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How to Fix Google Maps Not Working Effortlessly


Written by Jack Lin

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Google maps not working

Imagine being in an unknown city for a trip, and you are starting for a place only to find out that Google maps not working on Android. Yes, that can be scary.

One of the very useful apps provided by the tech giant Google is Google Maps, which is an amazing navigation tool helpful in many other ways too. Given its resourcefulness, the app’s malfunction can pose a great problem for the users.

We aim to fix this issue for you in this article. We will give you a list of the best methods you can use to troubleshoot the problem of Google Maps not working on Android.

The app Google Maps can be rightly considered an amazing innovation as it provides web-based map services on your Smartphone that tell you the right direction as you enable the location settings.

The GPS stopping abruptly can be the worst nightmare for you when being in an unfamiliar place. Many reasons can be attributed to the issue of Google maps not working on Android.

Knowing Some of Them Will Help You Better Find the Right Fix.

  • App crashing: Google Maps crashes many times after you launch it, which involves the app closing immediately or after a few seconds.
  • Maps load slowly: It may take much more time for the app to open and cause disturbance to the users.
  • Showing wrong locations: There are many instances when the Google Maps app stops showing the correct directions to any particular place or even shows the wrong location.
  • App going blank: Google Maps going all blank can be the most annoying issue when you are on your way somewhere.

The very reason these problems happen can be many, including network connection issues or the GPS going haywire. Not just that, even a bug in the app can be said to have caused the problem.

How to Fix the Google Maps Not Working on Android Issue?

Here is a list of the trusted methods that will help you regain access to uninterrupted Google map services:

1. Empty the Cache and Data of the Map App

This will be the best step to start with, as it involves the internal cleaning of the app. You must remove a large amount of data and web cache piled up locally with the app.

This pre-loaded information may get corrupted when stored for a very long time. Deleting this can solve many issues at once:

It Can Be Done by Following These Steps:

  • Open the Settings.
  • Click on the option Apps.
  • Click on All apps/App manager/Manage apps.
  • Locate Google Maps and open it.
  • Click on Storage.
  • Click on the options Clear Data and then Clear Cache. Confirm the commands.
Empty the cache and data of Map app to Fix Google Maps Not Working

2. Re-inspect the Essentials- Location and Network

The efficient working of Google Maps depends on two things – uninterrupted internet connection and proper location settings.

You may need to check the Bluetooth or GPS settings of your phone to see if Maps are getting full access to them or not.

The cellular network or Wi-Fi connection to the phone needs to be stable. You can use the offline maps too, but they are not that great for the limited help they give.

If You Are Unsure As to What Can Be the Reason for the Google Maps Not Working, We Suggest You Follow the Given Instructions:

  • Check if the Location setting is on in the device. Also, see if location access is permitted to the Google maps app.
  • Go to the Location settings. Click on Use assisted GPS to enable it.
  • To reset the network connection, reboot the Wi-Fi router. You may also check the proper configuration of the APN for your Mobile data.
  • You can also reset the Network Settings.
Re-inspect the essentials- location and network to Fix Google Maps Not Working

3. Troubleshooting GPS

Any glitch in the GPS can make it store the wrong locations. This affects the Maps app and every other service that uses the GPS.

Malfunctioning GPS causes the Maps to crash as it can no longer fetch the right locations. Follow the given steps to restore its working:

  • Go to the Play Store. Search for third-party applications like GPS Status and Toolbox that can help reset the GPS info. Download it.
  • Now tap anywhere on the main interface to open the Menu. Select the option Manage A- GPS state. Now tap on Reset.
  • Once finished, go back to the Manage A- GPS state. Hit the option Download.

4. Fix the Google Map App

If nothing else worked, there are two ways of fixing the app; you can either update the app or install an older version.

