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Can’t Join Kik Group? Here’s How to Troubleshoot and Fix This Issue


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Can't Join Kik Group

As a popular messaging app among teens and young adults, Kik offers the ability to join group chats on various topics. However, sometimes you may run into the frustrating issue of not being able to join a Kik group.

If you get an error message like “Oops something went wrong” or find yourself blocked from joining groups, don’t worry – this guide will walk you through the main reasons and solutions for fixing the “can’t join Kik group” problem.

Common Reasons You Can’t Join a Kik Group

Here are some of the most common explanations for why you may be having trouble joining a group chat on Kik:

  • You’ve Been Banned – If you violated Kik’s terms of service or community guidelines, your account can be banned from joining groups temporarily or permanently. This is the most likely reason. You can learn more about potential Kik scams that get accounts banned.
  • The Group is Banned – The specific group you’re trying to join may itself be banned by Kik for violations.
  • It’s a Private Group – You can only directly join public Kik groups. For private groups, you need an invite link or approval from the admin. Check out tips for finding girls on Kik for private chats.
  • Multiple Accounts – Having multiple accounts can get you banned from group activities. Stick to just one account. Learn how to reset your Kik password if you’ve forgotten login details.
  • App Issues – Glitches with the Kik app itself, like pending updates or crashes, could be preventing access. Download Kik for PC to see if the desktop version also has issues.
  • Over Join Limit – Kik supposedly limits users to joining 2 new groups per week; hit this ceiling and you’ll have to wait.

How to Fix “Can’t Join Kik Group” Problems

Luckily, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve most issues joining Kik groups:

Restart the Kik App

Force quit and relaunch the Kik app on your device – this clears out minor glitches. On iOS, swipe up to close; on Android go to Settings > Apps > Kik > Force Stop.

Force Stop Kik

Update the Kik App

Make sure you have the latest version installed via your device’s app store. Updates frequently fix bugs and add features.

Try a Different Account

Creating a new Kik account avoids previous bans and restrictions so you can rejoin groups. Be wary of Kik cheaters making fake accounts.

Clear Kik App Cache & Data

Wipe cached data and files through your device Settings menu under the Kik app. This refresh can fix corrupt files causing issues.

Clear Cache Kik

Ask the Group Admin for an Invite

For private groups, you need a direct invite link or approval from the admin to join. Contact them to send this. Check out Kik hookup groups to join.

Check Kik Server Status

Sometimes outages on Kik’s end prevent access. Check sites like Downdetector for any known current issues. Try again later.

Downdetector Kik

Contact Kik Support

Reach out to Kik’s customer service online for additional help troubleshooting “can’t join group” problems.

Tips to Avoid “Can’t Join” Group Errors

Here are some tips to avoid running into this joining issue in the first place:

  • Be polite and appropriate in group chats to avoid bans.
  • Only join 1-2 new groups per week maximum.
  • Keep your Kik app updated to the latest version.
  • Use only one Kik account tied to one device.
  • Bookmark group invite links to easily rejoin if removed.
  • If a group is banned, respect that and find a different one.
  • Check out fixes for stuck messages on Kik.

Key Takeaways

  • Common joining issues stem from bans, private settings, app glitches, and join limits.
  • Troubleshoot by restarting, updating, switching accounts, clearing app data, contacting admins, or checking server status.
  • Avoid future “can’t join” errors by being polite in chats, limiting new groups, and keeping your app updated.
  • If banned or at join limit, be patient and wait the duration before attempting to join more groups.


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