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How to Spot and Avoid KIK Scams: A Guide for Users


Written by Jack Lin

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KIK Scams

The last thing you want is to be a victim of one of those unpleasant KIK scams. Many scams across the internet have taken place based on KIK.

So, as a KIK user, you should know how to spot such scams at once and avoid them.

Overview of Kik

Overview of Kik

Despite not being a form of social media, Kik is a popular site for fraud. In fact, fraudsters are smart enough to approach you on many other social networks or dating websites very trustworthy.

Then, they will swiftly switch the discussion to a messaging service like Kik, Google Hangouts, or Whatsapp. Continue reading to understand how to spot if you are being scammed via Kik.

Besides, let’s see how to identify Kik cheaters, as there are plenty of Kik groups for affairs and many individuals use those groups to cheat.

So, What’s the Easiest Way to Spot KIK Scams 

On Kik Messenger, the catfish are in profusion. These con artists frequently use these platforms to avoid having their other false accounts deleted.

There are numerous phony accounts in circulation where scammers pose as beautiful models with fake identities. This can be done while hiding behind the digital screen to fool and manipulate.

Also, Steam gift card scams are annoying aspects you might face as a modern-day internet user. Let’s see how to spot and avoid Steam card scams.

What Does the Term “Catfishing” Mean?

Kik is well-known as an instant messenger app designed specifically for smartphones. To send messages through Kik, users obviously need an internet connection. With Kik, you can send pictures, links to web pages, and files of various types.

Any user can download Kik using their respective app store. Android and iPhone users can download the Kik app through Play Store or App Store, respectively.

Once it is downloaded and installed on your device, you can start to contact your friends through it. You should have the usernames of your friends to start a conversation.

As you may know, every user is given the option to use a Kik profile picture. Kik users are able to share pictures with one another. So, in a way, it works as a social media platform too.

Well, some individuals use this feature to scam others. They can share stolen photos and trick you unless you become smarter than them.

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● Bot-type Catfishers

Catfishers con people in a few different ways on Kik. The usage of automated bots is the first. Usually, a simple hello from the individual starts a conversation, after which the bots take control.

In response to the messages, the bots try to convince you to browse various websites. Such websites may make a variety of requests of you. Some websites request personal information.

On the other hand, other scammers urge you to buy subscriptions and make a financial contribution.

● Real People

The other is talking to actual people who don’t share much about themselves with you. The main difference between the bots and the real people is that the former is more popular. That is because they can reach more individuals simultaneously.

They will frequently request you to perform some tasks for them. In most cases, they will ask you to send money. In addition to that, they will also try to convince others to visit their websites.

So, How to Tell a Fraudster/Scammer Apart?

How do you recognize a fraudster? To find somebody’s account, use the application’s built-in username search feature. This just offers a little amount of information, though.

You will only see what the company wants you to see, in a way., however, allows you to see everything. With this tool, you can find nearly anything you wish.

Scam 01: Act Like a Premium Girl

Act Like a Premium Girl

This is one of the most common KIK scams you may come across regularly. You receive a message from a girl on any dating app telling you that she prefers the Kik Platform. They will also claim that you can have more fun through the Kik platform.

Then they claim to appear as a “premium girl.” Eventually, they ask for money in exchange for sending you the necessary pictures or even videos. Once they receive money from you, they will block you.

These con artists frequently use the same photos on different accounts. Before you pay for their premium account, it’s best to verify if the respective account belongs to a fraudster.

Scam 02: Gift Cards

Gift Cards Scam

Romance scammers are someone you are speaking to if they have ever requested a gift card from you. They may provide such requests while you are conversing online.

Gift cards are almost untraceable; thus, internet fraudsters will urge you to transmit money in that manner. Scammers frequently demand Walmart gift cards, Steam cards, and other gift cards.

This is so that they may sell those cards for 75% of their original value on resale websites.

Scam 03: Sextortion


This falls into the popular type of KIK scams. The blackmailer will trick you into sharing your explicit or nude images with them.

Once they receive your pictures, they will start forcing you to send money as well. If you disagree, they will threaten you, saying that they will make your photos public.

