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Top 17 Easy Pokemon to Draw for Beginners


Written by Jack Lin

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Easy to draw Pokemon

Did you end up reading this article as you want to learn about easy-to-draw Pokemon?

If that’s what you were expecting, this is the perfect article you should read. So, go ahead and learn about easy-to-draw Pokémon no matter what, even if you are a total novice.

Easy to draw Pokemon

You already know that drawing objects you are familiar with is an exceptionally effective method of learning drawing.

With that said, what better method to begin started compared to sketching some of your favorite Pokémon characters? In this case, knowing some easy-to-draw Pokémon characters would be very handy.

In general, it is always suggested to learn drawing by sketching the most fundamental geometric forms. That will obviously begin the process with the smallest and progress to the largest.

With this article, prepare a list of the best of the most straightforward Pokémon to draw to assist you. These characters will give you that boost at the beginning of cartooning.

Assume that your sketching skills develop and you become more proficient. In that case, you should attempt to draw more difficult Pokémon.

PS: if you are looking for the different characters of snake pokemon, here are the top guides for you.

List of Easy Pokemon to draw for beginners 

Mentioned below are the characters you will find very easy to draw. This is particularly true if you are a Pokémon fan.

01. Ditto

Easy Pokémon to Draw for Beginners - Ditto

Arguably, amorphous blob Ditto could be the easiest Pokemon creature to draw. This pink ball of gum is little more than some curved lines and a couple of minuscule, dot-eyed dots.

Following the completion of this exercise, you will have little difficulty sketching the form in the future.

In addition, you won’t have to worry much about perspectives. That’s because Ditto isn’t that difficult to draw in the form of a volume, to begin with. What is it, exactly? It’s simply a blob.

So, don’t forget this cute character when you are looking for an easy-to-draw Pokémon.

02. Diglett / Dugtrio

Easy Pokémon to Draw for Beginners - Diglett

Diglett may not be the most difficult figure to draw. Rather, it is the earth from whence he emerges that is the most difficult.

Having practiced Diglett, you may next create the Dugtrio by sketching three furious Digletts on a piece of paper! Isn’t that easy?

So, why don’t you start with it as an easy-to-draw Pokémon if you are a beginner?

03. Oddish


Thanks to its leaves, Oddish is an excellent Pokemon to practice drawing, particularly for a beginner.

Assume you’ve mastered the art of drawing and shading leaves. After that, you can draw any other similar-type Pokemon you want.

04. Igglybuff / Jigglypuff 

Easy Pokémon to Draw for Beginners - Igglybuff

There’s nothing more adored than a vocalist who can send a crowd to sleep. Jigglypuff is one of the prettiest and simplest Pokémon to draw. Even tiny features like the wispy hairstyle at the crown and elongated ears should be easy to replicate.

So, this should be an easy Pokémon to draw for beginners. You may also learn how to draw eyeballs with a little practice and the help of Google.

If you’re feeling really froggy, you could even take on Wigglytuff or Igglybuff, the infant version of the species.

05. Snorlax


When you have a Snorlax full of food, you must roll him up into a ball. As a result, it’s a great Pokémon for novice artists to learn how to draw.

In other words, it is a superb option for those who are looking for an easy Pokémon to draw for beginners.

06. Gulpin

Easy Pokémon to Draw for Beginners - Gulpin

Gulpin is another one of the game’s amorphous Pokemon. Drawing him when he’s eating is a particularly difficult task.

07. Bounsweet


Pokemon Bounsweet looks like turnips or a mangosteen plant. If you’re going to sketch her, be mindful of the leaf-to-body ratio.

08. Marill


Marill is a quick and easy-to-draw character that nearly anybody can master. On the other hand, this specific character should be your first or second choice if you’re stumped. Attaching his tail to his body seems to be much simpler than it is.

09. Togepi

Easy Pokémon to Draw for Beginners - Togepi

Every gen two player’s nemesis, Misty’s favorite egg monster, took up a whole early-game slot. On the other hand, Togepi isn’t half terrible as a monster. It is capable of learning some impressive movements, progressing to a fearsome final level.

On top of that, drawing an egg is as easy as pie for those budding painters out there. When it comes to nailing Togepi in graphite, getting the shell designs exactly right is the hardest aspect.

Don’t get too upset with the design with geometric shapes if you attempt to sketch this tiny man repeatedly. Practicing will help you get better, as the saying goes. So, this is another easy-to-draw Pokémon for anyone.

