How to Cancel a DoorDash Order to Get a Refund?


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How to Cancel a DoorDash Order
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For any user, it can be handy to know how to cancel a DoorDash order.

Assume that you have ordered something and you have second thoughts about it in the next minute.

In that case, you have no option other than canceling the order.

Is It Possible to Cancel a DoorDash Order?

Well, in simplest terms, it is POSSIBLE to cancel an order placed through DoorDash. In fact, they do offer an option of canceling the order prior to the completion of the delivery.

However, you are only eligible for a refund only if the order is not confirmed by the vendor. Also, you may be able to claim a refund if a delivery person is not assigned yet.

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Refunds and Cancellations – According to DoorDash

According to DoorDash’s official website, they have certain conditions for offering refunds.

So, before learning how to cancel a DoorDash order, reading the following information can be handy.

Also, here, we will address the question, “Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay?” and its other payment methods for your reference.

Order’s StatusRefund
If the order hasn’t been confirmed and no delivery person has been assigned so far;You are eligible for a full refund.
If the order hasn’t been confirmed but a delivery person is already assigned;You are eligible for a full refund.
The order is already confirmed by the respective vendor, but a delivery person is yet to be assigned.A partial refund is available for you.  
The order is confirmed, and a delivery person is already assignedNo refund is available

How to Cancel a DoorDash Order Before It Gets Confirmed?

Isn’t it inconvenient to place orders and then wait for the restaurant to confirm it? This irritation, however, will quickly turn into pure ecstasy if you decide to cancel that specific order. If the restaurant has not yet verified your order, canceling it is a breeze.

DoorDash allows you to cancel your order before it has been delivered to the restaurant. In this case, the eatery hasn’t yet started making your food. That means that it hasn’t yet received confirmation of your order.

Well, neither the restaurant’s nor DoorDash’s efforts were wasted if you cancel your order before it is confirmed. Because of that, you will receive a full refund.

In addition, here, we will talk about how to remove the payment method from DoorDash; if you want to update your payment method on DoorDash, just read on carefully.

Is It Possible to Get a Refund if the Order is Received?

Have you ever gotten an incorrect order? The same as when you bought a meal but ended up with something completely unrelated to what you expected? If it happens to you, you’re not alone.

In fact, DoorDash is aware of this situation and offers reimbursement for the inconvenience. However, bear in mind that once an order has been accepted and finished, it is non-refundable.

DoorDash only provides refunds for completed purchases if the conditions mentioned below are met.

  • You get something different than what you ordered.
  • Some items are missing from the order.
  • Your meal is delivered very late.
  • The food you ordered was prepared wrongly.
  • There are quality issues associated with your order.
  • Delivery time is extended unwantedly.

If you wonder how to cancel a DoorDash order and experience one of the above, that’s a green light.

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What Happens After Canceling an Order?

What Happens After Canceling an Order

Mistakes can happen anytime. So, it is completely normal and fine if you order something you don’t want anymore.

When you shop online, does this happen often? How about food orders? Online meal orders are easy to cancel. If you cancel your order, what happens?

So, what happens after canceling the order? If you cancel a DoorDash order, you may get a reimbursement.

If the order is not necessarily confirmed, you’ll receive a refund. If the respective restaurant has verified or picked up the order, you’ll get nothing more than a partial refund.

Partial refunds compensate the establishment for the resources and time spent to create your order. If the Dasher has already picked up your order, the money also pays him.

Can an Order Be Canceled by a Dasher?

DoorDash customers can cancel orders, we know. It’s quick and easy. However, can a Dasher cancel orders? Let’s find it out.

Dashers can unassign but not cancel orders. Dashers can easily unassign orders if they haven’t picked them up. An Android or iOS device can unassign an order.

Dashers can unassign orders using the app, but if they’ve already picked them up, they must contact support. Unassigning an order affects a Dasher’s total completion rate. So, a Dasher should never accept or accept the command.

What Are the Different Ways to Cancel an Order on DoorDash?

Everyone understands how to cancel online orders, right? Sometimes it’s complicated.

Though if you understand how going through the process once won’t hurt. You can easily cancel a DoorDash order using the app or website.

Here are the methods to cancel an order using any method.

Steps to Cancel an Order with the DoorDash App

Mentioned below are the steps to follow using DoorDash.

  • Launch the DoorDash app.
  • Then, select the respective order that should be canceled (located on the tab labeled “Orders“).
View DoorDash Order
  • Now, tap on the option called “Help.”
DoorDash Help
  • Select “Cancel Order.”
Cancel Order on DoorDash
  • Read the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Follow those instructions so you can cancel the order.

