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Top Best 140mm Case Fans To Consider


Written by Jack Lin

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Best 140mm Case Fans

Over time, with the advancement of technology, graphic cards, and computer processors, both parts become powerful. As a result, both of these consume extra energy.

At that time, it is essential to prevent your computer from overheating. You will be amazed that overheating can also decline your system performance. At that time, a 140mm case fan works. 

Why Choose The Best 140mm Case Fans?

With the help of a computer case fan, it can quickly put the hot air out. Due to it, all the things on your computer will work efficiently. Whether you have the CPU cooler or not, you require the case fans for your computer. These kinds of case fans are available in different sizes. 

But choosing the 140mm fan will be the ideal option for you. The reason is that these kinds of fans are quitters and push air compared to the other fans. This is a significant reason that it has become the primary choice of users. 

Now, when you seek the case fans, you get plenty of choices displayed on your screen. Due to it, you may face problems in selecting the best case fan. Now the question arises, how to deal with this situation? 

However, it is not rocket science that you cannot understand. All you need to do is, choose the best case fans from the ordinary ones. Due to it, you will be able to narrow down your list. If you are facing confusion in selecting the best fans, the below-mentioned information is fruitful for you.

Eight Best 140mm Case Fans

Here is the list of top-8 best 140mm case fans you can look for if you want to choose the best out of the ordinary. 

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#1 – Noctua NF-A14

Best 140mm Case Fan - Noctua NF-A14

Regarding best-case fans, Noctua NF-A14 is highly rated because of its quality and immense features. It is one of the prominent brands which achieve various awards. Additionally, this fan has a longer life and the best cooling system. 

The fan’s speed is up to 3000 RPM, which makes it faster than the other options. You can usually find this fan in the khaki-brown color. But do not stress about the color; you can get more visually appealing options. It does not produce too much noise but pushes maximum air out.

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#2 – Corsair LL140 

Corsair LL140 

If you are looking for a quality and visually appealing case fan, you can opt for this option. Purchasing the Corsair LL140 is an excellent investment of money for sure. The pairing of this fan and transparent glass enhances its look.

Each fan consists of LEDs in the rooter. It diffuses the light during the spinning of the blade. Not only this, but it also has a super bright light that rejuvenates you.

It offers decent performance with a range of 600-1300 RPM and 51.5 CFM in just twenty-five decibels. It is sufficient for cooling down your system. So, add this case fan to your list and get plenty of benefits from it.

#3 – Phanteks PH-F140MP

Best 140mm Case Fan - Phanteks PH-F140MP

In terms of quality, you also have the option of this case fan. It does not produce too much noise and pushes more air than the other fans. If you are looking for an affordable option, consider it without overthinking. It does not only fit your pocket but keeps your system cool. 

The pushing ability of the Phanteks case fan is 85.19 cubic feet per minute of airflow. You can run this fan at a low, moderate, or speed per your requirement. Keep one thing in mind: if you run this 140mm case fan at a lower rate, you will not experience any noise. Additionally, run your fan on 900RPM. 

There are various adapters available with this case fan, including four to three-pin, voltage reducer, etc. Do not be confused about these options when you have this Phanteks PH-F140MP. It is a highly durable product because of the metal plates. 

#4 – Fractal Design Venturi HF14 

Fractal Design Venturi HF14 

Are you seeking a no-nonsense computer case fan? If it is so, nothing is much better than this option. It is a mind-blowing option regarding long life, quality, and features. By purchasing this fan, you get surety about it, which will cool down the entire system by the minimum Celsius. 

Additionally, the prominent feature of this case fan is that if the computer is running normally, it will be silent. It consists of four-pin connectors and PWM support. It is an ideal option which you must consider for sure. In terms of noise level and airflow, it is the best.

#5 – Cooler Master Silent Fan 

Best 140mm Case Fan - Cooler Master Silent Fan

This case fan is ideal for those masses who are seeking a stable and solid system. It does not only work with computer cases but also with radiators. Regarding the CM-690 and Centurion 590, this 140mm case fan works best. 

