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10 Best Games Like Summoners War


Written by Jack Lin

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Games Like Summoners War

You have ever wondered how to find games similar to Summoners War? Well, look no further as this article comprises a list of games like Summoners War.

That said, this game was developed by a renowned South Korean Company named Com2uS. This game was released in 2014.

Guilds and Guild Battles: Summoners War offers a guild system where players can join forces with other summoners to form guilds. Guilds provide a platform for cooperative gameplay, where members can battle against powerful bosses and participate in Guild Wars for rewards and recognition.

Real-time PvP Arena: Competitive players can test their skills in the real-time PvP arena. By challenging other summoners, players can climb the ranks and earn glory points to exchange for valuable rewards. The arena adds an extra layer of excitement and competitiveness to the game.

Events and Special Dungeons: Summoners War regularly introduces events and special dungeons to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. These events often feature limited-time challenges, exclusive rewards, and collaborations with popular franchises, providing players with new goals and opportunities to strengthen their monsters.

So, keep reading and learn the best games that have similar characteristics to Summoners War.

List of Games Similar to Summoners War

There are many individuals who prefer playing games like Summoners War. That is specifically because of their affection for turn-based strategy games.

Nevertheless, with the availability of plenty of games, things can be pretty overwhelming for you.

So, mentioned below is the list of games that are created for your reference.

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01. Raid: Shadow Legends

Games Like Summoners War - Raid: Shadow Legends

You might have probably heard the name of this game already. This game is already being sponsored by plenty of famous YouTubers. They introduced it first as an RPG mobile game, and pretty recently, they introduced a PC port as well.

In this game, you are supposed to play the game from a virtual realm of Telleria. That realm has become vulnerable to the threats of Dark Lord Siroth. The player is supposed to play a resurrected character.

In fact, it is a Telerian Warrior who has to defeat the Dark Lord and bring peace back to the lands. When en route, players are supposed to assemble the army to battle so they can conquer the enemy’s castles.

It is true that the combat is supposed to play in turn-based mode. They will have to fight in many different settings. You can find 12 different levels along with seven different stages.

So, we have no hesitation in considering it as one of the best games like Summoners War.

02. League of Legends

League of Legends

This game is nicknamed LoL, and it is a multiplayer game with arena surroundings. It was developed by Riot Games and published by the same vendor. The game was initially released in 2009 to the public.

As of now, you can play this game on Windows and Mac systems without any trouble. Moreover, it has been available for mobiles and consoles since 2020.  

League of Legends is one of the best games similar to Summoners War for various reasons. Even if it has a history of over a decade, it comes with a massive fan base even today.

With this game, players have to act like champions who come with a variety of abilities. They come in different classes, and champions should fall into one of those categories. Three different game modes are there for you to try in LoL.

Each of those modes wants you to fulfill some condition. By fulfilling those requirements, you can achieve victory.

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03. BluStone 2

Games Like Summoners War - BluStone 2

BluStone 2 has a massive range of animated and exciting experiences in it with role-playing characteristics. It is optimized for smartphones so that you can get immersed in the animated world quickly.

There are plenty of collectibles in this game, and you will have to deal with unique personalities. As per the gameplay, you are supposed to build a team and fight in a PVP battle.

You can also find an Ice-fishing segment as a mini-game in the game to enjoy. It allows you to train your hunters and equip them with more skills to proceed. To do that, you should go to the “Hunter Gym” feature.

The characters included in this game are designed based on beautiful Japanese Manga art. There are plenty of graphics in the storyline. This game is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

04. Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force is considered to be an RPG mobile game. It is developed and published by a vendor called FoxNext. This game was officially released in 2018. The good news is that this game is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

As per this game, you should play in Marvel Universe. The Earth has fallen into prey because of a sinister force that Ultimus lead. Because of the same thing, the agents who work for STRIKE should work together and fix things.

When it comes to Marvel Strike Force, players should start collecting Marvel characters to fight against foes. The battle goes in turn-based combat. You can acquire those characters in many different ways. For instance, you may get them as gifts at the beginning of the game. Or, you can get them while playing the game.

On top of that, players can get them as rewards. So, each of those characters comes with different traits, so they are very useful. In order to level up, the players are supposed to complete their daily quests; if not can complete the battles as well.

