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How to Find Groups on Kik: The Complete Guide


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How To Find Groups On Kik

Kik is one of the most popular messaging apps among teens and young adults. With over 300 million users worldwide, it’s a great way to chat with friends and meet new people. One of the best features of Kik is the ability to join group chats based on shared interests. Finding and joining a Kik group can help you connect with others who share your hobbies, passions, or sense of humor.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about finding and joining Kik groups as a user.

Overview of Kik Groups

Kik groups allow multiple users to communicate in the same chat room. They can be either public or private:

  • Public groups – Anyone can join these groups. They are easy to find based on hashtags and keywords. Public groups can have up to 50 members.
  • Private groups – You need an invite link or code to join these groups. Private groups offer more privacy and control for admins. They can have up to 49 members.

Groups are a great way to chat and share content on any topic imaginable – from sports and gaming to dating and relationships. When you find the right group, you can enjoy meaningful conversations with like-minded folks from around the world.

How to Find Public Kik Groups

Public groups are searchable right within the Kik app. Here are the steps to find public Kik groups:

1. Open the Kik app on your device.

2. Tap the “+” icon in the top right corner.

Find Public Groups on Kik

3. Select “Find People” from the menu.

Find People on Kik

4. Choose “Public Groups” and search for relevant keywords or hashtags. For example, #sports, #music, #gaming, etc.

search for relevant keywords or hashtags on Public Groups

5. Browse the list of groups and select one that interests you. Tap on it to preview the group.

list of Kik groups

6. If you want to join, tap “Join Public Group“.

Find Public Kik Groups 5

That’s it! You will be added to the group and can start chatting right away. The process is quick and easy.

?Pro Tip: Check how many members a public group has before joining. Groups with the max 50 members will be at capacity.

Finding Good Public Groups on Kik

  • Search for topics you genuinely care about to find the most active groups.
  • Sort search results by most members to see the largest public groups.
  • Give niche interests a try too! Even smaller groups can have loyal members.
  • Always read the group description before joining to ensure it’s a good fit.
  • Don’t spam groups with promotions or inappropriate content. Be helpful and friendly.

With some trial and error, you’ll discover amazing public Kik groups tailored to your hobbies and interests. Be sure to reset your password if you ever get logged out while searching.

How to Get Added to Private Kik Groups

Private Kik groups require an invite link or group code in order to join. Here are the ways you can get added:

Kik Username Invite

  • A group admin can invite you directly by Kik username. They must already have you as a friend or contact.
  • They select the group, tap your username under “People“, and send the invite.
Kik Username Invite
  • Group admins can generate a invite link and send it to you directly.
  • You simply tap the link to join the private group chat.

Scanned Group Code

  • Admins can reveal a group’s unique QR code.
  • You scan this Kik code using your camera and automatically join the group.
  • On iOS, you can long press the Kik icon and tap “Scan Code” to scan a group code.
Scanned Group Code

The main appeal of private Kik groups is that admins can carefully control membership. The environment tends to be more private, secure, and personalized.

?Pro Tip: Save invite links to private groups you like. The access the group easily from any device.

How to Create Your Own Kik Groups

Starting your own Kik group is free and easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Open Kik and tap the “+” icon.

2. Choose “Start a Group” and enter a group name.

Start a Group on Kik

3. Select up to 49 people to add from your Kik contacts.

4. Tap “Start” to create the new group.

Create Your Own Kik Groups

5. Share the join link or QR code with anyone you want to invite.

As the group admin, you control membership and have the ability to remove any problematic members. Feel free to establish group rules and guidelines as you see fit. If you run into issues with your group, check out troubleshooting tips for fixing problems.

?Pro Tip: Create both public and private groups to give members options. Link groups together for easier management.

Kik Group Chat Best Practices

Here are some tips to ensure you have the best experience in any Kik group:

  • Introduce yourself when you join a new group. Break the ice!
  • Be polite and respectful to all group members. No bullying or discrimination.
  • Follow all group rules. Don’t post if admins require approval.
  • Contribute helpfully to the conversation. Share jokes, memes, links, etc.
  • Avoid raising controversial issues that might cause conflict.
  • Never give out personal contact information or photos.
  • Report any suspicious activity or harassment to group admins right away. They can remove inappropriate members.
  • Leave any groups you find toxic or unfriendly. Don’t suffer bad vibes!

The right Kik groups can lead to lasting friendships and nonstop fun. Just be selective in which groups you join and proactive about building a positive community.

Finding Kik Groups on Reddit

Many Kik users promote their groups on Reddit to attract new members. Here’s how to find Kik groups on Reddit:

  1. Visit in your browser. This is the main subreddit.
  2. Search for keywords like your city, interests, age, gender, etc.
  3. Check group descriptions and reviews. Make sure it’s active and reputable.
  4. Message the moderators or admins to ask for an invite link.
  5. Once added, introduce yourself in the Kik group chat.

While Reddit isn’t officially affiliated with Kik, it’s a popular platform for discovering active Kik groups. Just use common sense when contacting strangers about potentially joining private group chats.

Joining Kik Groups Safely

Kik is generally safe when used appropriately, but here are some precautions to take:

  • Never join explicit or suspicious groups, even if they appear under public listings in the app. Report them.
  • Be wary of links or files sent in group chats, which could contain malware according to Kik safety tips.
  • Use a username that doesn’t reveal personal information about you.
  • Block creepy members immediately and report them to admins.
  • Enable additional privacy settings like hiding your profile photo.
  • Trust your instincts. Leave any groups that give you a bad vibe.

Thousands of friendly, interesting groups exist where you can chat comfortably. Avoid dangerous groups and members at all costs. If you ever feel unsafe, don’t hesitate to block, report, and delete any bad accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kik Groups

How do I leave a Kik group?

In the group chat, tap the group name and select “Leave Group”. Or go to your list of joined groups, tap the group, and choose “Leave” from the menu.

Can I rejoin a group after leaving?

You can rejoin public groups easily by finding them again in the app. To rejoin a private group, you’ll need an updated invite link or code from the admins.

How do I report bad groups or members?

You can report groups, chats or specific messages that violate Kik’s terms by tapping “Report” from the menu. Kik reviews reports and takes action against abuse.

Why do some groups have codes like #a or #s?

These are shortcuts that admins use to organize groups, making it easier to link different chats together around a common interest. The code itself has no special meaning.

How do I share my username or invite others to groups?

Go to your profile, tap the gear icon, and select “Share Username” to reveal your unique hashtag username that friends can search to find you on Kik. You can also invite them to any groups you’re already a member of.

How many groups can I join at once?

There’s no limit on the number of groups you can join! You can be in as many public and private groups as you like and easily switch between them.

Key Takeaways

Finding great Kik groups makes the app much more enjoyable. Here are some key tips covered in this guide:

  • Search public groups by keyword or hashtag right in the Kik app. Join any that interest you.
  • Get invited to private groups by an admin sending a username invite, group link, or scannable code.
  • Introduce yourself when you join a new group and be an active, positive member.
  • Follow all group rules and report any abuse to admins immediately.
  • Browse Reddit or ask Kik contacts about good groups. But use caution with strangers.
  • Leave any group chats that seem inappropriate or make you uncomfortable.
  • Create your own public or private groups around topics you want to discuss.
  • Enable privacy settings but don’t share personal details in groups.

Finding the right Kik groups can help you connect with awesome people and chat about shared interests. Now you have all the tools to start your group search!

Additional Resources

Here are some more resources if you need help finding Kik groups to join:

We hope this guide gave you all the tools you need to have an amazing group experience on Kik. Stay safe and happy chatting!


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