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If you cannot win, cheat. In any case, cheat regardless. Is not that what they say? It is entirely up to you whether you apply that mantra to Pokémon Go.

Some individuals want to earn their prizes in the most honest way possible, via hard effort and persistence. If it describes you, we applaud you.

But, if you would rather grab your prizes any way you can, here’s how some are hacking and cheating their way to the top using Pokemon go candy cheat tips!

Pokemon Go obsession has taken the world by the horns. Players have been continually attempting to level up in the game by catching various Pokemon.

Even the most devoted and determined gamer would not refuse to employ any tips or tactics that would assist them in fast leveling up.

Hence, we have prepared a collection of Pokemon Go hacks for your convenience.

Pokemon Go Candy Cheat Tips | What is a Rare Candy in Pokemon Go?

What is a Rare Candy in Pokemon Go?

Rare candy is necessary for raising and evolving Pokemon. You may use it to fast level up your Pokemon without needing to farm EXP. Rare candy is much more valuable than regular candies.

It may be used on rare Pokemon to quickly raise their level. Pokemon that have evolved frequently have superior stats and are more powerful than regular Pokemon. It may also be used to resurrect Pokemon.

Rare Candies can be used on any Pokémon, sparing you the trouble of looking for a specific Candy kind. Rare Candies will come in handy when it comes to evolving rare Pokémon, but as the name implies, they are also rather tough to come by.

Since they are so important, let’s learn how to get them in Pokemon Go using the following Pokemon Go candy cheat tricks.

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Pokemon Go Candy Cheat Tips | Basic Ways to Get Pokémon Go Candy

Before we go into how to get Pokemon Go candy cheated, let us go through some of the most common ways to obtain them in the game. You may earn extra candy in Pokemon Go in this manner without jeopardizing your account or engaging in any other type of cheating.

Catching Pokemons

This is without a doubt the simplest technique to obtain extra candies in the game of Pokemon Go. The number of candies would be determined by the Pokemon’s evolution level.

You can now obtain 3, 5, or 10 candies after catching a Pokemon’s first, second, or final evolution form. Additionally, if you feed the Pokemon Pinap Berry beforehand, the quantity of candies is doubled.

Hatching Pokemon Eggs

This is yet another Pokemon Go candy cheat that many players use. The quantity of candies required depends on the sort of egg being hatched. It is expected that a 2 km egg will provide 10 candies, a 5 km egg will yield 20 candies, and a 10 km egg will yield 30 candies.


If you happen to have a Pokemon with a low IV and do not want to spend your resources on it, try transferring it. Simply add it to your inventory to receive one candy for that kind of Pokemon.

Walking Buddy

This is yet another pokemon go candy cheat and an easy way to get more candies in Pokemon Go. Simply choose the Pokemon of your preference as your walking companion and begin covering the specified distance. You will earn extra candy as you reach milestones.

The further you walk, the more prizes you will receive. You will have a slight possibility of receiving rare candy if you travel for roughly 25 kilometers to capture Pokemon. The likelihood of getting uncommon candies is always lower than the chance of getting regular candy.

Pokemon Go Candy Cheat Tips | Ways to Get Pokémon Go Rare Candy

Raid Battle rewards

Battling Raids is the easiest way to obtain Rare Candy, and a great pokemon go candy cheat. When a trainer overcomes a Raid boss, he or she receives prizes, and Rare Candy seems to have a possibility to be among those awards.

Trainers will want to try to tackle the Tier 5 and Mega Tier Raid bosses to increase their chances of acquiring Rare Candy from such Raids. Trainers should make the most of their Raid pass by facing Raid bosses at higher levels. Players who are not aiming to spend money on the game can only use one Raid pass each day, so make the most of it by fighting Raid monsters in higher tiers.

