Does Airplane Mode Turn Off GPS and Stop Tracking?


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Does Airplane Mode Turn Off GPS

So, does airplane mode turn off GPS Location? Does airplane mode stop tracking? If you are wondering whether airplane mode stops GPS tracking, then the answer is a big NO.


To stop GPS tracking, switching on airplane mode isn’t the most effective and best method.

As nobody likes third-party tools to track their location, users look for an effective way to hide their location from others. But switching on airplane mode isn’t one of them.

The fact is that Airplane Mode just switches off your Wi-Fi and cellular services. In simpler words, this mode disconnects your device from its cellular network. However, this mode does not stop GPS tracking.

So, if you are thinking, does airplane mode turn off GPS? Find her everything you need to know here. Also, get some insights into GPS tracking, Airplane Mode, and more.

In addition, learn how you can spoof GPS location without switching on the Airplane Mode on your device.

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Part 1: FAQs Regarding Preventing GPS Tracking On Your Device

1. Can Your Device Be Monitored While Off?

Absolutely not, no one can track your iOS device (top Micro GPS tracking device) when it is off. This is because your device requires a good GPS connection to determine its location.

When a device is switched off, its GPS does not work. This is something you need to know if you are wondering does airplane mode turn off GPS or does airplane mode stop tracking.

does airplane mode turn off GPS

2. Can Your Device Be Monitored in Airplane Mode?

Your iOS devices can be monitored even if it is in Airplane Mode. So, the answer is yes. GPS features a distinct technology that receives and sends signals from satellites directly.

For this, it doesn’t depend on cellular service. That’s the reason third-party tools can track your GPS location easily. This works even if you have switched on Airplane Mode.

Gladly, there is a technique to stop your location from sharing with others. Besides switching on Airplane Mode, you need to stop the GPS feature on your smartphone. Once this service is disabled, it is not possible to track the GPS location by any means.

Whenever you like to hide the location, just disable GPS and switch on Airplane Mode simultaneously on your mobile device.

In the next sections, you will learn more about does airplane mode turn off GPS. Also, how can you switch on Airplane Mode on Windows PC, Android, and iOS devices? Plus, know the answer to does airplane mode stops tracking?

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Part 2: Learn How to Switch on Airplane Mode on Android Devices, iPhones, and Windows

So, does airplane mode stop tracking? You already know the real truth behind Airplane Mode and GPS tracking.

Let’s see how you can enable this mode on diverse devices. This lets you hide your GPS location from various third-party programs.

2.1 Switch on Airplane Mode on iOS Devices

If you are using an iOS device like an iPad or an iPhone, turn on Airplane Mode in the following ways. There are two methods to do this. So, just go through the instructions written below:

Switch on Airplane Mode Via Control Center Tab

Step 1: First, you need to open the Control Center on your iPhone by swiping up from the screen’s bottom.

If you have the latest iPhone models, like iPhone X, then swipe down quickly from the right corner to reveal the Control Center tab.

Step 2: Now, find and click on the ‘Airplane‘ sign to enable Airplane Mode on the iOS device.

airplane mode turn off on iPhone

Switch on Airplane Mode Via Settings

Step 1: Visit Settings in the first place on your iPhone.

Step 2: Now, look for ‘Airplane Mode‘ under the Apple ID. Toggle that switch simply to put the iPhone into this mode.

Switch on Airplane Mode Via Settings

2.2 Switch on Airplane Mode on Android Devices

Does airplane mode turn off GPS? Before you know this, learn how to switch on this feature.

If you are using an Android smartphone, then the process could vary to switch on Airplane Mode. This is because different smartphone brands have different customized features on top of the actual Android.

In most cases, users can switch on Airplane Mode on their Android devices in the following way:

Switch on Airplane Mode Using the Android Notification Drawer Tab

Step 1: Firstly, swipe the screen top-down.

Step 2: Find the icon of Airplane Mode and click it to switch on this mode.

airplane mode turn off on Android

Switch on Airplane Mode Using Android Settings Tab

Alternatively, users can even access this mode through the Settings of Android devices.

Step 1: In the first place, visit Settings and tap on the Network & Internet option.

Step 2: Enable the Airplane Mode by toggling the switch present next to it.

Switch on Airplane Mode Using Android Settings Tab

2.3 Switch on Airplane Mode on Windows Systems

So, does airplane mode stop tracking on Windows PC? Just like with mobile devices, someone can track your GPS location through the computer.

This is especially possible on systems running on the recent Windows 10. Thus, it is significant that you know the process to switch on Airplane Mode on your Windows PC.

Step 1: From the taskbar’s right corner, tap on the ‘Wi-Fi‘ icon to expand the window ‘Network & Internet Settings.’

Step 2: Click on the ‘Airplane Mode‘ tab to enable or disable this feature effortlessly.

Switch on Airplane Mode on Windows

Part 3: How to Fake Location to Prevent GPS Tracking Without Switching on Airplane Mode

So, this is how the Airplane mode can prevent your GPS location from being monitored. However, this is not an effective and convenient way to hide your GPS location.

