Everything About com.android.server.telecom You Should Know

Have you come across the term com.android.server.telecom and wondered what it means? Well, this article explains what it is and more details. So, keep reading!

It goes without saying that Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. This specific operating system comes with plenty of features and flexibility apart from its user-friendliness.

With that said, there is no shortage of pretty complicated technical terms related to Android. Basically, Android is a massive package. There is no shortage of tools & apps to run the respective devices smoothly.

With that said, let’s take a look at those terms to learn more about our favorite mobile operating system.

What Is Android Server Telecom?

There are many individuals who wonder what com.android.server.telecom is. If you are one of them, it is a specific package unique to the Android platform. The purpose of this package is to manage the calling process on the respective Android device.

In fact, it can handle all the VoIP calls in addition to SIM calls. They can make the calling process exceptionally convenient and smooth. Telecom is all about handling switchboards, managing calls, and establishing sound concentrations.

That builds a link between ConnectionService along with InCallService usage. As a result, we can see the respective interface to the calls we get on the phone.

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Main Functions of com.android.server.telecom Package

Now you know what is com.android.server.telecom, let’s learn its functions.

● Call

The specific function is there to handle all incoming and outgoing calls on the respective Android device. Assume that a phone call is intercepted and delivered to that phone. In that case, the primary function is to display the contents of the ongoing call.

● Call.details

The function called call details is the next one on the list. The primary purpose of call.details is to show the information about the one who calls. Also, it shows the number of the user (caller). It displays information about the contact (caller) that has been acquired from the device’s database.

● Call.Rttcall

Call.Rttcall is a function that stores all RTT details in a single place. Basically, it is the in-charge of handling all of the data that relate to the call.

● callAudioState

This is the function that stores all of the information about the call’s audio. For instance, whether or not the respective call is in muted state. Also, it determines whether or not the voice is transferred properly on the device. On top of that, it takes care of all of the details pertaining to the call recording function.

● CallRedirectionService

Well, this becomes specifically handy to store all of the Redirection info associated with a particular call. This class works in conjunction with RTT. The most fundamental purpose is to retain the data related to a diverted call.

● CallScreeningService

This class is responsible for storing information about incoming calls. Prior to the call being made visible, it will be identified by this specific function. This function comes into play if contact is blacklisted, and the device gets a call from that number. The function will reject such calls.

● Conference

You can easily guess that this function directly relates to “call conference”. This specific function keeps track of how many callers are connected to the call. In addition to that, this function handles the contact information for individuals who are connected to the call. It will distribute that information to other functions performed. For instance, audio and RTT.

● Conferenceable

This is the function that tracks the information related to the users on the call. Then, This is the function that tracks the information related to the existing callers at a given time. Then, it will decide if it is possible to add them to a conference call or not.

● Connection

This is the class used to hold the connection status of the respective caller. The data like RTT status and the type of call are stored in this class.

● Connection.VideoProvider

Here’s the function that is used to check the status of a current video call.  

● DisconnectCause

DisconnectCause is another class that determines how a call is disconnected. In other words, it basically manages the “disconnect” function. The unique sound you will hear once a call is disconnected is performed by this function.

● InCallService

This is a function that is responsible to manage phone calls, such as establishing a call and disconnecting. Well, this is the only class that has a direct relationship to other functions.

● PhoneAccount

This specific class holds the information related to the account that is used to call a This specific class handles instructions pertaining to the account that is used to call a specific contact. In general, it is the SIM.

However, it handles the functions of VoIP as well. Also, it can be even a totally different third-party profile. Anyhow, it is a specific function to make sure that the correct address is saved in the database.

● StatusHints

With this function, you can expect to display symbols that are associated with a given call. In addition to that, it maintains the requirement for those symbols. This specific symbol is required when it is displayed. The function collaborates with all of the other features. That is required to ensure that everything runs without any trouble.

