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Suppose your computer or laptop has Windows operating system, then like all other Dynamic Link Library or DLL files.

In that case, gdiplus.dll is such a file that performs the task of providing instructions to the third-party software for calling upon. And if you are experiencing the gdiplus.dll error on Windows 10, just read on to fix it with ease.

It is nothing but a shared file software like any other DLL file on your computer so that various functions like printing, scanning, etc., can be done without glitches.

For example, we can say, if your computer needs to connect to the scanner, the operating system will call upon the scanner DLL file to scan documents.

Similarly, for printing, it will seek the support of the printer DLL file and likewise. 

More About Gdiplus.dll on Windows 10 

As already mentioned, gdiplus.dll is a component of the Windows operating system, and to be precise, it is included in the Microsoft GDIL or Microsoft Graphics Device Interface library.

It is mainly responsible for filling gradients, image handling, anti-aliasing, and many other tasks. Many users have observed that error messages pop up on Windows 10 while playing games or running the software for graphic design. 

If you are finding some errors in your gdiplus.dll file, you should never stop it. It is always better the fix the error so that the PC works correctly. One should also never uninstall the program in the Windows operating system.

It is an executable file and stored on the hard drive of the pc or laptop. It mainly consists of machine code loaded in the primary memory or the RAM and runs as GDI + process or the task.

And it is the interface or library for the GDI graphics and is loaded in the C drive in C: \Windows\System 32. One can type this in Cortana and get the full path or open the file folder.

The most common error message many users receive in the pop-up window is “This application failed to start because gdiplus.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.” 

One can see this type of error message popping up while launching software. The program fails to start in your Windows operating system. Let us discuss how to resolve the gdiplus.dll errors in Windows 10 operating system as it is the latest version from the house of Microsoft. 

Gdiplus.Dll Error

Fixing the Gdiplus.dll Error Problem in Windows 10 

There are various methods and techniques for fixing this error problem so that your graphic designing or gaming software can run smoothly.

For example, one can use a third-party software tool, check the system files to solve the issues, or look at the registry for fixing the problem. Let us discuss them a bit in detail.

PS: if you are experiencing the issues like d3d9.dll not found on Windows is missing, here are the top solutions for you.

01. Using Third-party Software to Fix Error

Using third-party software like Restoro can help to fix your issues. These types of software help to keep the OS files uncorrupted and clean.

They also prevent virus attacks as you surf the internet and regularly scan the Operating System and the computer, fixing or repairing the issues, speeding up the computer, and improving the working performance. 

If you are using Restoro to fix the DLL problem of your computer, please be aware that the software uses an automated system. It has built-in an online library containing all the functions to solve the DLL problems, including repairing and replacing the damaged and corrupt files in the computer. One has to load the software, launch it, and follow the instructions popping on the screen. 

The process is too simple. Install the software after downloading and then launch it. Let it scan your computer to search for any DLL issues or malware attacks. Then, click the “Start Repair” icon on the screen.

After the process is complete, restart the pc to allow the changes made by the software to function perfectly. Using this software helps speed up your computer, solve BSOD errors, quick the response time, and many more similar issues. 

Fix Gdiplus.Dll Error with Restoro

02. Updating Windows 10

Sometimes, the errors of gdiplus.dll on Windows 10 can be fixed by updating the operating system. Open the search box or Cortana and type Windows update. A window will open up, prompting you to click various options.

Ne needs to select “Check for updates” and click on it. If any update is pending, one needs to download the files. 

Check for Windows updates to fix Gdiplus.Dll Error

The update overruns the existing DLL files in your Microsoft operating system and may also replace the missing or corrupt DLL files.

Although the update is done automatically by Windows, many people turn off the auto-update feature, or the auto-update gets missed. Thus a manual check for the update and doing so if pending may solve the DLL issues.  

03. Scanning the System Files to Fix Error

One of the methods that may also solve your gdiplus.dll error issues is to scan the system files. Select the Cortana search box and type “Command Prompt.” As it highlights the “Command Prompt,” right-click on it to open the context menu. 

Now select and click on the “Run as Administrator” option visible on the pop-up window. And now, type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and press the return key. 

Scanning the system files

Now, type SFC /scannow. Press enter. The process of the System File checker will start, and it may take some time to complete. If any error in the DLLL files is observed through scanning, it will highlight the file. It may have corrupted other files too.

However, if you have an in-built “cmd” command to check the system files, you can easily fix the problem.


04. Replacing the Gdiplus.dll File

If the DLL file in your computer has been deleted, it is best to open any of the DLL files websites and search for your missing Gdiplus file. Once getting your desired file, download it in zip format.

However, remember to select 32 or 64-bit DLL files depending on your Windows 10 operating system type. Then, press File explorer to open the ZIP file on the taskbar, which you have downloaded to your computer.

Replace Gdiplus.Dll

Now “extract all” to extract the compressed file.

extract the compressed file

Next, select the gdiplus.dll and press the “Copy” icon to copy the desired file to System32 or System64. The other option is drag & drop. 

Copy gdiplus.dll to System32 or System64

A folder is created, and if you are prompted to “Access Denied,” press “Continue.” You have extracted the required DLL file.

Type “regsv32 gdiplus.dll” or “regsv64 gdiplus.dll” in the “Command” prompt to register the new file and getting the best results. 

