Most Popular Snake Pokemon Characters You Should Play With

In this article, we will discuss 11 different characters of snake pokemon for you.

Over the year, several animated figures have been introduced to the human world. From the DC comic figures to the world-famous Tom and Jerry, one can find a long list of such characters that have shaped our childhood.

These characters still impact our minds, irrespective of how far we have come. 

Out of these animated figures, one group which stands out the most is that of the Pokemons. Japanese creatures living in the wild or being tamed by their human trainers have over 700 different Pokemons or Pocket Monsters.

They resemble Japanese folklore in quite a subtle way that makes them so appealing. Besides, you will find them to be quite fun and very sneaky. As a trainer, one’s job is to catch the monsters as they usually run off to different places. 

These wild creatures grow from babies to adults and even evolve into stronger ones. Due to all these gameplay techniques, pokemon has become world-famous and is still ruling the market like wildfire.

Be it mobile games or card trade games, pokemon-based themes have become more famous, which is why today we will be talking about these Japanese wild creatures. 

If you look at the listicle of the pocket monsters, you will find different characters, from lions to small cats. But it is the snake pokemon that is considered to be one of the strongest and fiercest. Since you can find different snakes in the entire pokemon list, we will help you identify them.

Also, we will talk about their strengths and weaknesses so that you can catch as many as possible the next time you play the game. So let’s get started…

1. Steelix

Steelix Snake Pokemon

Also known as the Iron Snake of Pokemon, Steel is one of the most powerful serpents in the entire series. You will get access to Steelix in Generation 2.

You will have to trade Onix to acquire it since they can’t be caught like other pokemon characters. The two main abilities that Steelix has are sturdiness and rock-hard strength in its head.

Another quality is also there- the sheer force- which can’t be used all the time. With two defense mechanisms, the pokemon has a medium growth rate with multiple moves.

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2. Onix


Onix is a snake pokemon that debuted in the first generation of the franchise only. It is the first-ever serpent character that was introduced with the mere aim of giving other pokemon a hard time. Due to the incredible strength of Onix, it is usually considered to be one of the fiercest pokemon.

Since it’s a rock/ground pokemon, Onix has a huge body made from several rock blocks. It crawls on the ground and can kill its opponent in one go. To be very honest, Onix is quite intimidating, especially when it crawls with the intent of defeating the opponent.

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3. Gorebyss

Gorebyss Snake Pokemon

One look at the Gorebyss, and you will find it super cute, all thanks to the baby pick-colored body and a rounded face with a pointed nose.

It lives in the water main, and that’s at the beginning; many people mistook it for an eel. However, later on, it became quite clear that Gorebyss is a serpent in every sense.

You will find them in Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby, where they will uniquely attack their enemies.

A Gorebyss pokemon can drain its enemies by sticking the pointed nose anywhere in the body. So, never judge a book by its cover, especially a sneaky serpent like the Gorebyss.

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4. Rayquaza


Rayquaza is the first air-borne snake pokemon you will find from the third generation of the franchise. It is one of the biggest serpents as the entire body has multiple segments cemented together freely. Hence, they can twist around and take their enemies by surprise.

Furthermore, rather than having large fangs, they have sharp claws using which they can wreak havoc. Rayquaza’s main target is Deoxys, as according to the serpent, Deoxys always invade the high skies of which the snake is a guardian.

Once both these Pokemons engage in battles, you will be able to witness how challenging and fearsome Rayquaza is. 

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5. Huntail

Huntail Snake Pokemon

Evolved from Clamperl, the Huntail is also a water pokemon. Even though it might seem to be an eel to you at first glance, in reality, however, Huntail swims in water just like a snake.

And that is why we now consider it to be a serpent. If you look at the character, you will find it cute and petite. But, when Huntail is in action mode, the snake becomes quite ferocious. It has a very small, fish-like tail, which wags in a horizontal direction.

The continuous wagging helps lure out the enemies, thereby helping Huntail attack and defeat the foes. In an adult pokemon, you will find orange spikes, but they are only for beautification purposes.

Its main attacking weapons are the strong jugulars and the sharp, pointed fangs. 

6. Milotic 


One of the most confusing characters in the entire franchise is Milotic. You would not find the pokemon roaming freely as they result from the evolution of the Feebas. Hence, if you want to have Milotic, you need to catch an egg of the Feebas first.

Considering the appearance, the Milotic snake pokemon has a snake-styled body, and it can show basic serpentine movies like coiling and wrapping. You will have access to more refined moves like the Hydro Pump and the Dragon Tail on leveling up. 

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7. Sandaconda

Sandaconda Snake Pokemon

A sandaconda is more of an anaconda character whose main attacking weapon is sand. You will confront this character in the Pokemon Sword and Shield level as it evolves from none other than the Silicobra.

If we talk about appearance, the snake has a cobra hood around which the tail and the rest of the body are coiled. When it gets into a fighting position, it stands tall on the tail, and then it becomes the Gigantamax.

Since it’s a ground snake, you will find it either resting and hiding from plain sight or attacking the opponents. Coming to its special weapon, Sandaconda’s body undergoes a full contraction, after which it spews about 220 pounds of sand toward the enemy.

8. Gyarados


Gyarados is considered a snake pokemon only due to its appearance, as you will find scales on the upper body and ridged plates on the lower side.

When it is in attack mode, you will find the snake rising and standing straight above the water level. Its mouth drew back to reveal the sharp fangs and eyes blazing nothing but fire.

Gyarados is a fierce pokemon that can decapitate or kill its enemies within the blink of an eye. You won’t be encountering the snake until level 20. Once you cross this level, the shiny snake will appear from the salty seas and freshwater lakes.  

9. Dratini

Dratini Snake Pokemon

One of the cutest snake Pokemons you will find in the first generation is the Dratini. If you are familiar with Dragonair, you should know that the reptile evolves from Dratini. Now, at first, you might find the snake to be cute, especially with its small and curvaceous blue body.

However, it can fight amazingly, and due to its small size, it can maneuver smartly on the battlefield. The best part of having a Dratini is that you can level it to teach several high-end moves like the Dragon Tail, Hyper Beam, and Slam. 

10. Serperior


The first true snake pokemon that you will find in the entire game is Serperior. It appears to grow from the grass as it has a green tail with branches and twigs coming out from several nodes.

Serperior usually kills or suffocates the enemies by wrapping the humongous tail around the body and squeezing it. Such an attacking method seems to be quite efficient as the snake lacks poison.

When it opens its mouth, you will see the fangs, but they are not intimidating. Instead, it is the red, glaring eyes and the huge hood which scare away the opponents. Other than that, Serperior is a very human-friendly serpent character. 

11. Sevlper

Sevlper Snake Pokemon

Sevlper is the only snake that doesn’t come with an evolving form. It has been made so strong in the base form that perhaps it doesn’t need any up-gradation. Coming to the character, you will see a fang at the tip of the tail.

It is using this fang that the Seller can poison the enemies and kill them. The venom that it injects into the opponents’ bodies is quite strong, which is why trainers always try to catch the pokemon at any cost.

Some of the famous moves that it can show are Venom Drench, in which it spews the poison like rainwater on its enemy, the Wrap motion where it can wrap itself around the enemy for suffocating it. Sevlper considers Zangoose as its prime enemy, which is why they often land in a fight. 

So, here above, we have discussed 11 different characters of snake pokemon. Each of the snakes has its own pros and cons, as some are quite fierce during the battles while some are sneaky and cunning.

So, based on what pokemon you already have, you can devise a strategy to catch the best snakes that will suit your requirements.



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