Here, we are going to discuss a better and different solution, i.e., location spoofing. Does airplane mode turn off GPS? Does airplane mode stop tracking? No need to find out the answers now.

Location spoofing refers to a technique that allows users to change their real GPS position to a spoofed location. Plus, it can trick all third-party tools. This is even going to hide your GPS position from others.

The best thing is that there is no need to disconnect the cellular service of your device. Now, let’s check out two amazing location spoofing tools for Android and iOS.

Change Location on iOS Devices with Foneazy MockGo for Stopping GPS Tracking

Foneazy MockGo is the best geo-spoofing application for iOS devices. This application features an exclusive ‘Teleport’ mode.

This mode lets you choose any location on your map, which you can put as your existing GPS location. Therefore, third-party tools or services cannot track your actual location.

Another amazing thing about this tool is that users can use it through a PC or laptop remotely.

Thus, they can easily access various features and instantly hide the actual location. If you are in search of a reliable spoofing tool for iOS devices, then MockGo is.

Unique Characteristics of Foneazy MockGo:

  • Using this tool, you can change the GPS location of your device to anywhere across the globe (how to change location on Skout). Plus, this can be done with a single tap.
  • It allows you to set a tailored route with various spots for faking the GPS movement.
  • Users can search for any place to change their location (how to change location on Bumble App). Also, you can look for the location coordinates.
  • It keeps the historical records for using the same GPS site anytime, anywhere.
  • With MockGo, customize your movement pace on the way so that it looks convincing.

To fake your location with Foneazy MockGo, read the stepwise guide given below. This tool even supports the latest iOS version, i.e., iOS 16.

Now, you do not have to worry about does airplane mode turns off GPS or does airplane mode stops tracking.

Step to Change Your Location using Foneazy MockGo:

Step 1: Open Foneazy MockGo

Firstly, you should open MockGo on a Mac or Windows PC. After that, tap on the ‘Start‘ tab.

Foneazy MockGo
Step 2: Connect your iPhone

Now, you need to connect your iPhone through a lightning cable. Tap on ‘Trust‘ to initiate your connection. After that, put in the passcode to confirm your connection with the system.

mockgo center on
Step 3: Choose ‘Teleport Mode’

Next, you will come across a map featuring the current GPS location. Choose ‘Teleport Mode‘ present on the right side and drag its map to set a particular location.

Also, you can look for a place by entering the location’s name or the GPS coordinates in the search field.

mockgo enter address
Step 4: Tap on ‘Move Here’

Choose a particular location. Next, click on ‘Move Here‘ to use the same as your location.

mockgo teleport move here

So, this is it! MockGo will now change your location to the designated location. Now, users have successfully prevented their GPS position from being monitored without switching on Airplane Mode.

Now, think no more about does airplane mode turns off GPS or does airplane mode stops tracking!

Change Location on Android Devices with Fake GPS Location

In case you are using Android devices, then the process to spoof your location is a bit different. For this, you have to install the application directly on your device instead of operating it through a computer.

Android users can employ Fake GPS Locations to perform this task. This tool works amazingly when it comes to spoofing the GPS location.

Steps to Spoof Your GPS Location using Fake GPS Location:

Follow the steps given below to hide your current location from third-party tools!

Step 1: In the first place, open Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. From there, download Fake GPS Location and install it.

Step 2: After installing this tool on your device, visit ‘Settings‘ and then choose the ‘Developer Options‘ tab.

Developer Options

Step 3: Keep scrolling down to find the ‘Set Mock Location App‘ option. Next, select ‘Fake GPS Location‘ from the list given there.

Fake GPS

Step 4: Open the application and drag its pointer for choosing a particular GPS position.

Step 5: Once selected the location, tap on ‘Play‘ to use it as the current GPS location.

Change Location on Android Devices with Fake GPS Location


1. Can I use GPS in airplane mode? Yes, you can use GPS in airplane mode. Airplane mode only disables cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth signals, while GPS functionality remains unaffected.

2. Does airplane mode drain the battery when using GPS? No, using GPS in airplane mode does not significantly drain the battery. Modern smartphones are designed to optimize power consumption when utilizing GPS.

3. Can I be tracked when my device is in airplane mode? While airplane mode disables cellular and Wi-Fi signals, it does not prevent all forms of tracking. Additional measures may be necessary to ensure privacy and prevent location tracking.

4. Are there alternative navigation options in airplane mode? Yes, offline maps and navigation apps allow you to navigate without an internet connection. These apps store map data on your device, enabling navigation even in airplane mode.

5. Will future advancements improve the interaction between airplane mode and GPS? Future advancements may introduce more seamless integration between airplane mode and GPS, leading to enhanced battery efficiency and improved location accuracy.


So, does airplane mode stop tracking? Many users have asked this question frequently ever since Facebook and Google were suspected of monitoring the location.

When you care about privacy, then it is best to enable Airplane Mode and switch off GPS to hide the location.

However, another convenient option is to employ location-spoofing tools. This lets you connect to your loved ones! Download Foneazy MockGo to change your location if you are bothered about “does airplane mode turn off GPS?”


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