10. Mareep 


In comparison to the other games on this list, Mareep may be a little more challenging. To put it another way, she’s essentially just a cloud with some extra body parts attached to it.

11. Wobbuffet


One of Generation 5’s newest creatures is dressed like a ghost candle in this illustration. It’s simple to become lost in Litwick, but it may also be tough to find your way around. The physique and facial characteristics are self-explanatory.

That said, the candle flame, on the other hand, may be difficult to achieve accurately.

To make it easier to see the various sections of the fire, add some shading to the image. It’s been one of the simplest monster designs from the most recent games of Pokemon.

12. Porygon

Easy Pokémon to Draw for Beginners - Porygon

Porygon must be on the attention of every budding Pokemon artist. Because of that, you are not supposed to be intimidated by its lines and forms.

Follow the process step-by-step, and don’t push yourself too hard. You’ll be pleased with the outcome. Porygon is a great Pokemon to start with if you’re having trouble sketching certain types of lines.

13. Voltorb and Electrode

Voltorb and Electrode

What could be simpler than just a ball with a few basic colors applied to it? Voltorb, as well as its evolution Electrode, remains two of the most straightforward animals to get your hands on.

Poké Balls with faces are nothing more than simple spheres painted in red and white with some basic eyes… In other words, they’re Poké Balls with faces! So, that’s a very easy Pokémon to draw for beginners.

14. Spheal


With its bubble-like appearance, Spheal almost begs you to sketch it. If you’re good at drawing spheres, you’ll have no problem drawing this goofy seal.

Even the name is a combination of the words seal and spherical. It’s up to you whether this is a case of careless naming or clever marketing.

There are better subjects to sketch than Walrein, but this one is more fun. With that said, we will rate this as an easy Pokémon to draw for beginners.

15. Luvdisc

Easy Pokémon to Draw for Beginners - Luvdisc

This basic aquatic fish, which is also known as Luvdisc, was originally featured in R/S/E games. And it is a fantastic example of a straightforward subject to draw. 

It’s in the form of a heart, and it has a very tiny face for its size. You might have some difficulty with the mouth, but simply imagine your lips puckered out.

It’s likely that you’ll be able to take this little guy down after 60-90 minutes of practice. So, keep that in mind when you are looking for an easy-to-draw Pokémon as a beginner.

16. Piplup 


To prevent upsetting anybody, this list doesn’t include any beginners on it. Piplup can be considered a piece of cake to design, and it is so cuddly.

So, there is no reason for us to include this in our list. After all, anyone will adore this beautiful character.

The face on Piplup may be a little difficult. To get this design exactly perfect, you’ll need to keep track of many line segments and dimensions.

Even yet, if you’re searching for reasonably simple shapes to draw as a beginner. That said, this is definitely the best option if you are looking for an easy-to-draw Pokémon.

17. Psyduck

Easy Pokémon to Draw for Beginners - Psyduck

Psyduck, our lovable goofball, is an excellent drawing subject for kids and novice artists alike. If you have trouble getting his beak to sit correctly on the head, take your time.


  1. Q: Can I use these drawings for commercial purposes? A: While these drawings are for personal use, it’s always best to check the specific guidelines regarding commercial usage.
  2. Q: Are there any other easy Pokemon to draw? A: Absolutely! The Pokemon world is full of unique characters, each with its own charm. Don’t hesitate to explore and try drawing other Pokemon that catch your interest.
  3. Q: Do I need expensive art supplies to draw Pokemon? A: Not at all! You can start with basic drawing materials like pencils, erasers, and paper. As you progress, you can experiment with different art supplies to enhance your drawings.
  4. Q: How long will it take to become proficient at drawing Pokemon? A: The time it takes to become proficient varies from person to person. With regularpractice and dedication, you can start seeing improvements in your drawings within a few weeks or months.
  5. Q: Can I create my own unique Pokemon characters? A: Absolutely! Pokemon fan art and fan-made Pokemon characters are popular in the community. Feel free to let your creativity soar and create your very own unique Pokemon designs.

The Bottom Line

Those are the most straightforward Pokemon you can draw. If you want to become better at sketching Pokémon, start with the simpler ones, such as Jigglypuff & Snorlax.

Getting the shapes right is crucial, and that’s why you should focus on those squares and circles. Do you know any other easy-to-draw Pokemon? Please keep us posted.


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