Scam 04: Romance

This is one of the ugliest KIK scams you may come across. On Kik, a romance fraudster would use stolen images of other people to pose as them. They do it in an effort to catfish you and make you fall in love with them.

Over time, they will somehow gain your trust and begin to solicit money from you. This will happen initially in small amounts, then working their way up to larger sums.

When you run out of money to pay them, those scammers will stop contacting you. More importantly, they will take all you provide them.

Phishing Link

The most prevalent frauds are those using phishing. When someone uses phishing to trick you, they send you links to click on.

They will tell you that you have won a prize or that you must look at something. When you open the link, malware is installed on your computer in order to collect your personal data.

Then, they will utilize it for potential identity theft. There may even be a form there that asks for personal information, including credit card information. So, they may take your money in another way.

How to Tell if You Are About to Become a Victim of a Kik Scam?

Below are the signs that you are about to become a victim of a Kik scam.

  • You get links to various websites with no warnings whatsoever.
  • The response you receive from the other end looks too plain (as if they are sent from bots).
  • The users at the other end try to convince you to send money.
  • They hardly expose their identity.

How to Stay Away from Such Dangers?

Here are the ways to stay away from potential dangers associated with KIK scams.

  • Make sure that you know the potential signs. You must be informed of what sort of strategies hackers tend to use and take necessary measures.
  • You should be smart enough to trust your instincts. If you feel anything fishy about any message or an individual, stay away from it.
  • Make sure that you communicate with individuals you know. This will reduce the potential risk of falling into the trap of a total stranger.
  • Check if they have a similar username on other social profiles as well. This is a good way to ensure that they are genuine individuals. Also, you should see the location of the person to do some more accurate guessing.

What Should You Do After Spotting a Kik Scammer?

If you were lucky enough to spot a scammer on the Kik platform, what should you do? In fact, you have several important things to do, as mentioned in the below section.

If you see the signs of KIK scams, you may act as below and protect yourself and others.

  • First and foremost, report the respective account to Kik’s admin team. You will be able to find an option called “scam.” The more reports a user gets, the quicker the solution will be. As a result, the user will be banned with a flagging.
  • You can comment on potential scam posts. That will alert every user on the platform so you can save others from being scammed.
  • If there are mass commenting individuals, you should comment on that as well. You must do it on the posts so the sellers will know the real nature of the scammer.
  • Never ever fall to any scammer, no matter how hard they try to lure you in. If you ever feel somewhat fishy about their behavior, stay away from them without any hesitation. You should never do the guesswork with any Kik user. No real sugar daddy might add a stranger user and immediately want to give them money unless they’re crazy. If you come across such a user, just ask for money first.
  • Ensure that you report and block the user and then inform them whenever you see a suspicious user. Such action will prevent others from getting scammed. So, if a user made a comment on a scammer, you should tell the respective user about that. And tell them that you cannot take the conversation ahead because you are facing a risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can scammers hack my device through KIK?

No, scammers cannot directly hack your device through KIK. However, they may attempt to trick you into downloading malware or visiting malicious websites by sending deceptive links.

Q2. Are all unknown messages on KIK scams?

Not all unknown messages on KIK are scams, but it is important to exercise caution. Take the time to evaluate the person’s credibility, intentions, and the content of their messages before engaging further.

Q3. Is KIK responsible for compensating victims of scams that occur on their platform?

No, KIK is not responsible for compensating victims of scams. It is essential for users to take personal responsibility for their interactions and protect themselves from potential fraudulent activities.

Q4. How can I report a scam on KIK?

To report a scam on KIK, navigate to the conversation with the suspicious individual, tap on their profile, and select “More Options.” From there, choose “Report” and provide the necessary information to the KIK support team.

Q5. What should I do if I have already fallen victim to a KIK scam?

If you have already fallen victim to a KIK scam, it is important to take immediate action. Cut off all communication with the scammer, report the incident to KIK, and contact your local authorities for further assistance.


With this guidance, ideally, you will be better able to identify Kik scammers and understand how they function.

You will also be able to figure out how to make the ATW community a secure and enjoyable environment. This is applicable to you as well. By making Kik a safer place, you can trade, sell, and engage with one another trustworthily.

So, if you want to know more about KIK scams, please let us know.


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