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05. Brave Frontier

Games Like Summoners War - Brave Frontier

This game was initially released in 2013, and it is a Japanese RPG brought to you by A-Lim. In this game, you can collect various monsters and play duels against the monsters of other players. That will level you up and progress in your game.

Every battle in this game offers you five monsters, and you have a friend unit as well. You can easily summon over 400 legendary characters, including mighty demigods, heroes, and other majestic beasts.

You will also have to work with strategic victories with fallen Gods (four of them). And you will have to take over the lands of Gaia.

The characters included in this are inspired by those elegant Japanese manga arts, which are absolutely brilliant. You will also enjoy the vividly colorful and perfectly animated battle scenes. This specific game is perfectly compatible with Kindle in addition to iOS and Android.

06. The Ouroboros Project

The Ouroboros Project

Madhouse Limited develops this game. It can be rated as a collectible action game with precious, stunning visuals as well. You can find a futuristic dystopian world in this game.

However, you can also find plenty of other activities in this game. The humans who remain in the game should build a league that comprises AI robots.

The AI robots you find in this game are called harbingers. They are under the control of the “Controllers.” You are supposed to play the role of one of those controllers.

Then, you should enter an area that zombies hugely infest. Your ultimate purpose is to restore the planet’s peace after defeating all those zombies.

This game is developed to be compatible with mobile platforms and the Nintendo Switch console.

07. Star Summoners

Games Like Summoners War - Star Summoners

This could be rated as one of the best games like Summoners War for your reference. This game has plenty of characteristics that are obtained from Summoners War. So, if you are looking for an alternative to Summoners War, Star Summoners is a superb option.

This game lets you collect heroes and upgrade yourself with the assistance of the gems. As a result, you can progress with the game successfully.

It was developed by a company called LongMingHK. They have already acquired a considerable fan base. It is considered a free game with plenty of gameplay features. The cartoon graphics of this game make it a more appealing one.

Even if this game has multiplayer features, you can play it in single mode as well. You can play this game on both iOS and Android devices.

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08. Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol

Well, Blue Protocol is the latest free-to-play project released by Bandai Namco. As of this writing, the game is not officially available across the globe but for a few regions. Nevertheless, the title shows some great characteristics and is likely to become very famous.

When you play Blue Protocol, you can choose from different classes (there are four of them). Each of those classes comes with unique abilities. Players tend to get different elements, face different bosses, and clear different types of dungeons.

You can even create new parties with other players, and it allows new players to perform actions together.

There is no shortage of RPG elements in this game. Players are free to customize the characters they have chosen.

However, you don’t see much information about the game. But still, it can be rated as one of the best games like Summoners War.  

09. Epic Seven

Games Like Summoners War - Epic Seven

This is a pretty interesting role-playing game that is developed by Smilegate Megaport and published by the same vendor. The game was released in 2018, and it is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Thanks to the multiplayer characteristic, you can use it to make teams and fight in 3v3 battles. You can experience a whole dedicated PvP arena as well, and players can access it.  

In addition to that, players can fight against the respective World Bosses. If you want to defeat them, fight while you team up. In this case, you can choose up to 16 heroes.

10. Knights Chronicle

Knights Chronicle

This is one of the superb games similar to Summoners War, and it is a collectible game. It comes with several characteristics that are similar to Summoners War. Also, it has some awesome graphics that are derived from anime art.

This game is a product of Netmarble. They offer the opportunity for players to choose characters from 160 options. On top of that, the players can even upgrade their skills. They can duel as well as battle with those heroes available with the other gamers.

It is true that this game has much better graphics compared to Summoners War. Moreover, there are plenty of in-game purchases included in this game.


  1. Q: Can I play these games on different platforms? A: Yes, these games are available on various platforms, including mobile devices and some on PC.
  2. Q: Are these games free-to-play? A: Yes, all the games mentioned here offer free-to-play options with optional in-app purchases.
  3. Q: Can I transfer my progress from Summoners War to these games? A: No, each game has its progression system, and you’ll need to start fresh in these alternatives.
  4. Q: Do these games have active communities? A: Yes, these games have dedicated communities where players can interact, share strategies, and participate in events.
  5. Q: Are these games constantly updated with new content? A: Absolutely! The developers regularly release updates, events, and new monsters to keep the gameplay exciting and fresh.


That’s our list of 10 games like Summoners War. What is the game you chose? What are the other games similar to Summoners War that deserves a place on this list? We are waiting for your response.


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