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How to View Private Browsing History on iPhone – the Easiest Way


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How to View Private Browsing History on iPhone

As of today, there is no shortage of options to consider when it comes to web browsers. Almost all modern-day web browsers come with various features to impress their users.

These web browsers necessarily take various measures to protect users’ privacy. Private browsing has become an obvious part of most of these web browsers. With the assistance of the private browsing feature, you can visit any website privately.

That means others cannot track what sort of websites you view when you are in private browsing mode. Private browsing indeed sounds like a pretty effective idea in the context of privacy.

However, when it comes to kids can misuse this feature to browse unwanted content on their iPhones. This is why many parents wonder how to view iPhones’ private browsing history.

Viewing private browsing history is not a simple task, particularly if you are not a tech-savvy person. However, viewing private browsing history is possible if you can get hold of the right kind of tool. If you are a parent who is worried about your kids’ internet activity, this must be good news.

Apart from that, you can also use such a method to track your spouse’s internet history. The purpose of this article is to emphasize the best way to view private browsing history on iPhone.

Part 1. Introduction to Private Browsing

Private browsing is available on iPhones that run on iOS 5 and later. Over the past period, the private browsing feature has improved a lot. If you enable private browsing on your iOS device, your browsing history will not be visible.

For instance, private browsing can hide websites visited, passwords typed, search results, etc. Apart from that, it doesn’t let websites save cookies. In general, private browsing is significantly safer compared to standard browsing.

However, even private browsing doesn’t prevent servers from tracking your information. What it does is that it doesn’t save any browsing information on the web browser’s data. The respective server will track your device’s IP address, bookmarks, and traffic-related information.

Moreover, the browsing history can be monitored if the respective device (target device) has a tracking tool. This means that you can monitor the browsing history of a device even if it has private browsing.

Enabling Private Browsing on an iPhone

Here’s how to enable private browsing on an iPhone.

Enabling private browsing on an iPhone
  • Open Safari and click on the tab icon on the screen’s bottom.
  • Tap on the option called “Private” and hit “Done.” Once you press “Done,” the window will disappear. Instead, it will open up private browsing. The interface of the Safari browser will be changed into a dark theme.

To disable private browsing, repeat the above process and tap the “Private” option again.

Part 2. How to View Private Browsing History on iPhone If It is Deleted?

If you wonder How to view private browsing history on iPhone, here’s how to do it. We present three methods for you to consider.

Also, get to know how to spy on someone.

Method 01: Through Settings

You can use the settings option of the iPhone to find the deleted browsing history. Please follow the below-mentioned process to do so.

how to view private browsing history on iphone through Settings
  • Go to Settings on the screen of your iOS device (iPhone)
  • Now, you will be able to scroll down and locate the browser option; tap on it
  • You should scroll down to the bottom of the browser page and select “Advanced.”
  • Now, go to the next option and find Website Data.
  • The deleted browsing history will be available on this Website Data option

Method 02: Using iTunes Backup

If the data on the respective iPhone is backed up regularly on iTunes, browsing history is recoverable.

Even if history is deleted, you have a good chance of restoring it. It can be done following a couple of simple steps.

how to view private browsing history on iphone Using iTunes Backup
  • Open iTunes and click on the iPhone icon
  • Then, go to the Restore Backup option
  • Once the deleted browser history is selected from the backups, you can restore it by clicking on “Restore.”
  • However, when restoring the data, you should be careful as this process may restore all the data.

Method 03: Using iCloud

You can check the current status of the iCloud simply by entering the Settings option, iCloud and Backup. You will need to activate the backup feature of iCloud to use this tool. This can be done using two easy steps.

01. Go to Settings and select the option called General. Then, go to Reset and select the “Erase All Content” option. Access Settings.

how to view private browsing history on iphone Using iCloud

02. Now, you can follow the instructions on the Setup screen. Then, select Restore in the iCloud Backup. Choose the most relevant file from the backup option. That is to restore the deleted browsing history.

Part 3. How to View the iPhone Private Browsing History of Someone Else?

You may notice that all the above options let you restore your browsing history. But what if you need to monitor someone else’s browsing history? Or, How to view someone else’s private browsing history on the iPhone? Is it even possible? Let’s find it out.

The good news is that viewing someone’s browsing history is possible if you have a powerful monitoring tool. In this case, you should select a sophisticated tool like KidsGuard Pro.

In a nutshell, KidsGuard is a really powerful monitoring tool that can spy on iOS devices. And browsing history is only one type of information it can spy on.

You must install KidsGuard on a target device; KidsGuard – this powerful monitoring software will do the rest.

KidsGuard can expose the target phone’s browsing history even if the private browsing feature is enabled.

How to view the iPhone private browsing history of someone else using KidsGuard

Here’s a simplified way of tracking someone’s browsing history.

01. Go to the official website of KidsGuard and sign up for a new account. Ensure you use a genuine email address (you get a confirmation link to this email address).

Sign up KidsGuard Pro

02. Once the basic information (about the user and device), you can proceed.

Setup KidsGuard for iPhone

03. Now, to complete the setup, you should sign in to the iCloud account of the target user.

verify icloud

04. The iCloud sync must be enabled on the target device after you have logged in.

05. Once the iCloud account is verified, you can easily visit the dashboard of KidsGuard (using a web browser).

KidsGuard for iPhone

06. Visit the dashboard’s home screen. You can view very important details related to the device’s location, contacts, etc.

07. Open the Browser History option to see a list of visited websites and other internet-based activities. This option works even if the private browsing mode is turned on on the device.

how to view private browsing history on iPhone via KidsGuard


Q1: Can I view private browsing history on someone else’s iPhone without their knowledge?

A1: It is not ethical or legal to view someone else’s private browsing history without their consent. Always respect others’ privacy and seek proper authorization if needed.

Q2: Can I recover deleted private browsing history on an iPhone?

A2: Recovering deleted private browsing history is challenging as private browsing data is designed to be erased after the session ends. However, using data recovery tools may provide some possibilities.

Q3: Is it possible to view private browsing history on an iPhone without enabling iCloud sync?

A3: No, without iCloud sync enabled, it is not possible to view private browsing history on another device. iCloud sync allows browsing history to be shared across devices.

Q4: Are third-party apps safe for viewing private browsing history?

A4: Exercise caution when using third-party apps for viewing private browsing history. Ensure that the apps are reputable, comply with privacy regulations, and don’t violate any laws.

Q5: Can I recover private browsing history if private browsing was never enabled?

A5: No, private browsing history is not stored on the device if private browsing was never enabled. It is designed to keep the browsing activities private and untraceable.


If you use KidsGuard Pro, you can monitor all the activities related to the target phone. Thanks to its user-friendliness, you don’t have to be a computer scientist to use KidsGuard.

More importantly, KidsGuard is capable of working in stealth mode. The target phone user will not be able to monitor this software once it is installed.

All in all, KidsGuard is a really powerful and sophisticated software with many features. If you wonder how to view private browsing history on your iPhone, KidsGuard must be the tool for you. It is safe, reliable, and convenient.

So, feel free to download and enjoy various features associated with KidsGuard.


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