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Kik Reset Password: Simple Steps to Regain Access to Your Account


Written by Jack Lin

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Kik Reset Password

Let’s look at the Kik reset password feature and learn more about it. If you are a novice to Kik, the instructions included in this article will be really handy for you. So, go through this information carefully and learn what it is.

We, indeed tend to forget our passwords pretty frequently. There are several reasons behind this.

We have plenty of online accounts to manage these days. They can include your social media accounts, online banking accounts, email accounts, online store accounts, and many more.

Also, we all have plenty of other work, and we live really busy lives these days. That said, forgetting a password has become a normal scenario these days.

How to Perform Kik Reset Password?

Actually, there are different methods to rectify this issue without experiencing much trouble. However, the methods you should try may vary depending on the platform on which the password is forgotten.

Interestingly, many individuals don’t know how to fix this issue and use the service again. If you are one of them and you have forgotten your Kik password, you are in trouble. But don’t worry because, in this article, we explain how to perform a Kik reset password.

If you have forgotten the Kik password, there is nothing to worry about at all. Like many other online platforms and apps, Kik offers several solutions to overcome this situation.

In order to perform a Kik reset password, you should have the email address used to register for Kik. You are in trouble if you don’t have that email address. But once again, there is good news for you.

You can reset the password even if you don’t remember the email address used to create the Kik account. As a result, you can access the account with ease.

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Kik Reset Password without Email

If your Kik password is forgotten and you don’t remember the email as well, what can you do? As mentioned before, there are ways to Kik reset passwords.

Frankly, Kik also doesn’t offer a password reset feature for those who have forgotten their emails. So, there should be some other way to do it, and this article’s purpose is to explain it.

There are ways to fix this issue, even if you don’t have the respective email. So, those who have forgotten their email, as well as the password, should follow the steps below. You can look at the options and use whatever is appropriate for your situation.

01. Enter All the Emails You Remember

The most basic and simplest solution to try is to enter the emails you remember. You should recall your memory and enter all the emails you might have used to create the Kik account.

Yes. It is painstaking, time-consuming, and tiresome work. But it is always important to try this method as it may work for you. If the guessed email worked, there is no need to worry about the other steps.

02. Get in Touch with the Customer Support Service of Kik

If you don’t remember the emails you have used, you might be upset by now. But don’t be. You can give it a try with the assistance of customer support as well. They have an option that gives the idea something like the one below. “I forget my password. I want to reset it. But my email is also forgotten“.

Once you state your issue, the customer support service will review the request you have sent. Then, they will get back to you at their earliest convenience. Then, they will assist you with some instructions. Please note that this is the last resort. You can rely on Kik to reset your password without your email.

Here it is for those who don’t know the customer support service’s number. 1-800-479-6603. That’s the only way to contact them since you also don’t remember the email.

Also, you are supposed to contact them during working days only to get help. If you dial the above-mentioned number during a holiday, you won’t get a reply.

Well, assume that you got really lucky and found the email. In that case, you might want to know how to reset the Kik password. If you are interested in it, you should read the remainder of this article.

Kik Reset Password using the Email

Assume that you have forgotten the password to your Kik account, but you remember the email. In that case, you are really lucky because Kik resetting password is so easy.

In other words, resetting your password to the Kik account can be done without confusion. That said, just follow the simple steps below to reset your Kik password.

If you follow the steps correctly, you can regain access to your Kik account once again. Then, just stay in touch with your friends as you used to do.

Important: Please note that you will have to use the email address linked to the Kik account. This requirement is mandatory. In addition to that, you cannot Kik reset passwords using a mobile device with this method. Therefore, it requires you to use a PC and use the web-based Kik platform to proceed.

Launch Kik on a Web Browser

As the first step, you should visit Kik’s official website on a web browser of your preference. Then, you should choose the “Reset Password” option to proceed.

Kik Reset Password using the Email

Enter the Email/Username

Enter your username or email address to register for the Kik platform. To do that, you will get a dedicated space. Once you have done that, you can click on the button labeled “Go.”

After completing this process, you will be able to receive the password reset link on the given email address. That is exactly why you need to provide a valid email address to which you have access.

Go to the Inbox of Your Email Account

You can now open the respective email address linked to the Kik account. Then, you should check if you have received any new emails from the Kik platform. If you don’t see a message in your inbox, you can also check the Spam folder.

Also, it may take several minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox. So, check for the link after a couple of minutes.

The next step is to find the link in your email. Then, click on the link to open in a new tab. That will direct you to a new page where the Kik reset password option appears.

Enter the New Password

Now you are ready to enter the new password. In this case, you should type a good password that can be remembered for a long time. Also, the password should be very difficult to guess.

You should never use your date of birth, nickname, vehicle plate, social security number, etc., as the password. If you do, others can guess your password easily.

Click “Go”

As the final step, you should locate the “Go” button and click on it. Then, you will see a message with the text “Your password has been successfully changed.” Congratulations! You have reset the password and can now enter the new password to access your Kik account.

Please note that the above is possible only if you have the email address used to create the account.

Sometimes, the password reset link may not arrive in some users’ inboxes. If you ever come across such a situation, there can be several reasons behind it.

For instance, it will not arrive if you have provided the wrong email address. Also, the same can happen if you have not used the correct Kik account. Also, the link can arrive in the spam folder.

Tips to Create a Strong Password

When setting a new password, it’s essential to create one that is strong and secure. Here are some tips to help you develop a robust password:

  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Avoid using easily guessable information, such as your name, birthdate, or common dictionary words.
  • Make your password at least eight characters long.
  • Consider using a password manager to securely store and generate unique passwords for all your accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I reset my Kik password without an email?

Unfortunately, the only way to reset your Kik password is through the email address associated with your account. If you no longer have access to that email address, it is recommended to contact Kik support for further assistance.

Q2: What should I do if I don’t receive the password reset email?

If you don’t receive the password reset email from Kik, make sure to check your spam or junk folder. If you still can’t find the email, double-check that you entered the correct email address during the password reset process. If the issue persists, contact Kik support for further guidance.

Q3: Can I reuse my old password when resetting my Kik password?

While it’s technically possible to reuse your old password, it is strongly advised to create a new and unique password. Reusing old passwords can compromise the security of your account, especially if the old password has been exposed or compromised in the past.

Q4: How often should I reset my Kik password?

To maintain good security practices, it is recommended to periodically change your passwords for all your online accounts, including Kik. Experts suggest changing passwords every three to six months or whenever you suspect any security breaches.

Q5: Can I reset my Kik password on multiple devices simultaneously?

No, the password reset process must be completed individually on each device you use to access Kik. Resetting the password on one device will not automatically reset it on other devices.


That’s basically about Kik reset password. If you have forgotten the password of your Kik account, there are ways to reset it. The process is very simple if you remember the email address linked to the Kik account.

However, if even the email is forgotten, it can be somewhat complicated but not impossible. For any other questions, just let us know. We will get back to you at your earliest.


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