Top Best MOBA Games for Android on 2023


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Best MOBA Games for Android
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No one can deny that after the computer system, mobile is the best platform to play good MOBA games. You can find plenty of the best MOBA games for Android as well as iOS.

It is hard for any game to flourish outside its set platform. For instance, arcade and first-person shooters are well-known for their PC versions.

However, the same condition does not apply to MOBA games. You can enjoy them on any platform, whether it is PC or mobile. The best part about these games is that they are simple and fun to play.

You do not have to indulge in the games for hours to complete the level or mission. You can hop from one level to another in no time and invest yourself in different situations and challenges.

Nonetheless, it does not mean that MOBA games have fewer actions and adventures compared to other genres. The crux of the game is based on various characters, spells, attacks, supernatural power, and so on. 

Not only this, you will play a character who is the protagonist of the game. The game will provide you with the tools and features that will help you to complete the mission. They will also give you the side story of the game and introduce you to the different characters.

Most importantly, you are not bound to play just one character in MOBA games. It depends on you which character you want to play, plus, you can change the character in between the game. Isn’t this amazing?

Top Best MOBA Games for Android

These cool and exciting features make MOBA games one of the most loved games around the world.

Your intuitive understanding of MOBA games will make you a better player in this genre. Therefore, without any delay, let’s just dive straight away into the best MOBA games for Android.

#1 – Mobile Legends

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Mobile Legends is the aggregation of several heroes, matchmaking time, and a short period of intense battles. These features make Mobile Legends one of the most popular MOBA games for Android. It is not only available for Android but also for iOS.

The best part is that in Mobile Legends, players from around the world take part. This means you will play with and against different players all over the world.

It is based on the five vs. five formula and creates intense but short battles in the game. In addition, Mobile Legend enables you to take a trial pass on various heroes before purchasing them.

This feature helps you to understand the strength and weakness of the character and allow you to make a decisive approach in a different situation.

#2 – League of Legends: Wild Rift

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The name of the game is enough to tell you its authenticity in this genre. League of Legends sets the benchmark for other MOBA games. This is another one of the best mobile MOBA games right now.

The developers have designed this game on the level of a first-person shooter. It is created from scratch; its characters, plot, environment, and gameplay are different from other MOBA games. This game is like a fresh breeze and provides you with different experiences altogether.

The aesthetic designs will make you awe-struck during the whole game. Wild Rift introduces various characters, and each of them has its unique power and strength, which will help you to win the battle. Not to mention, this game is intense, but unlike FPS, it does not take hours to finish a mission.

And here is the full comparison of League of Legends vs. Dota 2 you may be interested in.     

#3 – Vainglory

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Although this game came out a couple of years back, the features and mechanism of Vainglory make it one of the best MOBA on mobile.

If you are thinking about what makes Vainglory so popular, let us tell you that it is based on cross-platform. This means that even if you are playing this game on mobile, you can still play it on your PC with friends.  

Not only this, the features of Vainglory are second to none compared to other MOBA games. It provides you with various modes to play with your friends. Plus, a quick five-minute game allows you to get into five vs. five combat and adds more value to the game.  

To pace up with other MOBA games, the developers of Vainglory introduce new modes and characters frequently. This is why players still enjoy playing this game. 

#4 – Arena of Valor

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Another one of the best MOBA games for Android is Arena of Valor which is based on the five vs. five formula. This game has almost 40 protagonists, each one of which has its unique power and strength.

You can choose any of these 40 characters to play your game. Not only this, but it also provides you with two different battle arenas; one is based on three vs. three formats, and another is on one vs. one format.

Furthermore, this game incorporates a unique quick battle mode called Hook Wars. In this battle, you need to capture the places shown on the map before your opponents. This is based on a quick battle mode format, and you must be fast and decisive in order to win the battle.

#5 – Heroes of Soulcraft

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Although Heroes of Soulcraft is not the best MOBA game for the PC, its mobile version is worth a try. The mobile version contains plenty of exciting and adventurous parts of MOBA games that you can find in other games listed in this article. It includes five vs. five battle formats and creates tactical and fast combat modes.

Similar to other games in this list, Heroes of Soulcraft contain a decent collection of heroes or protagonist to choose from. Plus, it also enables you to play in different modes, including quick, intense battle modes.

Therefore, Heroes of Soulcraft contain some basic features which are necessary for MOBA games. This is why we have included it in the list of the best MOBA games for Android.

#6 – Onmyoji Arena

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The characters in Onmyoji Arena are established by the Onmyoji games series. All the characters in this game play an important role in the game.

Similar to other MOBA games, in Onmyoji Arena, you have different options to choose from different characters to win your battle. Plus, you can play this game in different modes, including five vs. five battle modes.

In addition, Onmyoji Arena incorporates three vs. three vs. three battle royale combat, which you can enjoy with your friends. This is a unique battle mode and needs different strategies and tactics to win.

#7 – Marvel Super War

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We all are familiar with Marvel movies and love the heroes, but have you ever tried playing Marvel-inspired games? If not, then you must try this game.

We all love Marvel heroes and wish to play our favorite heroes. Marvel Super War allows you to have hands-on with your favorite character and its supernatural power.

Marvel Super War contains almost all the famous characters that are against each other in one of the biggest virtual battles. Every Marvel hero has a unique power, which will help you to win the battle against another character. Not only superpowers, but you will also enjoy one-on-one fistfights.

This game uses a similar format as other MOBA games. There are different battle formats, including five vs. five formats. This allows you and your friends to build a team and fight against one another.

Marvel Super War is available on Android and iOS. It is recently launched in New Zealand and Australia. The popular characters and exciting gameplay make Marvel Super War one of the best MOBA on mobile. 

#8 – Heroes Arena

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Heroes Arena is another one of the most loved MOBA games for Android because of its amazing battle modes and characters. It contains almost all the battle formats, which makes MOBA games exciting and fun.

The battle modes include five vs. five, three vs. three, and a one vs. one format. It incorporates almost 20 characters and at least six classes split among them. It allows you to use plenty of tactical approaches and strategies to win the game.


1. Can I play these MOBA games for free? Yes, all the mentioned MOBA games are available for free on the Google Play Store. However, they may offer in-app purchases for additional cosmetic items or gameplay enhancements.

2. Are these games multiplayer? Yes, MOBA games are primarily designed for multiplayer gameplay. You can team up with friends or play with other players from around the world.

3. Can I play MOBA games offline? No, MOBA games require an internet connection as they rely on real-time multiplayer battles and interactions with other players.

4. Are these games compatible with all Android devices? Most MOBA games are optimized to run on a wide range of Android devices. However, it’s recommended to check the system requirements before downloading to ensure compatibility.

5. Can I sync my progress across different devices? Some MOBA games offer the option to sync your progress across devices by linking your account. Check the game’s settings or support documentation for more information on how to do this.


So, these are the MOBA games for Android that you must try in 2023. Most of them are recently released and contain amazing characters, battle modes, and superpowers that will give you a different experience altogether.

You can either choose one of the games to purchase for your Android or try them one by one each and see which one suits your tastes.

Comment below which one of the MOBA games from the list you liked the most.


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