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Can You Track a SIM Card on Another Phone?


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Can You Track a SIM Card on Another Phone

Can you track a SIM card that is installed on another phone and monitor its activities? Well, the answer is yes as long as you have the right kind of tool. So, keep reading and learn how to do it.

Basically, a SIM is the shortened form of a Subscriber Identification Module. Technically, it is a memory chip that stores plenty of information related to your phone. Your cellphone requires a SIM card to connect to a mobile network and make calls.

Also, it enables you to use mobile data on the respective device as well. Therefore, if the SIM is active, you can track it with different techniques and perform various tasks.

can you track a sim card

For instance, you can track the location of the respective SIM card. To do that, however, you should get the assistance of the respective mobile network and SIM tracking apps. No matter what technology you use, the SIM should be included in a mobile phone to track it.

If you are interested in tracking the SIM card, we explain the steps below for your reference. Moreover, we explain the best tool that can be used to track a SIM card.  

Method 1: How Can You Track a Sim Card using the Mobile Network Provider

This is the most basic method to try if you want to track a SIM card. With this method, you will track the SIM card using the unique number assigned to it. As per this method, you are supposed to contact the respective mobile network provider.

To make it happen, however, you are supposed to meet some specific requirements. Mentioned below are those requirements for your reference.

  • Before everything else, the respective SIM card must be inserted into a mobile phone.
  • Also, the SIM card you intend to track should be under network coverage.  
  • The mobile phone should be switched on so the SIM card will start receiving the signals.
  • As the final requirement, you must know the IMEI number of the respective mobile phone as well.

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How Can You Track a Sim Card using the Respective Network Provider?

Here’s the step-by-step guide to tracking the SIM card.

First, you should call the cellphone you intend to track. As a result, a call log will be registered on the network provider’s servers. Then, the network provider will be able to track its last known location using that information.

Now, you should find the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of the phone. In fact, IMEI is a number that represents mobile devices, and it is unique from one device to another.

Every mobile phone we use has a unique IMEI number, and it is provided by the GSM network. This number will be used by your network provider as well, so there will be no network conflicts.

IMEI number

Now, you should call the network provider and tell them your requirement. You are supposed to provide the details you already have (such as the SIM number, IMEI, etc.).

Then, make a request to the mobile network provider asking to track down the lost SIM card. If they can find any signals of the respective SIM card, they will track its location. That is done with the assistance of the IMEI number of the mobile device.

How can you track a SIM card using the respective network provider

In addition to that, there is one more step you should take forward. If the SIM is stolen, you are supposed to contact the network operator and request them to lock it.

As a result, the SIM will be locked immediately. The one who stole your SIM card will not be able to use it anymore.

That is a very important security measure you should take in the event of losing a SIM card. However, the truth is that this is not the most effective procedure. You should wait for the network provider to support you immediately.

In general, most network service providers take a considerable amount of time to take necessary actions. Sadly, some network providers may even ignore or forget such requests.

Method 2: Use “Mobile, SIM and Location Info” to Track Your SIM

There is no shortage of options for those who wonder how to track a SIM card on another phone. If you find a reliable and professional tool, you can easily track the lost phone.

In addition to that, the same type of tools become handy if the phone is stolen. That said, we explain the most effective SIM tracker you can use and track the SIM card with all the details.

For a SIM tracker to work perfectly and track a phone, there are a couple of requirements to fulfill.

  • The tracking app should be installed on the respective mobile phone in advance.
  • The mobile phone you intend to track should be switched on when it is being tracked.

When you are looking for a SIM tracking tool, you should always go for a reliable one. Choosing a random tool will incur various issues, and they may even end up stealing your identity.

With such a tool, you can easily track other information as well. One of those tools is “Mobile, SIM, and Location Info.” It is reliable and has a good reputation.

This tool can even track the current and past locations of the device. So, this tool may be able to find your lost device. Moreover, it can track information such as name, model, brand name, and even IMEI.