4.1. Re-installing the App

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Select the app Google Maps and uninstall it. Re-install the app.
Fix the Google Map app


  • Go to the left panel and select My app and games. Select Google Maps. Open it and then tap on Update.
  • Now reboot the device to fix Google Maps not working.
Fix the Google Map app

4.2. Get an Older App Version

Installing an older version or APK of the maps can help too. You need to go through the steps:

  • Uninstall the app.
  • Go to the browser. Search for any APK Mirror or any such APK-aggregate website online.
Get an older app version
  • Download any APK version which should be less than two months old.
  • Install it, and you are done.

Some other fixes include installing or updating the Google Play Services to the latest version. Go to the Play store app, find Play Services, and hit the update option.

These services let the apps operate smoothly, and it’s important to ensure their proper updating. You can also try Google Maps Go, which is a lighter alternative.

One-click Fix to the Google Maps Not Working on Android: Dr.Fone – System Repair (Android)

Many firmware issues can be the possible reason for the maps app crashing, loading slowly, or not work. The firmware that you downloaded may have got corrupted, which is why the issues keep happening.

However, we have the best fix for you: dr.fone – System Repair (Android) software.

It targets firmware issues and Android system bugs and remedies them with a click. This tool leads the domain of Android repairing with the best of ease.

Let’s Have a Look at Dr.Fone – System Repair (android) Features:
  • Very simple user interface aptly for everyone, including beginners or experienced ones
  • Repair various app problems like crashing, not loading, slowing down, etc.
  • Supports 1000+ Android models
  • No technical expertise needed to run the software
  • Safe to operate and reliable
  • Ensures a virus-free operation
  • Compatible with Windows PC
How to Use Dr.Fone- System Repair (android) for Fixing the Google Maps Not Working?

You need to follow these instructions:

1. Download the dr.fone software on your computer. Install it once you are finished with the set-up, launch, and open the software. Now, you will be on the first screen. Out of the many options, click on the button “System Repair.”


2. You need to attach the Android device to the computer. This can be done with the help of a USB cord. Once you connect both of them, hit the option Android Repair. You can find that option on the next screen in the left panel.


3. The next step will require you to select the device on the PC. You will need to select the details of your Android device, like the brand, name of the phone model, location of the phone, or the career you use. Verify all the info. Once you are done entering, click on the option Next.

dr.fone- System Repair (Android)

4. Now, you need to download the firmware. You won’t need to perform this manually. You just need to follow the instruction as they appear on the screen. Your device will go into the download phase automatically. It detects the target firmware and starts to download it automatically.


5. Once the software downloads the firmware, wait for a minute. The tool fixes the Android system. Once you receive the information, click on Done.

Fix Google Maps Not Working for Android with dr.fone

6. Check if the issue is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Why is my Google Maps not loading?

If Google Maps is not loading, try clearing the app’s cache and data, checking your internet connection, and restarting your device. If the issue persists, you can also try updating the app to the latest version or contacting Google support for further assistance.

Q2: How can I fix inaccurate location on Google Maps?

To fix inaccurate location on Google Maps, ensure that your device’s location settings are enabled and set to high accuracy mode. You can also try restarting your device, checking for updates, or reinstalling the Google Maps app if the problem persists.

Q3: Why does Google Maps show “GPS Signal Lost”?

Google Maps may display the “GPS Signal Lost” message when it fails to receive a strong GPS signal from your device. This can happen due to various reasons such as being indoors, being in an area with poor GPS coverage, or having GPS-related issues with your device. Moving to an open area or enabling high accuracy mode can help improve the GPS signal.

Q4: How do I resolve navigation errors on Google Maps?

To resolve navigation errors on Google Maps, make sure that your app is up to date. You can also try clearing the app’s cache and data, checking your internet connection, and enabling high accuracy mode. If the navigation errors persist, consider using alternative navigation apps or contacting Google support for assistance.

Q5: What should I do if Google Maps is not working after trying the troubleshooting steps?

If Google Maps is still not working after trying the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article, you can reach out to Google support for further assistance. They will be able to provide you with specific guidance based on your device and the nature of the issue.

Final Words

We hope this article helped you with Google Maps not working and navigating you smoothly.

dr.fone will be much more helpful, along with the traditional fixes. Make your way through these methods, and don’t forget to share your experience or any new solution that you might know.



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