Ways to Disable or Enable the iPhone Safe Mode


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Ways To Disable Or Enable The Iphone Safe Mode

We are here to talk about the features of the iPhone safe mode and an ideal program for enabling or disabling your iPhone safe mode easily.

What is the iPhone Safe Mode Feature?

iPhone Safe Mode is used for running iOS on any jailbroken iPhone device. This ensures that all existing substrates, for example, the themes, tweaks, or additional extensions and add-ons, which can lead to problems on an iOS structure or supplementary tweaks, are disabled as soon as the iPhone starts booting into the safe mode.

This can be of assistance to you in troubleshooting your iPhone device or removing the substrates which are the cause of such problems.

For this reason, with the iPhone safe mode, you can uninstall any tweaks easily, as the whole lot is disabled already. The safe mode can also automatically pop up if the iOS system perceives a predicament with a few tweaks.

Yet, there is also a manual means for entering (enabling) or exiting (disabling) the safe mode on iPhone devices. These processes have been specifically discussed in the paragraphs below.

Part 1: The Apt Way to Enable the iPhone Safe Mode

In case your iPhone device begins to show signs of malfunctioning, it is important that you switch to the iPhone safe mode manually.

When in the safe mode of the iPhone, you will have to eliminate the previous tweak you installed to resolve the problem, as that is often the easy tweak.

This is how you enter safe mode manually:

enter safe mode manually

1: Switch off your iPhone device.

2: When the device is turned off, switch it on by pressing the power switch.

3: When the iPhone lights up, press the Volume down switch until you perceive Apple’s logo.

4: Once the iOS phone has booted, it’ll be in safe mode. You can Now eliminate any tweaks or themes that are causing the concern.

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Part2: The Apt Way to Exit (Disable) the iPhone Safe Mode

The apt way to exit the safe mode can get confusing from time to time, particularly when the iPhone device gets stuck in the safe mode.

But then, you do not need to fret as we now provide a fresh and wide array of ways to disable the safe iPhone mode. The four methods that we have found to be most apt for you are as follows:

1. Choosing the ‘Restart’ option via Safe Mode Notification

Choosing Restart is the most laid-back means for backing out of the iPhone Safe Mode. This procedure does not hold any intricate navigations in it and can be completed with the following step:

Step 1: Tap the ‘Restart’ button from the pop-up message on safe Mode, and the iPhone device will automatically restart. When the sticky tweak is removed, your iOS device will return to its normal mode functionality.

Choosing the 'Restart' option via Safe Mode Notification

2. Hard Restarting the iPhone device

If you have already restarted the Safe Mode notification and your device still takes you back to Safe Mode, you will have to restart the iPhone device hard.

Step 1: You must initiate by holding the Home and Power buttons simultaneously until your phone completely switches off and restarts again.

Step 2: You must avoid the ‘Slide to Unlock’ message on your device screen and hand it around for the device to start completely. Your iPhone device should now be in normal mode after doing this.

3. Deleting the Incompatible Packages

In case your iPhone device still refuses to exit the Safe Mode after a restart process. You must erase the incompatible and unreliable Cydia packages within the device system. Often, this is the problem that the iOS system faces regularly.

Step 1: Access CydiaSubstrate and remove the former or sticky extensions or tweaks.

Step 2: Then reboot the iPhone device. If your iPhone boots in the proper manner, then it will go back to its normal mode.

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Part 3: Some Concerns that the iPhone Safe Mode Can Secure

There are quite a few iOS problems that can be amended by entering into the iPhone Safe Mode. Given below are some examples of when the safe mode is required:

  • Needing to load required extensions only.
  • Wanting to disable the pre-installed tweaks.
  • On wanting to avert extensions from automatically opening.
  • On needing to erase unnecessary tweaks.

Common Questions About the iPhone Safe Mode

1: Can the iPhone Safe Mode Help Identify a Problematic App?

Absolutely! That’s one of the primary uses of the Safe Mode. It allows you to isolate issues and identify if a specific app is causing trouble.

2: Is it Safe to Use the iPhone Safe Mode?

Yes, using the Safe Mode is completely safe. It does not erase any of your personal data.

3: Can I Receive Calls and Messages in Safe Mode?

You betcha! Safe Mode only disables third-party apps, so you can still receive calls and messages.

4: How Often Should I Use Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a troubleshooting tool. Therefore, it’s not something you should need to use regularly. If you find yourself frequently resorting to Safe Mode, it might be a sign that something’s amiss.

5: Does Safe Mode Help in Saving Battery?

Interestingly, yes! Because Safe Mode disables third-party apps, it can help conserve battery life.

6: Can I Access the Internet in Safe Mode?

Yes, you can. Safe Mode does not affect your internet connection.


And there you have it – the ultimate guide to disable or enable the iPhone Safe Mode. With this newfound knowledge, you’re well-equipped to handle any curveball your iPhone might throw at you. So, next time your iPhone starts acting funky, you know what to do. Remember, technology is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. Master your iPhone and let it serve you well.


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