Use "Mobile, SIM and Location Info" to track your SIM

However, this tool is available for Android devices only. Also, it has the major disadvantage of displaying too many ads that ask for permission. So, your user experience might not be the best with this tool. In that case, you will have to go for a better option.

Method 3: How Can You Track a Sim Card with a Professional Phone Tracker?

As you already know, the previous option we mentioned comes with several drawbacks, such as an abundance of ads. So, choosing a professional tool that is not restricted to phone tracking is a good option.

In that case, the best solution in the market today is KidsGuard Pro Tracker. This WhatsApp hacker tool comes with an excellent user interface that can be handled even by a novice.

In addition to that, it comes with versatile tools and features. For instance, you can track the location, call logs, text messages, and even social media activities. That would be a great thing for those who have the question, “can you track a SIM card.”

The basic method requires you to provide the IMEI number of the lost device to track it down. However, KidsGuard Pro doesn’t have such a requirement. Well, many individuals don’t remember the IMEI numbers of their devices, and hopefully, you are among them. If that’s the case, KidsGuard Pro is the perfect option.

KidsGuard Pro comes with a powerful tracker that can pin down the device using any available network connection. Even if the GPS is turned off, this tool can track the device through Wi-Fi. Also, the installation process of this app won’t take any longer than 5 minutes.

Mentioned Below is How to Track a Device Using Kidsguard Pro.

01. As the first step, go to the KidsGuard Pro website and sign up for an account. You will have to provide some basic details and a valid email address to complete the process. After that, pick a plan so you can proceed.

Sign Up KidsGuard Pro

02. Now, you can download the app (KidsGuard Pro) on the target device you intend to track. After that, tap on that file so the setup will begin.

Download KidsGuard Pro on Android

03. Once the configuration is completed, KidsGuard Pro will disappear without a trace, even without leaving an app icon. Then, you should go to the dashboard of KidsGuard Pro using any computer or mobile device.

In order to find the current location of the target, just click on “Location.” This doesn’t need a GPS connection. Instead, the location will be tracked down using the Wi-Fi connection.

KidsGuard Pro Locations

Other Useful Features of KidsGuard Pro

  • Tracking down the real-time location and past locations of the target device with ease.  
  • It displays all the information, including the current battery level, the inserted SIM card, etc.
  • Come with a Geofence feature so you can configure a virtual boundary. When the target device crosses the boundary, you will get a notification.
  • It can track down all the inbound and outbound messages and calls on the target device. You can even listen to the conversations remotely.
  • It has a keylogger that can track every keystroke typed in the target device (including passwords).
  • Captures screenshots in real-time.  
  • It does the job in stealth mode, so no one can identify it.

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1. Is it legal to track someone’s SIM card without their permission?

Tracking someone’s SIM card without their permission is generally considered a violation of privacy laws. It is essential to seek proper authorization or rely on legal processes, such as law enforcement investigations, before attempting to track a SIM card.

2. Can I track my lost phone using the SIM card?

Yes, if you have enabled features like Find My iPhone or Find My Device, you can track your lost phone’s location using the SIM card. Contact your mobile service provider for additional assistance.

3. What should I do if my SIM card is stolen?

If your SIM card is stolen, immediately contact your mobile service provider and report the incident. They can assist you in suspending the SIM card and preventing unauthorized usage.

4. Can I protect my SIM card from being tracked?

While you cannot entirely prevent your SIM card from being tracked, you can take steps to enhance its security. Enable the PIN code feature, be cautious with sharing personal information, keep your device secure, and avoid suspicious links and apps.

5. Are there any legal exceptions for SIM card tracking?

In some cases, such as law enforcement investigations or when authorized by the owner of the device, SIM card tracking may be legally permissible. However, the specifics vary from country to country, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the laws in your jurisdiction.


In conclusion, while it is possible to track a SIM card on another phone, the legality and ethical considerations surrounding it are of utmost importance. SIM card tracking methods vary, and their use should always comply with local laws and regulations. By understanding the benefits, risks, and protective measures associated with SIM card tracking, individuals can make informed decisions and protect their privacy and security.


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