Additionally, this case fan comes with three-pin connectors. As a result, you can plug it directly into the mainboard. It pushes the airflow at 60.9 CFM. If the speed does not matter to you, it is an ideal option. By using this fan, you may observe the difference in the performance of your computer. 

It runs at 16 dBA and comes with a sleeve bearing. The significant advantage of using this fan is that it does not come with unnecessary documents. You will not experience so much noise. Additionally, it comes with a cord. 

#6 – Thermaltake Ring 14 Circular case fan 

Thermaltake Ring 14 Circular case fan 

The unique and extraordinary design of this specific fan makes it different from the other case fans. It has the feature of a wind blocker frame. This framework is excellent with the CCB. The term CCB stands for Concentrated Compression Blades. 

Both work on flowing the air in the outer sections of the blade. Additionally, it comes with the feature of maximizing the static pressure and lessening the blade’s noise and vibration. Not only this, but it comes with anti-vibration rubber pads and a self-lubricating hydraulic bearing. 

The striking feature of this case fan is its unique LED lighting. This LED lighting is responsible for the significant effect. It comes in various colors, including red, yellow, white, and so on.

#7 – Antec TrueQuiet 140 cooling fan

Best 140mm Case Fan - Antec TrueQuiet 140 cooling fan

The primary purpose of the Antec TrueQuiet 140 cooling fan is to keep your system cool. The striking feature of this case fan is that it works silently. It comes with a two-way switch. Due to it, you can tune with the optimum RPM cooling.

It consists of silicone grommets which are engineered blades. This blade is fruitful in lessening turbulence. Not only this, but it also reduces the vibrations and noise levels.

The high speed of Antec TrueQuiet is 1000 RPM with an excellent airflow of 32.44 CFM. There is no need to stress about the installation of this case fan. It consists of three-pin motherboard connectors. As a result, you can use it for hooking the mainboard. 

#8 – Noctua NH-D15 PWM

Noctua NH-D15 PWM

The list of the best 140mm case fans is incomplete without the Noctua NH-D15 PWM. It is an ideal dual-tower cooler that you use daily. It comes with a heat pipe layout. Additionally, this layout helps increase the surface area effectively. 

Purchasing this case fan means saying no to the low noise level. Further, it will enhance heat distribution and airflow. Additionally, it comes with the feature of elite dual-grade NF-A15 140mm fans. The dual fans also come with a pro-grade socket mounting system. 

This socket mounting system, known as the SecuFirm2, ensures you the best contact pressure and optimum convenience. Its thermal compound makes it the ideal choice for buyers. It is the most excellent option with the most premium RAM modules. 

So, choose one among all the cases, as mentioned earlier, fans. Selecting the best fans will narrow down your list and pick a selective one. Now, as per your requirement, you can choose the best 140mm fan. Apart from it, there are various things you need to consider while choosing the best case. 

Factors to consider while selecting the Best 140mm Case Fan:

Various computer components have high speeds and consume high energy. These can be processors, RAM, graphics, and so on. As a result, the heat which is generated by the system will also increase. 

Due to it, the majority of components will perform slowly. But you can avoid this problem by buying the best case fan. The primary work of the case fan is removing the excessive heat from the case. Due to that, it will not affect your computer performance.

There are countless options available on the online and offline modes. But the real struggle is choosing the ideal one. Do not get so confused because various factors help you in selecting the best case fan. 

Here is a list of factors you can keep in mind while shopping for the best 140mm case fan.

1. Size 

The case fans are available in different sizes. It comes from 25mm to 250mm. But choosing the 140mm is an ideal option. The reason is that its large blades. These large blades are pretty sufficient for circulating more air at a low speed. In terms of noise, these are less noisy. 

2. Type of the power connection 

The most common type of power connection of the case fan is four pins. It can be easily connected to the four-pin motherboard connector.

Additionally, it can utilize with the three-pin. There are numerous models available in the market, which is an excellent combination of connection types. 

3. Fan Speed

It is also another factor that you need to consider while choosing the best case fan. The fan speed is taken into the RPM. The term RPM stands for the revolutions per minute. The performance and fan speed are interconnected with each other. 