05. Update the Driver for the Graphics Card

If the driver for the graphics card gets corrupt, one can get gdiplus.dll errors. It is best to use third-party software like Driver Easy or similar ones to scan the computer and list the required drivers.

With the process of scanning, searching, and listing done with a click of the mouse, there is no need to search the manufacturer’s website for the missing driver.

Instead, one should download the software, launch it, and wait for the software to complete scanning and detecting all faulty drivers in your computer.

Then, restart the computer after the installation is complete to experience the changes allowing the newly installed driver to run smoothly.

Update the Driver for the Graphics Card

06. Fixing the Registry to Fix Error

There are many cleaning software like CCleaner and others. Download any one of your choices and open the setup wizard to register in the Operating System.

Now launch the cleaner and select “Registry” to open the registry cleaner of the software.

CCleaner Registry Cleaner

Now check all the boxes to approve a thorough scan. Next, click the “Scan” icon. Now, click “Fix Selected Issues” and permit by clicking “Yes.” This will enable us to keep a backup of the registry. Finally, click “Fix All Selected Issues” on the window to repair the registry fully.

Piriform CCleaner

Note that DLL errors can occur due to faulty registry or invalid registry errors. Therefore, good system optimizer software can fix problems easily. 

07. Restoring Windows 10 Operating System

Often restoring the Windows 10 OS can solve the problems of gdiplus.dll. To fix the gdiplus.dll on windows 10, type “Run” in the Cortana search bar and press enter.

Now type rstrui.exe in the “Run” box and click the “OK” button to open the “System Restore dialog box.” Click “Next.” You will get many restore points.

Restoring Windows 10 Operating System

However, select “Show more restore points” to expand the number of points. Next, choose a system restore point that goes back to the best Windows OS time on your PC with no gdiplus.dll errors.

System Restore

Now click the “Scan for affected programs” icon to find out the list of software that will be deleted or restored to your selected point. If you are satisfied with your restore point, click “Next” followed by “Finish.” 

Scan for affected programs

Note that this utility system in the Windows Operating System helps the user roll back to the earlier good configuration with no DLL errors.

One of the best methods is to negate the errors; however, some other files may get deleted while going back to the last known good configuration. So one may need to load those deleted files once again if needed.

08. Getting the DLL File Reregistered

Reregistering the DLL can solve the errors of gdiplus.dll on windows 10. First, press the “Windows key and X” with the Windows hotkey. Now become an Admin by choosing the “Command prompt (Admin)” and opening the prompt.

Now enter regsvr32/u gdiplus.dll or regsvr64/ugdiplus.dll in the prompt and “Enter” to unregister the existing corrupt DLL. Again, enter regsvr32/u gdiplus.dll or regsvr64/ugdiplus.dll to register the new gdiplus.dll. 

Getting the DLL File Reregistered

The regsvr32 or regsvr64 is a command-line tool of the Microsoft register server so that one can reregister the DLL files. However, one has to be sure that the command has been registered with Microsoft to negate the error of gdiplus.dll on windows 10. 

If you face any problems e even after registering the regsvr32 or regsvr64, it is best to reregister once again so that the errors or the glitches are overcome, and your graphics and games work perfectly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What causes the Gdiplus.dll error on Windows 10?

A: The Gdiplus.dll error on Windows 10 can be caused by various factors, such as corrupted or missing Gdiplus.dll files, outdated graphics drivers, malware infections, or issues with the Windows registry.

Q: How can I prevent Gdiplus.dll errors in the future?

A: To prevent Gdiplus.dll errors, keep your operating system and drivers up to date, regularly scan your computer for malware, and avoid downloading files from untrusted sources. Additionally, it’s essential to have a reliable antivirus software installed on your system.

Q: Can I manually replace the Gdiplus.dll file?

A: It is generally not recommended to manually replace the Gdiplus.dll file, as it can lead to system instability or other errors. Instead, follow the solutions mentioned in this article to fix the Gdiplus.dll error on Windows 10.

Q: Are there any alternative solutions to fix Gdiplus.dll errors?

A: In addition to the solutions mentioned in this article, you can try performing a clean boot, restoring your system to a previous restore point, or reinstalling Windows if none of the other methods work. However, these advanced solutions should be approached with caution and are best performed under expert guidance.

Q: Is it necessary to perform all the solutions mentioned?

A: No, you don’t need to perform all the solutions mentioned. Start with Solution 1 and proceed to the subsequent solutions if the error persists.

Q: Should I seek professional help for fixing Gdiplus.dll errors?

A: If you have followed all the solutions mentioned in this article and are still unable to fix the Gdiplus.dll error, it is recommended to seek professional assistance. A qualified technician or IT expert will be able to diagnose and resolve the issue effectively.


If you are having problems with your graphic interface or getting errors of gdiplus.dll on windows 10, it is best to resolve the issues by following the above tips.

Fixing errors in Windows has never been as easy as now, and one can also download any third-party software and execute and run them to resolve the issues.

There is no need to call a professional and spend money as the problems can be solved at home without any expenses. It is time to repair your desktop or laptop, giving gdiplus.dll errors so that the graphic interface works perfectly and you can work with your computer or play games without glitches.

Try any of the above processes when you are facing GDI problems and solve them quickly.


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