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Audio Format EAC3 Not Supported
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AUDIO FORMAT EAC3 NOT SUPPORTED” – What does this message mean? I get this message when trying to play a downloaded video on my PC. The most annoying thing is that it doesn’t give any audio output. Does anyone have experience related to this issue? What’s the best way to get rid of it?

It is absolutely frustrating to experience the “EAC3 not supported” issue when you try to watch a long-awaited video.

Many individuals say that this issue occurs on their devices out of nowhere when they play some downloaded videos. Some users experience this issue with certain video players only.

For instance, some users experience this issue with MX players. Pretty much all of those users say that the video plays but with no sound.

Part 1: Why is Audio Format EAC3 Not Supported?

It is really annoying to learn that you have some trouble watching your favorite video. As mentioned before, there are many individuals who have experienced this issue at least once. But many are not aware of the reason behind EAC3 audio issue.

Anyone would agree that MX Player is one of the smoothest and most innovative video players that exist. It comes with plenty of features. However, it had some issues with the licensing recently.

As a result, their audio codec support for DTS, AC3, and MLP was removed. So, the MX Player tends to show this message when you play a video file with those audio formats. The meaning of “EAC3 not supported” is that it doesn’t have supported audio.

● Introduction to EAC3 Audio Format

EAC3 is the shortened term for Enhanced AC-3. That is a digital audio compression format. It was developed by Dolby Labs, so it can store and transport digital audio content properly.

The previous version of this format is AC-3. With eac3, some major improvements were introduced.

● EAC3 Audio Compatibility

It’s always easy to install a different app if you experience an “EAC3 not supported” issue with MX Player. However, there are many individuals who still prefer using MX Player because of its smoothness and intuitive features.

Some video players you might want to consider are MX Player, Video Player HD, Video Player All Format, etc. So, you can consider those players to have your videos played.

● Reasons Why Audio Format EAC3 Not Supported 

Playing videos with MX Player was a walk in the park until their last update. With their last update, they had some codecs removed due to licensing issues, which is why. You will hear no sound whenever you play a video with an unsupported codec.

Part 2: What Are the Solutions to Address the “Audio Format EAC3 Not Supported” issue?

It is true that “EAC3 not supported” is annoying. However, the good news is several ways to fix this issue.

You don’t have to give up using MX Player or uninstall it. Let’s explain how to fix the “audio format EAC3 not supported” issue here.

Besides, if you are experiencing the audio codec not supported error, here are the best solutions you should check out.

Solution 01: Add Custom Codecs

Installation of custom codecs will be one of the basic but very effective solutions you can try. To do that, you should check the MX Player version you are using right now.

Once you see the version of this application, you can follow the steps below and download the codec.

  • First, you are supposed to open MX Player and click on the “Settings” option.
  • Then, you should select the option called “Decoder” and navigate to choose the option called “Custom Codec.”
Add Custom Codecs to fix eac3 not supported
  • Then, you will see the codec that should be downloaded.
  • Once the download is completed, you can relaunch the MX Player so the codec will be detected automatically.
  • Click on OK to complete the installation.

Solution 02: Add the Required Custom Codes Manually

If you still experience an EAC3 audio issue, you should assign the codec manually to the right path. If you want to fix that issue manually, here’s how.

  • First, launch MX Player and click on the option called Settings.
  • Go to the “Decoder” option and choose “Custom Codec.”
  • Now, click on the Custom Codec and choose the correct path for the custom code downloaded already.
Add Custom Codes to fix eac3 not supported
  • If you navigate to the correct code, the MX Player will load it. Restart the player so the issue will be resolved.

Solution 03: Convert Video Files into a Supported Format

The next solution is to convert the respective video file into a supported file format. As a result, you can play it on your favorite media player without a doubt.

This means that you should convert eac3 into a compatible format like MP3, AAC, or MP4.

It is possible to find some free video or audio converters online. But you should choose the right kind of converter after performing some research. Once the file is converted into a compatible one, you can play it easily.

Solution 04: Make use of the VLC Media Player and Fix the “Audio Format EAC3 Not Supported” Issue

VLC Media Player is one of those free tools that can convert videos and audio formats. So, if you experience compatibility issues like EAC3 audio, you can use VLC Media Player to fix it. If you wonder how to do it, read the steps below.

  • Launch VLC Media Player and choose the option called “Open Media.” Then, you can click on the option “Add.” You can go to the video or audio file and choose “Open.”
  • Now, click on the option called the “Convert/Save” button and go to the settings. After that, you can change the Profile.
Fix eac3 not supported with VLC
  • You can now choose the desired audio format you intend to get the output format. Then, you can name the output file and click on “Start.” That will initiate the conversion process.
  • Once the process is completed, you can open the converted file.

