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Everything About Com.Android.MMS & How to Get It Fixed?


Written by Jack Lin

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What Is Com.Android.MMS?

Com.Android.MMS is a technical term referring to the messaging app for Android devices. This application is primarily responsible for sending and receiving Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages, which can include text, images, video, and audio.

Functions of Com.Android.MMS

Sending and Receiving MMS

The primary function of Com.Android.MMS is to facilitate the sending and receiving of multimedia messages. It is the app that allows you to send pictures to your friends and family, or receive a video clip from them.

Group Messaging

In addition to individual messaging, Com.Android.MMS also supports group messaging. It allows users to send one message to multiple recipients, creating a group conversation.

How Com.Android.MMS Works

The MMS Protocol

Com.Android.MMS operates using the MMS protocol. This protocol allows the transmission of multimedia content via mobile networks, providing a rich communication experience beyond the capabilities of standard SMS.

Interaction with Your Device

The Com.Android.MMS interacts with your device and the mobile network. When you send a multimedia message, it prepares the message for transmission, sends it to the mobile network, and then the network sends it to the recipient’s device.

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As of now, you know what Android MMS is and there’s nothing wrong with those files. However, at times, those files themselves can experience various errors. That means files can face some issues due to some reason or another.

In that case, it would be handy for you to learn how to fix those errors. Generally, those errors can appear in the form of popup messages. For instance, you might get a message starting with “Sorry! The application Messaging….” on your device.

Com.Android.MMS error

If truth to be told, the errors pertaining to are not that common. In other words, they are pretty rare. However, it would be handy for any user to know how to fix such an error.

If you notice such an error on your device, there are several fixes to try. So, in the next section, we explain how to fix the errors pertaining to Some of those methods are extremely simple and basic, so even a novice can try them without any trouble.

Solution 1: Restart your Android device

Well, this could be one of the most common, simple, yet very effective methods to fix many minor errors.

In fact, restarting will kill any straining processes on your device and allow it to run smoother. Also, it will clear the memory of the device and let it run faster. Generally, it may be a good approach to restart your Android device once every two days. It can free up your cache, kill bad processes and so on, and thereby fix many errors.

So, if you notice any error on your Android device, be sure to try restarting the device. It is true that the steps to restart an Android device might differ slightly from one model to another.

Anyway, mentioned below is a general guideline to restart your device.

  • First, you should press the power button of the device and hold it until a menu appears.
  • Now, just tap the option labeled “Shut Down” to proceed.
  • Just keep the device switched off for about a minute.
  • Switch it on and check if the error is gone.

If the error is still persisting, don’t worry; you can simply proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2: Clear your Messages app’s cache

The next solution you should try is clearing your messaging app’s cache memory and see if it works. This specific method will allow you to get rid of errors on your device.

The cache memory of your device helps you load apps faster, so you will notice better efficiency. However, over time, this memory can build up into a huge file. Also, some of the files in the cache memory can crash due to various reasons.

As a result, you might notice various errors, including the ones that affect So, it is important to clear the cache memory of your messaging app and see if it works.

We do it because errors are related to the messaging app. You can go through the following steps to clear your messaging app’s cache memory.

  • First, you should go to the “Settings” of your device and choose the option called “Apps.”
  • After that, choose the option called “Messaging App.”
Clear your Messages apps cache
  • Then, go to the option called “Storage” and then tap on the option labeled “Clear Cache.”
Clear your Messages apps cache
Clear cache to fix Com.Android.MMS error

  • Now, you should restart the respective device. Launch the messaging app and see if the respective device is performing perfectly, and the messaging app should work. Suppose everything goes well, error should be gone.

Solution 3: Use a different app for messaging

This is another effective option that might work if none of the above solutions are working. If the third-party app doesn’t work on your phone, you should consider switching to a default messaging app. In fact, all of the regular apps that offer to dial will let you do the messaging as well. They will also let you send MMS if you want to do so.

When you use third-party messaging apps, you might experience some conflicts too. The third-party messaging app will interact with the default app. As a result, you will experience different types of errors, including

In addition to that, you should also deactivate the privacy tool. It is always necessary to hide the messaging apps installed on your Android device.

Solution 4: Give an update to your Android device

If you are yet to succeed, you should consider updating the Android OS and see if it works. In some cases, newer versions of your messaging app will not work smoothly with the existing OS.

So, if you have an older Android operating system, you might want to update it to the latest version. That will help you get rid of the compatible issues and solve errors.

Mentioned below are the steps you should consider if you intend to update your OS.

  • First, you should go to the “Settings” app and open it up.
  • Then, go to the option called “About Phone.”
  • Now, you can choose the option called “System updates.”
Android System Updates to fix Com.Android.MMS error
  • You can install any of the updates if you see any available ones.

Tips for Optimal Performance of Com.Android.MMS

To ensure the smooth operation of Com.Android.MMS and enhance your multimedia messaging experience, consider the following tips:

  • Tip 1: Keep the Device Software Updated: Regularly update your device’s software to ensure compatibility with the latest features and improvements.
  • Tip 2: Avoid Using Unreliable Messaging Apps: Stick to well-known and reputable messaging apps to avoid compatibility issues and potential security risks.
  • Tip 3: Manage Storage Space on the Device: Regularly clean up unnecessary files and free up storage space to avoid issues with downloading or sending MMS messages.
  • Tip 4: Disable Unnecessary Apps and Features: Disable any unused apps or features that may consume system resources and affect overall performance.
  • Tip 5: Use a Reliable Mobile Data Connection: Ensure that you have a stable and reliable mobile data connection for seamless MMS functionality.


To make things clearer, let’s go ahead and read some of the most frequently asked questions.

01. In which location the MMS messages are saved?

Your phone’s MMS app will save all the relevant data on /com/android/MMS. If you want to find those files, you can simply navigate through this path and do it. However, it can be done only if your device is rooted. Also, you can access those files easier with the assistance of a file manager.

02. What makes MMS different from SMS?

In SMS, you will find nothing but text. There is no multimedia content in SMS. However, in MMS, you get multimedia files like video, images, and audio.

03. Is it possible to turn off the MMS feature on your Android device?

Well, there is no way to disable MMS on your Android. However, there is an option to disable its auto-downloading feature.

04. How can I fix MMS messages not downloading on my Android device?

Ensure that you have sufficient storage space, check file compatibility, and verify your network connection. The article provides detailed solutions for fixing this problem.

05. What can I do if MMS messages display as unsupported file types?

Install media codecs on your device or try using alternative messaging apps with better compatibility to view the multimedia content.


Com.Android.MMS plays a crucial role in enabling multimedia communication on Android devices. By understanding its functions, how it works, troubleshooting methods, and security measures, you can effectively use this app and anticipate its future developments.


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