Trainers will, of course, require a team of powerful Pokemon to achieve this regularly. Because not every trainer possesses a Mewtwo or a Giratina, it is permissible to face Tier 3 or even Tier 1 bosses. The essential thing is to fight Raids every day in order to obtain the greatest resources, especially Rare Candy.

Battle League Rewards

The GO Battle League is yet another trustworthy source of Rare Candy. Any trainer who participates in five bouts and wins four of them will earn three Rare Candies. Trainers can battle up to 25 times each day, which implies that if they can win those battles, they can earn up to 15 Rare Candies every day using this approach.

Complete Research Tasks

Another Pokemon Go Candy Cheat Tip is that you will be awarded a pokemon go rare candy if you accomplish field research or event research.

And you can go to Silph road to receive the most up-to-date information on research projects and to accomplish the various activities in the game. You must be properly prepared for this since the activities will not be simple!

  • Field Research: Rare candies are still available via spinning PokéStops. The intricacy and rewarding techniques of each task differ. Many field research missions provide 1 to 3 uncommon candies as a prize. Trainers must capture at least 9 different types of Pokémon to fulfill an easier job.
  • Bonus Research: Every night, participants are given a bonus task that differs from field research jobs but has a significant payout. You may accomplish this task and obtain Pokemon Go rare candy no matter where you are. Do not overlook extra research missions if you are wondering how to earn rare candies in Pokemon Go.
  • Special Research: Featuring Professor Willow’s storyline, special research assigns you the responsibility of finding a rare legendary pokemon. It is a fun narrative mode with eight distinct types of stories to pick from. When a notification from Professor Willow appears, click on it to begin the assignment.
  • Timed Research: Do you enjoy activities that must be finished within a certain amount of time? You are in for a surprise! In timed research, you must complete a number of activities before the clock runs out. If the deadline passes, you will not receive any Pokemon Go Rare Candy.
  • Daily Research: By visiting the Pokestops on a daily basis, you can obtain three research missions. Spinning Pokestops will assign you a research assignment to perform; however, you can only get three missions each day. The disadvantage is that you will only receive one prize for each activity.
  • Research Breakthrough: Trainers, like Pokémon, may earn a “Research Breakthrough Reward” stamp every day by performing field research assignments and receiving prizes. Research Breakthrough may be obtained after collecting 7 stamps.

Pokemon Go Candy Cheat Tips | Adventure Sync

Lastly, trainers can obtain Rare Candies by participating in Adventure Sync. If a trainer walks a reasonable amount every day, they can earn Rare Candies along with their other incentives at the end of every week.

Pokémon Go tracks the number of kilometers walked by users in a week. Every week, usually on Monday, the game awards Trainers based on the distance they traveled the previous week.

Consider the fact that Trainers cannot cheat: this distance only represents the amount of walking they completed. If a player is playing Pokémon Go as a vehicle passenger, the application will alert them if they are traveling at too high a speed.

Adventure Sync


  1. Can I trade Rare Candies with other players?
    • No, Rare Candies cannot be traded between players. They can only be used by the player who obtained them.
  2. Can I convert Rare Candies into XL Candies?
    • No, at the moment, Rare Candies cannot be converted into XL Candies. XL Candies are obtained through catching or transferring Pokémon.
  3. Are there any other uses for Rare Candies besides powering up or evolving Pokémon?
    • No, the primary purpose of Rare Candies is to convert them into candy for any Pokémon species.
  4. Can I find Rare Candies in the wild?
    • No, Rare Candies cannot be found in the wild. They are obtained through specific in-game activities.
  5. Do Rare Candies have any expiry date?
    • No, Rare Candies do not have an expiry date. You can hold onto them until you decide to use them.

Final Thoughts

Rare Candy has long been a sought-after item in numerous Pokémon games. Using one is a simple and quick way to strengthen or develop a Pokémon.

This article includes all there is to know about rare candies, as well as a thorough instruction on how to obtain rare candy in Pokemon Go using a few Pokemon go candy cheat tricks.


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