By the way, here is the best generic audio driver fix in Windows 10 that you should check out.

Part 3: Recovering Lost Deleted EAC3 Audio Files

In some cases, video & audio files can get deleted for some reason or another. Once the audio files are deleted, you have no way of listening to them.

If that’s the case, you should see the same message saying, “EAC3 not supported”. If that’s the case, you must use an audio file recovery tool to get those files back.

You cannot necessarily recover data from a drive if you have added new data to it. The new files on it can overwrite the original data. This necessarily means the audio files can become unrecoverable.

This is exactly when an application like Recoverit Software becomes handy for you. It is a special software dedicated to restoring lost or deleted audio files regardless of the format.

For instance, you can recover files like MP3, WAV, AU, MP4, AVI, and many other formats. This specific audio recovery tool has a very impressive interface to make things easier for you.

It can recover lost or deleted audio files from memory cards, USB flash drives, hard drives, and other devices. In a nutshell, the Recoverit Audio Recovery application can recover nearly any video or audio file.

On top of that, this specific application can be your ultimate solution whenever your file is lost.

If you experience an EAC3 not supported situation or have deleted the file, this tool can help you. The other good thing about it is that it recovers files on any device, regardless of the platform.

Mentioned below are those easy steps you should follow to recover your lost files with Recoverit.

First, you are supposed to download and install Recoverit Audio Recovery on your PC. Then, you should launch the application to see its main interface.

Then, you can navigate to a location where the lost or deleted files were found. However, if you don’t remember the actual location of the audio files, go to “I can’t find my Partition.”  


Now, please click on the “Scan” option to start the process. The software will perform a scan on all the audio files that are found in the respective storage device.

In addition to that, you can switch to the “Advance” option if you don’t see the deleted files. Please note that the scanning process will take a little while, depending on the amount of data.

Recoverit Audio Recovery

Once the scanning is completed, you can see the deleted files at the left of the screen. Recoverit will let you choose multiple audio files and preview them.

The other thing is that it doesn’t offer any limitation to the size of the files you can recover.

choose multiple audio files and preview

As the last option, you should click on the “Recover” button to begin the process. You should note that it will take some time based on the size of the files.

It is highly recommended to save the recovered files in a different location as a security measure.

Part 4: How to Prevent the “EAC3 Not Supported” Issue?

Just like we elaborated earlier, the EAC3 audio issue has emerged due to licensing problems. There are a couple of fixes to follow if you intend to avoid this “EAC3 not supported” issue anymore.

  • Use a desktop converter to convert unsupported eac3 files into a better, compatible file version. If you choose a good conversion tool, you can convert audio files only without necessarily wasting time.
  • Are you going to play video files from an Android device? If yes, you can rely on a third-party tool like VLC to playback those unsupported audio file formats.
  • When it comes to computers, you can have a network drive before playing a video. Then, use a third-party video player like VLC and watch videos.


1. What is the “EAC3 Not Supported” error?

This error pops up when a device or media player is unable to decode the EAC3 audio format, usually due to software limitations, outdated hardware, or licensing issues.

2. Can I prevent the “EAC3 Not Supported” error?

Yes, by ensuring your device software is up to date, using a versatile media player, or installing the required codec, you can often prevent this error.

3. Is EAC3 better than AC3?

EAC3, or Dolby Digital Plus, is considered superior to AC3 in terms of sound quality as it offers more channels and improved sound compression. However, its downside is its lack of universal compatibility.

4. Why does my Android device show the “EAC3 Not Supported” error?

Your Android device might show this error if it lacks the necessary codec to decode EAC3 audio or if the device software is outdated.

5. How can I fix the “EAC3 Not Supported” issue on my Smart TV?

Updating your Smart TV software, using a different media player if possible, or using a transcoding software to convert the audio format can often fix this issue.

6. Is there a permanent solution to the “EAC3 Not Supported” issue?

While there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ permanent solution, keeping your device software updated and using versatile media players that support a wide range of codecs will often keep this issue at bay.


Some audio files can get lost for one reason or another. They can even get crashed. As a result, you’ll experience an “audio format EAC3 not supported” issue.

If the issue is caused due to a lost file, the best approach is to use a professional tool. Recoverit is the best example we can recommend in this case. It will help you recover lost audio files quickly and easily to fix EAC3 audio errors.


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