Steps to Cancel an Order with the DoorDash Website

If you wonder how to cancel a DoorDash order using their website, follow these instructions.

  • First, you should go to their official website.
  • Log in using the credentials.
  • Click on the hamburger icon (3 lines) in the top-left corner.
  • Now, click on the option called “Orders.”
DoorDash Orders
  • Click on the option called “Help.”
  • Then, click on “Cancel Order.”
Cancel Order on DoorDash
  • Follow the instructions on the screen, and then you can cancel the order successfully.

Getting a Refund Once the Order is Canceled Using the App

You might be wondering how to get a refund after choosing to cancel an order.

That said, mentioned below are the steps you should follow to get a refund.

  • Launch the DoorDash app on your device.
  • Now, go to the option called “Orders” and select the respective order to proceed.
  • Then, tap “Help.” After that, define what exactly has gone wrong with that order.
  • After that, go to “Details” and add more details.
  • Submit the report so you can get a refund.

Getting a Refund Through a Phone Call

You can follow the steps mentioned below to get a refund through a phone call after canceling an order.

  • First, you should dial “855-973-1040” and call their customer service to begin.
  • Then, explain what made you cancel this order. Also, you should emphasize that you need a refund after the cancellation.
  • Your request will be reviewed. Then, you will be able to receive a refund.
Getting a Refund Through a Phone Call

Getting a Refund Through Chat Support

You can follow the steps that are mentioned below and claim your refund through their chat support.

  • First, you should go to the official website of DoorDash.
  • Now, you can log into the account by entering the credentials.
  • Go to the option called “Contact Us.”
  • Now, click on the item that appears as a chat icon.
  • Explain why you need the refund.
  • It may take some time for you to get the refund.

Types of Refunds You Can Claim

Types of Refunds You Can Claim

Because of the advancement in technology, especially in the internet world, one might easily be deceived. As a safeguard against clients abusing its refund policy, DoorDash has defined the type of return it delivers. And it is based on order progress.

After canceling your order from DoorDash, you can request different types of refunds from them. For instance, you can go for a full refund, a re-delivery, a partial refund, or even DoorDash credits.

DoorDash will always send you an email with all the pertinent information on your refund, regardless of the type. All four forms of DoorDash refunds are outlined below.

● Full Refund

Within minutes after placing your transaction, you can request a refund in full from DoorDash. Assume that the respective restaurant hasn’t validated your order.

Or assume it has not started preparing it or hasn’t sent the Dasher to deliver the meal. In that case, you’ll have a full refund of your purchase price.

● Partial Refund

For any cancellation, while the order is being prepared or delivered to you, you will obtain a partial refund. How much you get back will be chosen based on how much resources and time were expended, for example.

● Re-delivery

Re-delivery is DoorDash’s least common form of reimbursement. Orders with missing items, late deliveries, etc., are the only ones that are subject to this type of review. Because re-delivery is so time-consuming and pretty complicated, most individuals avoid it at all costs.

● DoorDash Credits

Rather than giving back cash, DoorDash sometimes distributes DoorDash credits to its clients who receive refunds. You might think of these credits as a kind of DoorDash discount. As a tip or even a discount for the Dashers, these tokens can be used.

Is There a Minimum Time Frame to Claim DoorDash Refunds?

The value of time cannot be overstated. If you haven’t heard the term before, you’ve been missing out! As a DoorDash refund customer, your time is literally money.

Make sure you cancel the order as quickly as possible so that you can receive your money back. That is the shortest potential window of opportunity for getting a refund.

In order to secure a full refund, cancel your order as soon as possible. The reason for this is specifically to mitigate the resources and funds utilized by DoorDash.

So, if you cancel the purchase before it has been fully prepared, no resources will be wasted. So, be sure you cancel your DoorDash order as quickly as possible if you need a refund. 


DoorDash FAQ
  1. Can I cancel a DoorDash order after it’s been placed? Yes, but there may be charges depending on when you cancel.
  2. Will I get a refund if I cancel my DoorDash order? You may get a full or partial refund depending on the restaurant’s policy and the time of cancellation.
  3. What happens if I cancel my order after it’s out for delivery? You might be charged the full amount since the restaurant has already prepared and dispatched your order.
  4. What are some tips for a smooth DoorDash order cancellation? Cancel as soon as possible, check your email for a cancellation confirmation, and understand the restaurant’s cancellation policy.
  5. What should I avoid when cancelling a DoorDash order? Avoid cancelling orders too frequently or after the order is out for delivery.


Cancelling a DoorDash order can be done easily and quickly if you follow the proper steps. Remember to consider the restaurant’s policy and the timing of your cancellation to avoid unnecessary charges.


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