reviews” option.
  • Select “Contact Shop” from the list of orders you would like to cancel. You can then see a blank message draft appear when you first log in.
  • Send a note to the seller informing them that you wish to cancel the order. Click “Send” so you can send the message.
  • After receiving the cancellation request, the respective seller will determine whether or not to continue with your cancellation request.

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Cancel your Etsy Order if You Are a Buyer

Every individual is supposed to follow the cancellation policy of Etsy. If that’s the case, customers who do not have an account may cancel their orders. Etsy’s transactions service is known to be the only option to cancel an order.

So, keep reading if you don’t have an account and still wonder how to cancel an Etsy order.

  • First of all, make sure to check your email for order confirmation from Etsy. This is the message you received from
How to Cancel Etsy Order by Email Etsy Support
  • Tell them you’d like to cancel the respective order in reply to that email. Make it clear that your email is intended for the seller from the outset.

Cancel Etsy Order as a Seller

As an Etsy seller, you should check the cancellation policy before canceling an order. In addition, make sure to request a refund for any shipping labels that were not utilized. Also, you should gather any relevant information for your records.

Before canceling a transaction on Etsy, it’s a good idea to write the customer (the respective buyer) a note. Do it through Etsy Messages. This is how to accomplish it:

  • Shop Manager has a “Orders & Delivery” tab that you may go to for further information.
  • Make a note of the order.
  • Select “Send a message” from the menu on its order form.
  • Click “Send” once you’ve typed your message.

Cancel Etsy order is the only solution; therefore, here’s how:

  • Log in to the Etsy account at
  • Take a look at the option called “Shop Manager.”
  • Click on “Orders & Shipping” to begin the ordering process.
Cancel Etsy Order as a Seller
  • The “Cancel order” feature may be found by choosing “More actions.” After that, you should select “Cancel” in the “Order Detail” overlay. You may also cancel a purchase by clicking on the three-dot symbol beside the respective order. Then, you should choose “Cancel.”
Cancel on More actions
  • Identify the cause of your decision to postpone. The buyer’s reimbursement will be shown as well.
Cancel an Order
  • (Optional) To communicate with the buyer, enter a note in the text box that appears beneath the refund amount. There are a number of ways to let them know.
  • Choose “Cancel Order” to end your purchase.

Once the order is canceled the order, a refund will be issued to the buyer. Then, the cancellation process will take effect immediately. Within 48 hours of cancelation, the buyer can post a review.

Etsy Payments refunds are not required if the customer paid with a method apart from Etsy Payments.

Under “Orders & Shipping,” find “Complete.” Then, you can see a list of all of the canceled orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I cancel an Etsy order after it has been shipped? No, once an order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled. However, you may be able to return the item following the seller’s return policy.

2. Will I receive a full refund if I cancel an Etsy order? The refund amount depends on the seller’s refund policy. Some sellers may issue a full refund, while others may deduct certain fees or charges.

3. How long do sellers have to respond to a cancellation request? The response time may vary depending on the seller’s shop policies. Exercise patience and consider sending a follow-up message if you haven’t received a response within a reasonable period.

4. What should I do if the seller doesn’t respond to my cancellation request? If the seller doesn’t respond to your cancellation request, you can reach out to Etsy’s customer support for assistance. They will investigate the matter and help you resolve the issue.

5. How can I avoid mistakenly placing orders on Etsy? To avoid mistakenly placing orders, double-check your order details before finalizing the purchase, ensure the correct quantity and item selection, and consider adding items to your cart for review before making a purchase.


Regardless of the retailer, canceling orders is never considered to be a pleasant process.

In comparison to other e-commerce giants, Etsy has made it more difficult to cancel an order. However, if you’re patient and have a good cause to cancel your order, you shouldn’t have any issues.

With any luck, you now know everything you should know about canceling an Etsy order. Be sure to text your seller first before contacting Etsy. Don’t forget to get in touch with the buyer first if you’re a vendor!

Well, why is it so common for a customer to need to know how to cancel an Etsy order? Did you run into any problems while putting this together? We would love to know your opinion. So, please do share your thoughts with us.


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