How to Delete Lyft Ride History With Ease?


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How to Delete Lyft Ride History
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Are you wondering how to delete Lyft ride history without any hassle? If so, you can consider this article to be a comprehensive guide.

So, let’s go ahead and learn how to accomplish this task.

Understanding Lyft’s Privacy Policy

Before we dive into the how-to, let’s take a quick look at Lyft’s privacy policy. It’s always good to know what information a service collects and how it uses your data.

What Information Does Lyft Collect?

In a nutshell, Lyft collects data related to your use of the service, including your ride history. This information helps the company provide and improve their services. From the pickup point to the drop-off location, everything is stored in their database.

Can You Delete Your Lyft Ride History?

The straightforward answer is no, you can’t manually delete your ride history from the Lyft app. But, don’t be disheartened. There’s a way around this, and we’re about to tell you how.

How to Delete Ride History on Lyft – a Quick Overview

If you want to learn how to delete ride history on Lyft, just open Lyft app on your device. After that, simply tap on the menu bar.

Then, you should go to the option “History” located on the dropdown menu. You should then select an attraction.

That means from which you intend to withdraw access. After that, you should tap on “ride detail“. After that, tap on the symbol that represents “Delete” located at your screen’s bottom.

Besides, if you wonder how to cancel a scheduled Lyft ride, let’s find the best ways to cancel a Lyft ride without any hassle & learn more about its cancellation policy.

Steps on Delete Lyft Ride History

Here’s a simplified guide on deleting your Lyft ride history.

  • First, you should access the account settings.
  • Scroll and locate the ‘Ride History‘ option.
  • After that, you should select any ride that should be removed.
  • Then, simply tap on the ‘Delete‘ option.
Lyft Ride History

So, that’s what you can do if you wonder how to delete Lyft ride history.

How to Hide a Lyft Ride I Have Taken?

There are a few options to keep your Lyft ride a secret. Method one: use Lyft’s ‘Hide My Ride‘ feature on your mobile device to conceal your current location.

Using this feature, your trip can be hidden from other passengers for a pre-determined time.

You will also be able to use their ‘Share My Ride‘ function to send any unsolicited email. It will contain the specifics of the respective ride to others. They can then share the same with third parties if they wish to do so.

What Happens After Deleting Your Lyft Ride History?

How It Affects Your Lyft Experience

Once your ride history is deleted, you’ll no longer see your past rides in the app. This could be both liberating and a bit inconvenient, depending on how you use the service.

Privacy Concerns Post-Deletion

Deleting your ride history doesn’t mean Lyft forgets you were a customer. They still have your account details, but your ride information will be erased.

Alternatives to Deleting Lyft Ride History

Using Incognito Mode

If your main concern is privacy, consider using the ‘Incognito’ mode available in some regions. This lets you ride without saving the trip in your history.

Creating a New Lyft Account

Another approach is to create a new Lyft account. This means starting afresh, with no previous ride history. But remember, this should be your last resort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I delete my Lyft ride history directly from the app?

No, you can’t delete your ride history directly from the app. You’ll need to contact Lyft’s customer support to request the deletion.

Q2. Does deleting my Lyft ride history affect my account status?

Deleting your ride history will not affect your account status. However, your past rides will no longer be visible in the app.

Q3. Can Lyft still track me after I delete my ride history?

Lyft can only track your rides when you use the service. Once you delete your ride history, past rides are erased, but any future rides will be recorded.

Q4. Can I prevent Lyft from collecting my ride history?

The only way to prevent Lyft from collecting your ride history is by not using the service. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Incognito’ mode where available.

Q5. What information does Lyft keep after I delete my ride history?

Lyft retains your account information, including your name, email, and payment method. However, details of past rides are deleted.


In conclusion, while there’s no direct way to delete your Lyft ride history, there are measures you can take. Whether it’s reaching out to customer support or using Lyft in Incognito mode, you have options. Remember, your privacy is important, and it’s essential to understand how services like Lyft use your data.


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