● VideoProfile

This specific function keeps a record of all of the calls made using the video facility. The video’s calling profile can be seen below. On top of that, it records the account that was used to call through videos. Apart from that, it records the numbers that were made available for video calls.

● VideoProfile.CameraCapabilities

In order to make video calls, this function saves the information about the camera that was used. It examines the quality of the camera and determines whether or not the camera is in proper working order.

Hopefully, the above paragraphs explained what com.android.server.telecom is.

Best Android Dialer

Now that you know what is com.android.server.telecom, let’s learn about the best Android Dialer. In fact, a “Dialer” can be recognized as the app that lets you make calls. It is included in the OS by default.

But if you want to have a more comprehensive dialer, use the following ones. The dialers mentioned below are very sophisticated apps. So, you can go ahead and choose one of those dialers.

01. Truecaller

It goes without saying that Truecaller is a popular dialer found today. You can find a large number of features in it. A free version of the same is available to use. This excellent dialer provides clients with a very handy call tracker too. It is quick and precise. To accommodate the needs of its users, this dialer provides a wide variety of customization options.

Truecaller is a simple application to use with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Apart from that, it also provides dual SIM support. In order to ensure that customers can switch between different SIMs without any difficulty. Moreover, it comes with the capability of recording phone calls.


Important Features

  • Truecaller has the most advanced call tracking functionality. Its tracking feature is very accurate and fast.
  • The user interface of this app is very simple, making it a very friendly and convenient app.
  • This app is rated as one of the most efficient apps in the market. Also, it is a very handy SMS app.
  • The most notable feature of this app is that it can identify the calls automatically. It happens even if their phone number isn’t available in your phonebook.
  • It comes with a specific feature called flash messages.

02. Eyecon Phone Dialer and Contacts

This’s among the most popular dialer applications for Android, and it allows users to block unwanted calls and messages. Unlike other apps that are offered for free, Eyecon Phone Dialer and Contacts do not bombard you with annoying ads. Needless to say, it is a welcome relief.

On top of that, it is jam-packed with a slew of pretty tricky alternate methods. The premium version of this application is available. That allows clients to access all of the features without necessarily having to worry about advertisements.

Eyecon Phne Dialer and Contacts

Important Features

  • It comes with a feature to detect caller ID. As a result, you can see the caller ID alongside a picture of the respective user. That will make the identification process more convenient.
  • It comes with features to synchronize social media platforms. That lets you access all of your social networking accounts through a single application.
  • Additionally, this application has an impressive spam filter. If you enable this filter, you will not receive those annoying spam calls or SMS. In a way, that’s a great relief.

03. Dialer

It’s true that Dialer is not as well-known as other options that are mentioned in this rundown. However, it is an unquestionably impressive app that is worth trying.  

This Android app is available for download, and an additional professional form is available for purchase. It is available through the application’s in-app purchase option.

This effective app on the other hand fundamentally brings everything together. That is particularly due to its straightforward user interface.


Important Features

  • There’s a T9 option included making it very simple to find the person you are looking for.
  • The best feature of it is that it tells you about the frequently contacted numbers. As a result, the next time you call them, you don’t have to keep looking repeatedly.
  • There are nearly 40 unique themes to choose from in this app, and that’s impressive. You have the ability to completely customize its appearance.

The Bottom Line

The development of telecommunications is one of the most significant events in the twenty-first century. Needless to say, that technology made our lives a whole lot easier in general.

On the other hand, with the introduction of smartphones, some changes occurred in the telecommunications industry. We are using smarter and more versatile mobile phones these days.

Everything was bundled together to make it easier to manage the operations. With that said, above we discussed what Android server telecom is.

In fact, com.android.server.telecom is one important element in the Android operating system. It is responsible for all of the operations associated with making and receiving phone calls on Android devices.

On top of that, we explained some superb Android dialers for your benefit. Your phone will look even better with such an app.

For any questions related to com.android.server.telecom, or any other package, let us know. Let’s help you out and solve your tech-related issues.



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