Keep one thing in mind larger case fans will operate less than RPM. It means the circulation of air is high and less noisy.

4. Air Flow

The measurement of the airflow is done in cubic feet per minute. It is all about the air amount that pushes per minute. Choose that fan that has the high CFM.

Do not forget to look for this factor. It is because you are choosing the fan to maintain the computer’s performance. 

5. Noise Level

The noise level is represented in the dBA or decibels. It will reveal how loud will be the case fan when it runs at its optimum speed. Make sure that this level lies between the 10dBA to the 35dBA. Increasing the level means decreasing the case fan size. 

6. Bearing Type

There are various kinds of bearing types available to consider, which include:

  • Sleeve bearing 
  • Ball-bearing 
  • Hydrodynamic bearing or a fluid approach.

Among all these, the fluid bearing is considered self-lubricating. Additionally, it is the most durable option. In between the ball bearing and sleeve bearing, the first one is quite noisy compared to the second one. However, it is loud but also has longer life. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ 1: Are 140mm case fans better than 120mm fans?

While both 140mm and 120mm case fans have their advantages, 140mm fans generally offer better cooling performance. They can move a larger volume of air while operating at lower speeds, resulting in improved airflow and reduced noise levels. Additionally, their larger size allows them to cover a larger area, enhancing overall cooling efficiency. However, it’s essential to ensure that your case supports 140mm fans before making a purchase.

FAQ 2: How many case fans do I need for optimal cooling?

The number of case fans you need depends on various factors, such as your PC components, case design, and intended use. In general, having at least two case fans – one intake and one exhaust – is recommended for adequate airflow. However, for more demanding setups, such as high-end gaming rigs or overclocked systems, additional fans may be necessary to maintain optimal temperatures.

FAQ 3: How do I install a 140mm case fan?

Installing a 140mm case fan is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Start by identifying the desired location for the fan in your PC case. Common positions include front, rear, top, or side panels.
  2. Remove any dust filters or obstructing elements in the chosen fan location.
  3. Align the screw holes on the fan with the corresponding mounting holes in the case.
  4. Secure the fan in place using the provided screws or any compatible screws if not included.
  5. Connect the fan’s power cable to an available fan header on your motherboard or a fan controller.
  6. Ensure that the fan is properly connected and test its functionality by powering on your PC.

FAQ 4: Can I use 140mm case fans in a smaller case?

In most cases, 140mm fans are designed to fit larger PC cases that have corresponding mounting holes. However, some smaller cases may also offer compatibility with 140mm fans, either by including specific mounting options or using adapter brackets. It’s essential to check your case specifications or consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine if 140mm fans are compatible with your particular case.

FAQ 5: Can I control the speed of 140mm case fans?

Yes, many 140mm case fans come with built-in speed control options. The most common method is through pulse-width modulation (PWM), which allows the fan’s speed to be adjusted dynamically based on temperature fluctuations. By connecting the fan to a PWM-enabled motherboard header or a dedicated fan controller, you can fine-tune the fan’s speed and noise levels according to your preferences.

FAQ 6: How do I clean my 140mm case fans?

To maintain optimal performance and longevity, regular cleaning of your 140mm case fans is recommended. Here’s how you can clean them:

  1. Turn off your PC and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Use compressed air or a soft brush to remove loose dust and debris from the fan blades, frame, and surrounding areas.
  3. For more stubborn dirt or buildup, dampen a microfiber cloth with isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe the fan surfaces.
  4. Ensure that the fans are completely dry before reconnecting the power and turning on your PC.


Reading the information mentioned earlier lets you know which factors you need to consider. It makes your shopping easier.

So, note all these features and look for each one you want to consider. Additionally, you can choose the online mode for shopping for a 140mm case fan.  

With the help of online shopping, you get the best one within a few minutes. As a result, you will save your quality time and make the best choice too. 

In the end, if you want to lessen the pressure on your computer, you should go for the 140mm case fan. It is perfect in all aspects, right from size to speed. Additionally, it is a complete package that fulfills all of your requirements. 

So, instead of stressing about which fan is best, you can choose any of the ones mentioned above. Give the preference to quality in the matter of case fan.


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